Sales Opportunities at the Annual Exhibition

If you make greetings cards from you photographs, or indeed have prints for sale, you can make these available at the Annual Exhibition.

You’ll need to provide a display stand, table-top is fine, and make sure everything is clearing priced. You will need to bring any sale items to the Assembly Room, preferably on Friday 5th August during the set up times (details of which will follow in due course).

The Club will keep a record of the number of cards sold, but is not able to keep detailed records of which specific cards sell. There is a 15% commission charged, and you will be paid soon after the event, once all the payments are accounted for, less of course the commission.

As we expect to have commercial sales on the Friday evening of the Preview and the opening Saturday, we may not be able to offer Members’ cards for sale then, and given limited space, cannot guarantee all cards will be displayed at all times.

If you are interested please let me know via

The featured image is Winter on Rannoch Moor by Richard Webb

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