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Annual Exhibition 2019 – Guidance Notes for Entrants

Phil Shaw has revised and updated the Guidance Notes for Entrants for the Annual Exhibition in August 2019. The full text of the Guidance can be found on the Website under the ‘Exhibitions’ heading then drop down to the 3rd item where you will see the Guidance Note. The key points are that the closing date for entries is Thursday 16th May and all members may enter up to 6 prints, 6 PDI’s and up to 2 PDI’s for entry to the PDI of the Year competition.

Please read the new Guidance Note very carefully because a number of elements have changed for 2019. As usual, all entries must be uploaded through the Club’s normal up-load system – Photocomp in the same way as for Club competitions. Hopefully the Guidance is self explanatory but any queries may be raised with Phil at our regular Thursday night meetings

Developers Group

The next meeting of the Developers Group will be held in the Small Hall at 7:30pm on Monday 15th April. For the first half we will be reviewing the images taken at the night shoot in Chichester at our last meeting together with any other night photography shots that members wish to bring . You can bring either prints or PDIs or both.

For the second half Richard Webb will be giving a presentation on the use of masks to enhance images. It should be a fun and informative evening so do come along

Prints at Sage HOuse

The following prints have been selected for the display at Sage House: Peter Rocchiccioli – The Little Boat and Volcano at Dawn; Lorna Brown – Trees from the Wood; Sarah Nichol – To the Secret Garden, Cromer Pier and The road to Lindisfarne; Mike Hancock – Path to the Door and Jasna Lake; Ronnie Hall – Chichester Harbour at Sunset; Jean Brooks – Deer in Flight; Hilary Featherstone – Goodwood Balloons; Jim Munday – Evening Glow at Fairfield; Jeff Owen – Basin Eye View and Rainbow Umbrellas.

These prints are much appreciated by the residents of Sage House at a very difficult stage in their lives. Many thanks to all the contributors.

Rules for Print Panel Competition

The next main Club meeting on Thursday 4th April will be the Print Panels Competition where those wishing to enter must bring their prints (between 3 and 6) on the night. The full rules of this competition are set out on the Club website under the main heading of ‘Competitions’ then on the drop down menu ‘Competition Rules Revised March 2019’ then scroll down to the heading ‘Print Panel Competition’.

Nomad Boxes

John Howes will be placing an order for new Nomad boxes on Friday 29th March so if anyone else wants to purchase a box taking advantage of lower prices for bulk purchasing please contact John either at the Club tomorrow night or by e mail –

Celebration of Spring Exhibition

Saturday 30th March 2019, 7 for 7.30 pm at Walnut Tree, North Mundham for exhibitors, their partners and anyone else who would like to come and help us celebrate what promises to be another excellent Exhibition

The Walnut Tree has had a change of heart and now only offers a choice of 2 menus for large parties (no mixing up the menus!). I’ve attached the 2 menus so please make your choices and email Carmel at as soon as possible.

Spring Exhibition

Thank you all for sending your hanging plans to Kim. It looks as if the Exhibition will be one of the best ever!

It’s just 1 week to go now with several things to be done, so here is a reminder.

  1. An exhibition dinner will be held at the Walnut Tree, Vinnetrow Road, Chichester, PO20 1QB on the Saturday evening at 6.45 for 7 p.m.and is open to everyone, not only exhibitors.  The Walnut Tree have changed their menus for parties.  I have written a separate post for this.
  2. John Howes will be looking after the set up on Saturday and will need some strong arms to assist him – volunteers to John please!
  3. Carmel Lynch will be masterminding the refreshments (tea, coffee and cakes) and will be delighted to have homemade cakes (or a donation)
  4.  There will be space for any cards you might like to put up for sale, with a 10% commission to the Club on any sales made.
  5. I will be asking people on the day to help with front of house and card sales.


Saturday –   7.30am        John Howes needs team to collect posts and stands  from Ann

                  8.00am        Set up stands in Hall

                  8.30 – 9.30  Exhibitors mount their images

                  10.00am      Exhibition opens

                  4.30pm       Raffle Draw

                  5.00pm       Exhibition closes

                  7 for 7.30 p.m. Supper at the Walnut Tree

Sunday –      10am          Exhibition opens

                  3.30pm       Raffle Draw

                  4.00pm       Exhibition closes

Exhibitors clear up! John will return posts and stands to Ann with help

The Club will provide the Velcro fixings to attach your images to the boards.

The information as to which board has been allocated to you will be on the board by the door to the Small Hall.

For newcomers I’m sure there will be plenty of members around to help you mounting your images if needed.  Just ask!

Nomad Boxes

John Howes is in Birmingham today attending the Photographic Exhibition. He is likely to be able to get Nomad boxes at a cheaper rate so if you would like him to get a box for you then please phone his mobile 07855 435580. He will be there until around 3pm.