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Closing of Annual Exhibition

Our Annual Exhibition will close at 5pm on Saturday 17th August. If you wish to collect your prints on that day please arrive at the Assembly Room by 5pm. Those prints not collected will be boxed and brought back to Tangmere for return on the first Club evening in September.

Some of the prints will be held back by the Selection Committee for use in inter club competitions and similarly we will hold back some prints for a display at the Sage Centre (15 – 20). I will notify all those whose prints are selected for use at the Sage Centre and you will have the option of retaining them if you wish to use some of the prints for other competition purposes. However I do hope you will be willing for us to to keep for a short time for use at the Sage.

Finally we will need a number of members with muscles to help with loading the display boards onto John’s horsebox and delivering back to Tangmere with the posts and bases delivered to Ann McDonald’s garage. Do help with this task if you are able

Annual Exhibition Setup and Preview Evening

As usual volunteers are sought to help with the set-up for the Annual Exhibiton. Key times and dates are:

Thursday 8th August – meet at Tangmere at 6pm to load all the display screens and other equipment onto John Howes horsebox. Once that task is completed we then go to Ann McDonald’s house in Oving to collect the metal stands and posts. These remain in the horsebox overnight.

Friday 9th August – meet at the City Council offices, North Street Chichester, at about 8:45 am to unload the horsebox, then take all stands, posts and display screens up to the Assembly Room to be assembled. All of that should be completed by 10 – 10:15 am.

Once all the stands are erected those who are coming to mount their prints on the screens should arrive at about 10am to set up your own exhibit in accordance with the layout design. If you are only putting up prints please do not arrive before 10am as this will enable the stands, panels and print numbers to be thoroughly checked. The whole task should be completed by 12 noon.

Exhibition Preview Evening – please arrive at 7 for 7:30pm. The Mayor of Chichester CIty Council is our Guest of Honour and he will present the cups and prizes to the winners of the various Awards. This event is for all members of the Club, their friends and family and is not restricted in any way to just Exhibition entrants. After the formal part of the evening, refreshments are available downstairs and the full Exhibition will be available for viewing. Please do try to come along to the Club’s main summer showpiece

Outcome of EGM

A very successful EGM was held on Thursday 1st August, attended by 56 members so we were quorate. The meeting considered and approved all those items left over from the AGM last May on which no final decisions could be taken because we were 2 short of a quorum.

The EGM approved:

the dates of the financial year be changed from from 1st April – 31st March to 1st July – 30th June together with consequent changes to the financial reporting to the membership;

a new deadline date for payment of subsciptions of 15th July.

Both these amendments require changes to the wording of the Club Constitution. A new version will be published on the website dated August 2019.

The EGM also elected a new President (Dave Abbott), the Management Committee, and all Post Holders for the 2019 – 20 season. A full list of all appointments is shown in the new Programme leaflet, distributed last Thursday and available for all members to collect. John Bradshaw, Tim Crabb, Jo Tricklebank and Glyn Edmunds have all resigned their posts and have been replaced by Dave Abbott, Wendy Chalk, Jonathan Fiske and Sue Watts respectively . We are all very grateful for all of those who have given their time to help with the smooth and efficient running of the Club


This is a reminder that an Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on Thursday 1st August commening at 7:30. The purpose of the meeting will be to consider all those items of a Constitutional nature that could not be resolved at the AGM on 16th May because the meeting was not quorate.  Currently the quorum figure is 35% of the registered membership i.e at least 51 members need to be present and on 16th May only 49 members attended.  It is most important that all outstanding matters are dealt with at this EGM so PLEASE PLEASE make very effort to attend.  The quorum for the EGM is the same as for the AGM i.e. 35% of membership – 51.

Copies of the Agenda and all the supporting papers to be considered can be downloaded from Dropbox using the link ‘here’ in the Newsletter of 8th July 2019

The second half of the meeting will be used to consider all outstanding issues relating to the preparation for the Annual Exhibition to be held from 10th to 17th August inclusive

PAGB Championship at Warwick – July 2019

This is the full report and result of the PAGB Championship at Warwick on Saturday 13th July, Chichester CC qualified by winning the SCPF Championship in March.

As you can see in the result report out of the best 36 Clubs in Great Britain Chichester achieved a creditable 19th which when considering 1200 in the PAGB we are in the top 20 PDI Club in GB not bad result.

Our best scores were:

Sheila Tester = Dalmatian Pelican Defending Territory 15 out of 15

Ann McDonald = Gannet Defending Space 14 out of 15

Ann McDonald = The Sawmill Foreman 13 out of 15

John Howes = The Scoundrel & the Scholar 13 out of 15

Jim Munday = Taking a pounding 13 out of 15

Images that scored well during the competitions were Black & White with a narrative. Nature images, good sport type of photographs, good environmental portraiture and amazingly dog pictures. These are my thoughts from Saturday, a very interesting day. The five pictures below are from the above photographers; see who is whose.

Peter Rocchiccioli Chair Selection Committee

EGM and Pre-Exhibition Meeting – 1st August

All members please note that on 1st August commencing at 7:30 pm at Tangmere we will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting required as a result of the recent AGM not being quorate. The meeting will consider the election of Officers and Post Holders and proposals relating to revised dates for the Club’s financial year and a change in the deadline date for payment of subscriptions. We need to get a quorum on this occasion to determine these matters properly

The second half of the evening will be our usual pre Exhibition meeting when details of the cup winners and certificates of merit will be announced, final preparations for the Exhibition will be made and copies of the Exhibition Brochure and programme for next year will be available.

Further details will be circulated at the beginning of July but please put the date in your diary and make every effort to attend

1st August EGM

The next scheduled meeting for the whole Club is at 7:30pm on Thursday 1st August at Tangmere for the Pre-Exhibition meeting – more details to follow. This will be combined with an Extraordinary General Meeting which will take up the first part of the evening.

The EGM is necessary because the Annual General Meeting last Thursday was not quorate so the key issues of a proposed change in the financial year and a proposed change in the deadline date for payment of subscriptions could not be approved. The meeting voted 49 to nil in favour of the 2 proposals but this cannot be confirmed and actioned without a quorum. Similarly, the election of Officers and Post Holders could not be ratified though those presently in post are carrying on regardless as we assume that is what the members would wish.

It is very important that we have a meeting with at least 51 attendees to make up a quorum to approve these matters so please make a SPECIAL EFFORT TO ATTEND ON 1ST AUGUST.

The Agenda and appropriate papers will be circulated to all members in early July

Misinformation about Adobe Lightroom

Joy Whiting has advised me that some websites are circulating misinformation about Adobe Lightroom. In fact: the Photograpy Plan prices have not changed; Adobe is not threatening to sue its’ customers; there are recent updates to the Programme incorporating new features. If you are interested, further detail on all of these issues can be found in the latest Lightroom Newsletter