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Developers Group

The first meeting of the Developers Group will be held at 7:30pm on Monday 17th September in the Small Hall at Tangmere Village Centre.  The Developers group is provided exclusively for Club class members and provides an opportunity for inexperienced photographers to get to grips with the basics of photography. At our first meeting we will cover how to take control of your camera through the understanding of shutter speed, aperture and ISO and the inter-relationship between them.   In the second half there will be tips on taking pictures of landscapes and wildlife.  Pictures will be on show during the evening to illustrate the key elements being covered and at the end of the session participants will be offered a series of fun photographic exercises designed to reinforce the points learned.


Workshop opportunities with Viveca Koh

Our speaker last week, Viveca Koh mentioned in her presentation that she runs a workshop to teach the techniques she uses to produce her images.  Several people from the Club expressed an interest in following this up but as yet there are insufficient numbers to make a course viable.  If anyone else is interested the workshop is entitled ‘Using Layers and Textures in Photoshop Workshop’ and further details can be found on her website:  Please contact Viveca to express an interest.

Coffee Break Displays

Mike Davison mentioned last night that in the past the Club has organised print displays during coffee breaks in the Small Hall to enable members to show work that otherwise may not be seen outside Club exhibitions, competitions or various sub-groups.  The intention is to mount such displays on 3 or 4 occasions during the season.  Prints can be of any size, mounted or unmounted.  For the first occasion we thought it would be good to ask all those 8 new members graded at Intermediate or Advanced to participate on the basis that they are likely to have prints readily available and it will give all other members the opportunity to see new work.  Please prepare yourself to be asked.

Prints for St Wilfrid’s Hospice Display

I forgot to remind everyone in the Newsletter sent out yesterday about the request for new prints so we can change the display at St Wilfrid’s.  We have a long standing arrangement with St Wilfrid’s Hospice to provide about 30 prints, kindly provided by members that are hung in the Hospice corridors.  The display is changed around 3 times a year and is much appreciated by residents at a very difficult and often traumatic stage in their lives and of course staff and visitors.

The box for prints will be out on the next 3 Thursday Club evenings so please bring some prints along.  For new members, the prints have to be in mounted in the usual 50cm x 40 cm mounts and Hilary Featherstone then arranges to take them to St Wilfrid’s and puts them into the frames provided by the Hospice.

This year the ‘old’ display will then be transferred to the recently opened Sage Centre in Tangmere (for patients suffering from dementia) and then returned to members a few months later.

These intitiatives provide opportunities for members across the Club to display their work and, importantly, helps to promote the Club’s community profile.  Please do show your support by bringing in some of your work.

In addition we are also seeking prints for the Selection Committee to consider for external Club competitions and for the Novium display  about which separate posts have been written



Links with Bognor Regis Camera Club

The last newsletter included an item about the various workshops being run by Bognor on Saturday mornings to which Chichester members were also invited to attend at a cost of £10 for a 3 hour session.  Full details of the workshops can be found on their website  For those who may be interested we have now confirmed the application process.  For each workshop please see ‘click here to book your place’ and then follow the enrolment procedure as if you were a Bognor member and your interest will be recorded.  This is a special arrangement made for Chichester members.


Welcome meeting for new members

A very successful Welcome meeting for some 20 new members was held last night.  Many thanks to all those Group leaders and Mentors who came and to the full Selection Committee for assessing new members work in double quick time.  All those bringing work have been graded for competition purposes and this year we have a very good mix of experienced photographers as well as some for whom Chichester is their first Club.  Several were graded as Advanced with a good mix in the Intermediate and Club categories.  Several are choosing to join us from other local Clubs with the motivation of hoping to progress more rapidly to achieve photographic qualifications and generally to be ‘stretched’.  I am sure this group will make a significant contribution to our activities.  All have their usual blue badges so please make an effort to talk to them in the coffee breaks and elsewhere to make them feel really welcome.

Website Changes

I mentioned in my recent letter to all members that we were working on some incremental changes to the website to include greater emphasis on pictures and give more detail on the forthcoming programme events.  This is still work in progress but you will notice the slideshow of pictures from the whole Club on the Home page (thank you Jeff) and also under the ‘Programme’ tab more detail about our speakers and judges (thank you Jan).  Do check it out.

Personnel Changes

There are 2 changes in the list of Post Holders shown in the 2018 -19 Programme.

John Field has had to resign from the Club due to family illness so Hilary Featherstone will be the sole contact for External Exhibitions.  Hilary has been working jointly with John over the last year so is fully up to speed on actions required.

Jean Henwood had taken over from Cath Walter as Publicity Secretary but unfortunately is unable to continue with the role.  I am delighted to confirm that Rob Campling is our new Publicity Secretary.  He is an ideal choice as in a previous life was involved in managing the Oxmarket and in the organisation of the Chichester Festivities and knows many of the local media people very well.  I knew none of this when I asked him to undertake the role.

Our grateful thanks go to both Hilary and Rob for undertaking this work.

Annual Exhibition – change of name

Stephen Marsh asked at the last AGM if the Club would consider changing the title of the Annual Exhibition to the Summer Exhibition suggesting that the tile ‘Annual’ is inappropriate given that we run 3 ‘annual’ exhibitions at North Mundham in January and separately in the Spring as well as in August.  At a time when many Clubs struggle to mount one exhibition a year then we should celebrate the fact that we run 3 such popular events.  This was referred to the Management Committee who agreed entirely with Stephen’s point at a meeting last Tuesday so in future the August event will be known and marketed as the Summer Exhibition.

External Links

We have a long standing arrangement with St Wilfrid’s Hospice to provide about 30 prints, kindly provided by members that are hung in the Hospice corridors.  The display is changed around 3 times a year and is much appreciated by residents and staff.  With members support we will be extending this arrangement to two other locations:

The Sage Centre, Tangmmere – this is a purpose built centre, with a catchment over the south of West Sussex helping those suffering with dementia.  The Centre opened last May, really warm and welcoming and we were approached by someone who had heard of our St Wilfrid’s arrangement asking if that could be replicated.  Hilary and I visited a few days ago and identified a number of treatment rooms where our pictures would be very suitable (in the process being dragged into a pom pom dancing class with residents, but fortunately with no video).  We hope that the St Wilfrid’s display will move on to the Sage Centre before the prints are retuned to members.  We will be asking for more of your prints when the season starts.

Fernhurst Centre at St Richard’s Hospital – this is the MacMillan Cancer unit at St Richards.  Jan Davis has been in discussion with staff about how best we can help to brighten up the unit and several members have kindly agreed to donate some of their images.

Both these initiatives help to raise the Club’s profile in the local community as well as helping vulnerable people at a difficult and often traumatic stage in their lives.  They provide further opportunities for members across the Club to display their work.  I do hope everyone will continue to give your support and provide some images when the boxes go out next week.