Annual Exhibition Prints information – for veteran advanced workers too!

I’m pleased to say we have had a good level of entries for the Annual Exhibition, and from our first look through these as part of the processing, we have an exciting range of quality images – for which -thank you.

BUT! Every year we have some members who don’t follow the rules in various ways, particular with regard to mounting, and that includes entries from long-standing, very experienced Advanced members – you know who you are! So please everyone read the following extract from the exhibition guidance: –

You may enter up to 6 prints. Prints must be mounted using 500mm x 400mm mount board and the same sized backing board. If you wish to use double mounts, you must omit the backing board, although a thin covering to protect the back of the print is acceptable.

Every year a number of prints fall away from the exhibition panels, causing damage to the mounts and spoiling the quality of the Exhibition. This problem is usually associated with the use of poor quality backing boards where the surface of the board is unsealed and therefore porous. As these boards do not have a sealed surface finish, they do not bond well with the Velcro adhesive discs. To avoid this problem, please back your prints using a card which has a smooth, sealed (non-porous) surface finish, or use a sheet of acetate film. Using a thick backing over just the image area can also cause the mount board to flex back to the exhibition board and is another reason for images falling away.

It’s too late to do anything about this now and there will be reminders next year – please then do help us by following the guidance.

The featured image is In the Mood, by John Strickland

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