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Reminders, Reminders

The selection committee will be meeting on Friday 20th to select your images for the PAGB Cup, Open and Nature. I have extended the deadline on the upload site to midnight Wednesday 18th, so time to get your favourite entries in, this is open to all club members.

Advanced workers need to upload their PDIs for North Mundham before the 30th of December, also to send their bio’s off to Stephen Marsh ASAP.

Advanced workers also need to be aware that the closing date for the 2nd PDI competition is Thursday January 9th.

Finally, the last RPS Group meeting is on Tuesday 17th in the small hall at 19:30.

Have a great break.


Congratulations to Jim Munday who achieved his DPAGB distinction on Sunday 24th November. 

This is a very highly respected and difficult to achieve distinction. Jim submitted fifteen high quality images for adjudication and passed comfortably. 

Very well done Jim!

The featured image above is Port in a Storm © Jim Munday, which was part of Jim’s PAGB Distinction submission. 

Below is Brave or Foolish © Jim Munday, which was also part of Jim’s submission. 


Congratulations to six members of the PAGB Group who between them gained four awards (1 FIAP Gold Medal, 1 FIAP Ribbon, 2 SPS Ribbons) and a total of 21 acceptances at the Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography. Below is a selection of some of the images which were accepted and/or awarded. 

The featured image above is ‘Dalmatian Pelican Defending Territory‘  © Sheila Tester which won a SPS Medal


Above: Worthing Pier © Jim Munday which was accepted at the  Smethwick Exhibiton

Above: Peace Lily © Michael Palmer which was accepted at the Smethwick Exhibition. 

Tree Fungi © Sheila Tester which was accepted at the  Smethwick Exhibition

Nest © Lorna Brown which was accepted at Smethwick Exhibition. 
Fishnet and Lace © Glyn Edmunds which was accepted at the Smethwick Exhibition
Moon Dancer @ Ann McDonald which was awarded a FIAP Ribbon at the  Smethwick Exhibiton
Tail Pecking Gannets © Ann McDonald which won an SPS Ribbon at the Smethwick Exhibition

PAGB GB CUP – Further details

All members will have received an e mail this morning from the Chair of the Selection Committee about the Club entering images for the GB Cup competition run by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. There are two categories where images are sought: Open and Nature. Further details on the criteria for each of these categories can be found on the PAGB website ( – competitions – GB cup).

This is a new initiative for our Camera Club and we are encouraging as many members as possible to submit images under one or both categories via the Upload portal on our website (closing date of 15th December). All entries will be assessed equally by the Selection Committee before choosing the photographers whose images will represent the Club.

Whilst there is no requirement to provide images if you do not have any that are suitable, the wider the range of images submitted the greater the chance of the Club achieving success. Please give careful thought as to whether you can take advantage of this initiative. The Selection Committee will be pleased to have submissions from as many members as possible

Elke Epp – Competition Winner

Elke Epp has won a prize by being shortlisted ( 1 of 4 out of all the entries submitted nationally) in the Fotospeed Print Monday competition

The weekly winner has their image printed on one of the Fotospeed Fine Art papers and sent to them, as well as having their image printed and presented in the Fotospeed Gallery at The Photography Show 2020

Well done Elke. Her winning image is shown below

Member Successes

Four members have had great success in the prestigious PAGB Sony Inter – Federation Print and PDI Competitions. This competition puts Chichester up against the very best camera clubs nationally. In this exalted company there were PAGB ribbons for Ross Laney for ‘Deilephila Elpenor’ and Sheila Tester for ‘Dalmatian Pelican Defending Territory’; and Phil Shaw got an acceptance for ‘Racket Tailed Puffleg Aerial Comat’ together with Ann McDonald for ‘Portrait of a Lady’.

Very well done to all.

1st Club and Intermediate PDI – Entries Culled

I’m sorry to say that in order to keep the number of entries to a manageable number for the judge I have had to cull the third entry from the Intermediate competition.

We have got close to this situation in the past, basically when the total number of entries gets above 80 it becomes very difficult for the judge to provide good comments and mark accurately.

The cull is done by removing the third entry. This is the third image that you upload to the upload site. It is important to realise that the order of the upload is important. The first image you upload should be what you consider to be your best, the second the next best and the third your weakest.

Images that have not been judged will of course be eligible for future competitions.

New Judging Training Course

The following letter has been received from Ken Scott, Chair of SxPF about the opporunities for training to become a judge

I am frequently asked by Sussex clubs about new judges. We recognise the need for a regular throughput of new judges on to the circuit, because competition is still a mainstay of the club calendar.

As such we are looking to run a new judging training course in SxPF in the first quarter of 2020. If you would be interested in training to be an accredited judge with SxPF, please register an expression of interest with me, Ken Scott,   by end November 2019. There will be nine places available. As soon as possible in November we will issue more details.

We are particularly looking for fresh input and ideas, and would like to hear especially from our talented pool of female photographers.

For more information, visit   where there is an Overview of the Course and a detailed FAQ entitled ‘Becoming a Judge with SxPF’. The training mirrors exactly the course offered by Southern Counties.