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It may seem you have only had the trophy you won last year or even, perhaps, the year before, for a few weeks but we now need them back, in preparation for the 2021/22 awards.

Unfortunately, there are only two more Thursday evening meetings at Tangmere before we break for the summer. These are the 19th and the 26th of May. If you are in possession of a club trophy, please be sure to return it to me on one of those evenings.

By the end of May, the entries for the 2022 Annual Exhibition will have been judged and the process of getting the cups engraved with the names of the new winners needs to be started in early June.

So, trophies back to me please on the 19th May. This will give one week to round-up the remainder.

David Abbott

Winning Images Small Print Competition


Congratulations to Madeleine Craggs, Carol Bond, David Pritchard and Louise Le-Good who all had images in the final of the Small print Competition 2022.

Thanks to the four members of the Selection Committee who carefully considered each image and awarded the following:

1st Place. Madeleine Craggs with ” All Purpose Porch” bottom right image.

2nd Place. Carol Bond with “Summertime on the beach” second row right.

3rd Pace. Louise Le-Good with ” Nature in Action” top row middle image.

Looking forward to more images next year when the competition will restart.


The Selection Committee met to consider the images entered into the final round of the Small print Competition and I am pleased to announce the following results.

1st place: David Pritchard with “Storm Eunice at Newhaven (2)”

2nd Place: Madeleine Craggs with “Allium Burot”

3rd Place: Carol Bond with “Summertime on the Beach”

Highly Commended: Martin Willard with “Sunset 1” and John Strickland with “Boathouse Reflections”

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to the Selection Committee for their time.

The final 9 winning images from all 3 rounds of the competition will be judged (I hope) next week before the main meeting to decide on the 3 overall winners.

The following have images in this final 9: Louise Le-Good, Madeleine Craggs, David Pritchard and Carol Bond.

Well done to you all.

Print Panel Competition April 7th

The Print Panel competition is fast approaching. This is an exciting opportunity to enter a panel of prints and express your creativity. It is open to members of all levels. You need a set of prints, a hanging plan and a plastic bag to put them in.

Here are the rules for the Print Panel competition (taken from the Competition rules here):

Print Panel Competition

1) A panel will consist of between three and six prints. Each print must be individually mounted. Composite images – that is those made up of different elements combined to create a single image – are acceptable, but multiple images on one mount, however arranged, will not be accepted. For instance, triptychs, any image composed of smaller images in a ‘patchwork’, whether there is space between the component parts or not, will not be accepted in this competition. As a rule of thumb, if the joins show, the resulting image cannot be entered in this competition.

2) Prints may be displayed in 1, 2 or 3 rows in any combination. They should be numbered from left to right, top to bottom (facing stage) and be accompanied by two copies of the hanging plan on separate sheets of paper.

3) The panel should have a ‘theme’ connecting the prints and this theme must be explained in the title. e.g. ‘Images of Chichester’. This “theme statement” should be included with your name on the back of the hanging plan.

4) The size of the mount is as for Club Print Competitions and must be 50cm x 40cm.

5) Each member may submit only one panel.

6) Prints that have already been used in Club Competitions may also be submitted as part of the panel.

7) The panels are to be submitted on the night of the Competition. Each panel must be submitted in a plastic bag together with one copy of the hanging plan. The second hanging plan will be submitted separately and used by the judge for previewing. Panels will be displayed in a random order by selecting a bag and putting the contents on the display stand as guided by the hanging plan.

8) Individual panels will not be given marks, but the Judge will comment on the merits of the panels and will select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

9) The Shubotham Cup will be awarded to the entrant judged to be in 1st place.

Featured Panel Image is Lockdown Beauties – Blue-Tailed Damselflies in May by David Harris

Final Round of the Small Print Competition

The Small Print Competition has been poorly supported this year and there is one final opportunity for Club Class members (Print) to enter on Monday 21st March at the Development meeting.

Images can be given to me at Thursday’s meeting or brought along before the Development meeting, with your name and title of the image on the back. You don’t need to attend the meeting but they are very GOOD!!

Please do help to make this a viable contest. There is a cup to win and the opportunity for the best 3 images to be displayed at the Annual Exhibition. If you have any queries do get in touch with me by commenting on this post or emailing me at


Scores 1st Advanced Print Competition 2021-22

First NameLast NameTitleScore
PaulAdamsBosham’s Still Waters8.5
PaulAdamsStill Standing Strong8
PaulAdamsUrban Fungi8
GrahamAingeMermaid Street 28
GrahamAingeCamargue Horse8.5
GrahamAingeGolden Eagle on Prey8
GeorgeAtkinsCan’t Stop – Got to Fly8
GeorgeAtkinsThe Landscape Photographer9.5
GeorgeAtkinsInstant Power8.5
AndyBraceyChannel Markers9.5
AndyBraceyLee on Solent Dawn8
AndyBraceyThe Winner Bank8.5
LornaBrownSweet Peas in a Bottle8.5
HeatherBuckleA Frosty Morning at East Beach Cafe10
HeatherBuckleGirl Power6.5
LindaBullimoreMisty Stromness and Duck9
LindaBullimoreConcrete Volcano6
LindaBullimoreSandscape – Piper on the Hill7
JanDavisEddie Myer: Bass6.5
JanDavisRoxy and Abi6.5
JanDavisJanuary Ice Cream6.5
AndyDulsonMihail Dudas7.5
AndyDulsonMo 10,000M9.5
AndyDulsonKori Carter8
ChrisGledhillBay Bridge Sunset8
ChrisGledhillWatermelon Seller8.5
StephenMarshField of Blooms8
StephenMarshCafeneon, Crete7.5
StephenMarshA Proud Father7
JimMundayDressed to Impress8.5
JimMundayInfinity Bridge9
JimMundayMale Cuckoo8.5
SarahNicholA Mouthfull-28.5
SarahNicholBreak in the Weather8.5
MichaelPalmerUp on Clayton Ridge9
MichaelPalmerExchange House8
MichaelPalmerRape Field6
PeterRocchiccioliLetif the Market Trader8.5
PeterRocchiccioliTaj Mahal in the Mist7
PeterRocchiccioliThe Cutting Edge Massa Carrara8

Small Print Competition Round 3

I am pleased to announce that the delayed third round of the Small Print Competition will take place at the Development Meeting on Monday 21st February at 7:30.

As usual the competition is open to any Club Class member in the Print Category. Three small (max 7″ by 5″) unmounted images can be brought to the meeting or posted to me beforehand if you do not wish to, or are unable to, attend the meeting.

We have had very few entrants this year so if you want to be in with a chance of winning the cup at the end of the year then there is still time.

If you need to send me your prints then please email and I can send you my address.

MultImedia Group Zoom Meeting Friday 28th January 2022 9:30am

We will be running the Photobook and AV competitons again this year, with entries being judged and presented on our club night on the 28th of May 2022.

In order to help get things kicked off, Peter Rocchiccioli has kindly agreed to give a talk about what he learnt about book production during his BA Hons course in Photography.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 834 9724 5015
Passcode: letmein

Peter’s entry in last year’s competition has since been printed and Peter says that the book shop on Hayling Island is displaying and selling the book. (Address: The Hayling Island Bookshop, 34 Mengham Rd, Hayling Island PO11 9BL).

Peter’s book also featured in an article in the Hayling Herald (see images below – click on them to make the larger and easier to read) .

The title of the book is : Coronavirus 2020: The First Lockdown. My Experience! You can view it here with all the other entries

Peter also received a letter from Alan Mac MP for Havant, which shows the local interest in the book. Of the 100 copies printed and more than half have sold.