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Information on Triptych PDI Competition

Disappointingly, we cannot hold the Print Panels Competition this year, but we can hold a Triptych PDI Competition. This will be judged by Judge Jim Pascoe ARPS ABIPP on the 1st April 2021.

We would like you to upload 3 images at the normal size of 1600×1200 and one additional image which has all 3 images laid out as a single ‘panel’ image. The panel image may be a maximum of 1920×1200 all at sRGB jpeg.

The extra width (1900 instead of 1600) gives you a bit more width to lay out your panel/triptych.

Please upload your panel image as the first image and your three component images as images 2 to 4, so this is:

  1. Panel/Triptych 1920×1200 with Panel name
  2. 1st Image 1600×1200 any suitable name
  3. 2nd Image 1600×1200 any suitable name
  4. 3rd Image 1600×1200 any suitable name

It is important to realise that the judge will be judging your panel, the individual images are there to support the panel and allow him to look in more detail at the single images.

On the competition night only the panel image will be displayed. The panel image also needs a title (it is not strictly necessary to title the component images if you don’t want to, a simple 1,2,3 will do).

You may lay out the triptych on any way you choose, 3 horizontally, 3 vertically or a as shown on the featured image of this post.

Images to be uploaded to PhotoComp in the normal way.

Here are another couple of examples, note you do not have to use the full 1920×1200 if your panel design does not suit that layout.

The links below show you how to create PDI panels in various bits of software:




More Information on SxPF Pandemic Competition

The Sussex Federation this year are having their PDI competition specifically as ‘England during the pandemic.  This information about the competition is for all members thinking of entering.

Note that in addition to your image files we require (see section 9 below) a short description (between 50 and 100 words) that describes the image in relationship to the pandemic. The focus needs to be on the image and your vision of that image in relationship to the pandemic.

It is not possible to upload this text directly using PhotoComp, so please send this to the selection committee separately by email to making sure you refer to the title of each image so we can match up the description to the title .

Also, you need to add the location into your title when uploading the image to PhotoComp, for example: “Queue for the Bank – Chichester Town Centre”.

Here are the rules from the Sussex Fed.

PDI Competition title – England During the Pandemic

1. This is an open competition so all genres will be accepted provided they comply with the Competition Rules.

2. Images must have been taken between January 2020 and up to the uploading date 22nd February 2021.

3. In the title of the file we also need the date the image was taken, and the location.

4. Image dimensions should be 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

5. Images must be in RGB mode, sRGB colour space and saved as high-quality JPEGs.

6. Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet the above Requirements.

7. We hope to produce a printed book from a selection of the images entered. Entering an image gives SxPF the right to publish that image in a catalogue and/or digital presentation, on its website, and for this Competition, a book and/or newsletter in connection with the Championship. In all cases the copyright remains with the photographer and credit will be given.

8. Clubs must enter 12 images from a minimum of 10 photographers. No photographer may have more than two images entered.  We need 2 photographs from each photographer if possible to help us with the selection..

9. If your image/s is selected we will need a short description (between 50 and 100 words) that describes the image in relationship to the pandemic. The focus needs to be on the image and your vision of that image in relationship to the pandemic. This will be required within 48 or sooner from receiving the selection notification.

10. Please note the short description may be given to the judges to assist them with their marking or to caption any images that are published.

Any questions or clarification please contact Peter Rocchiccioli at

Peter Rocchiccioli Chair SC

Sussex Fed Pandemic PDIs Competition

To all Chichester Camera Club members.

We have a special competition that the Club will participate it is :

Sussex Fed Pandemic PDIs

1. This is an open competition so all genres will be accepted provided they comply with the following competition Rules.

2. Images must have been taken between January 2020 and March 2021. The date the image was taken, and the location must be included on the Entry Form.

3. I am looking for 2 entries from each member.

4. Image dimensions be about 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

5. Each image must have giving the author’s name, image title, date taken, location and a short description that describes the image in relationship to the pandemic. The focus needs to be on the image and the author’s vision of that image in relationship to the pandemic.

6. Please note the short description may be given to the judges to assist them with their marking or to caption any images that are published.

7. I must have your entries by Monday 22nd February.

If you require any clarification please contact me or email:

Thank you.

Peter Rocchiccioli Chair Selection Committee

Epsom CC Invitation Challenge 15th February 2021

Clevedon PierAndy Bracey
Pelican TakeoffAnn McDonald
She Sailed at SunsetGeorge Atkins
Damselfly Mating  Wheel (Ischnura Elegans)David Harris
Family of Mycena on a LogSheila Tester
Watching the StormJim Munday
Sheep at the FeederLorna Brown
The Basket MakerMichael Davison
Frost and FogRichard Corkrey
On the Way UpTim Crabb

Just to inform all members the following 10 images by 10 different photographers have been selected to represent the Club at the Epsom Invitation Challenge taking place on 15th February.

Nearer the time we will be sent the link to view the contest and I will inform everyone. 

Peter Rocchiccioli Chair SC


15 February 2021

1.            The competition will, in normal circumstances, be held annually between Epsom Camera Club and 4 invited clubs. It began in the 1994-5 season when the Club celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was so successful it has been held ever since.

2.(a)      Each club will have an entry of 5 prints and 5 projected images*. The images will be marked out of 10 and the combined scores will determine the winning club. In the case of a draw: from those clubs the club with the highest number of 10s will be declared the winner. If more than one club has the same number of 10s the judge will select one 10 from those clubs to decide the winning club. 

    (b)     Clubs are requested not to include work that has been used in a club’s external competition entry at any time. Entries for the PAGB GB Cup and Trophy closing date January 2021 are exempt from this rule.

    (c)      No club member can have more than one print and one projected image in their club’s entry, so an entry must comprise of at least five members’ work.

    (d)     Variations may be made on the content of the entry in any one year at the discretion of Epsom Camera Club Committee.

3. (a) The titles and photographers for both prints and PDI, together with the PDI files, must be sent to Epsom Camera Club by 1st February 2021.

                Please send to John Boyer at and Rosemary Wilman at with your Club name as the subject.

    (b) Digital images should be:

  1. a maximum of 1600 pixels wide X 1200 pixels high.
  2. in sRGB colour space.
  3. each image should be in JPEG format and be 8 bits per pixel (i.e. not 16 bits).
  4. the file name for each image should be the image title.

4.            A certificate will be awarded to the winning club.

5.(a)      The winning club will be invited to return for a second year.

   (b)      If a club wins two years in succession the second placed visitor will be invited   to return the following year instead.

(c)      If Epsom Camera Club wins, the highest placed eligible visitor will be invited to return the following year.

Emergency contact on the night: Rosemary Wilman 07940 231318

* For 2021 the competition will take place remotely. Each club will enter 10 PDIs from at least 7 members and a maximum of 2 from any one member. The normal rules will otherwise apply.

Photobook Workshop 22nd January 9:30am

We have a real treat to help you get started on the Photobook competition, John Bradshaw, Pete Bamforth and Janey Devine will be sharing their knowledge and experience with Photobooks.

Pete will be talking talking about concepts, tools and layouts, John will be using Bookwright and Janey will cover book formats including scrap books. All will be using examples from their own books as examples and will cover many important factors when creating a book including:

  • Concept
  • Presentation
  • Images
  • Text
  • Consistency of Layout
  • Font selection
  • Sequencing of images
  • Creativity/originality

Pete, John and Janey will also be judging the competition and so this talk will give you an insight in what they will be looking for.

Zoom Meeting details:

Meeting ID: 834 9647 4989
Passcode: joinme

Photobook Competition

Since the club is unable to run print competitions this year we thought that a good alternative would be to run a Photobook competition open to all members/classes.

As we are in lock down and don’t want to handle physical books we want you to submit a PDF version of the book, which most book creation software such as Bookwright allows you to produce. The winners will be announced in our club evening of 6th May 2021 and in this meeting we will present the best entries and prizes. Hopefully, when we can meet again in person we will get an opportunity to show the physical books as well.

I’m pleased to say the John Bradshaw, Janey Devine and Pete Bamforth have agreed to judge the competition and to get you started they will be making a special Zoom presentation on Friday 22nd January at 9:30am on all aspects of making a good Photobook.

This will include: concept, presentation, image selection, use of text, using a consistent layout, good use of fonts and sequencing images.

We will want all entries to be in by Sunday April 11th, to give the judges time to properly consider them. The subject of the book is entirely up to yourself and because current restrictions can make shooting new images difficult, there is no age limit on the images. Also, images that have been used in club exhibitions and competitions may be used within your book.

The Multimedia group will be happy to run sessions to help people with the mechanics of book creation and to provide peer advice.

We look forward to seeing your creations.


Congratulations to seven members of the PAGB Group who entered The Smethwick Exhibition of Photography with considerable success. Between them they gained 22 acceptances, a terrific achievement at this prestigious exhibition. 

Amongst the club members who were successful were Mike Davison Chris Gledhill, Glyn Edmunds, Jim Munday, Lorna Brown, Richard Corkrey and Richard Webb.  Congratulations to all! 

The image featured above is Winter Wilderness © Richard Webb, which was accepted at the Smethwick Exhibition. Congratulations to Richard on being successful at his first attempt entering an international exhibition.

Below is a selection of images from the successful submissions

Slatelands © Mike Davison
Buriton Pond © Richard Corkrey
West Wittering © Jim Munday
Gossamer Threads on Mycena © Glyn Edmunds

Castle Kilchurn © Lorna Brown
Watermelon Seller © Chris Gledhill
Park Yer Bike, Sir © Glyn Edmunds

Competition SUBMISSION DAtes

The 2nd Club/Int PDI Comp competitions will be on the 19th November, entries for this have already closed (5th November).

The table below gives the dates for the competitions that follow.

Key Submission Dates
 CompetitionDateSubmit By
3rd Small Print Comp3 Dec 202026 Nov 2020
3rd Adv PDI Comp21 Jan 20217 Jan 2021
4th Small Print Comp21 Jan 202114 Jan 2021
3rd Club/Int PDI Comp4 Feb 202121 Jan 2021

A full list of Key Submission dates will always be found here.

Scores 2nd Advanced PDI Competition 2020-21

First NameLast NameTitleScore
RayAclandMomentary Airbourne8
RayAclandDorothy and Partner7
LornaBrownTowards Suilven9
LornaBrownThe Foundry9
RichardCorkreySylvan Light8.5
RichardCorkreySelham Common9.5
RichardCorkreySavernake Forest9
JanDavisTea with Martin Parr8.5
JanDavisChristmas is Coming6
AndyDulsonSally Pearson8.5
AndyDulsonLaviai Nielsen9.5
AndyDulsonA Decisive Moment7.5
ChrisGledhillFirst Light at Cathedral Beach8
ChrisGledhillLanding on One Leg7.5
ChrisGledhillThe King Mono7.5
DavidHarrisSecond Coming – Emerging Emperor Resting8.5
DavidHarrisBlack-Tailed Skimmer (Orthetrum Cancellatum)8
DavidHarrisSatin Stream8.5
GaryHowesWhich Way Was the Hive?7.5
GaryHowesPollen Covered8
GaryHowes15 Mins of Fame8.5
JohnLarryOrbiting the Earth7
JohnLarryElephant at Dawn9
JohnLarryTunnel of Light6.5
StephenMarsh10.45 Am – Central Line8.5
StephenMarshStreet Vendor, Sri Lanka9
StephenMarshStudying Sisley at R a8.5
BrianMuirThe Groyne9
BrianMuirThe Smoker8.5
BrianMuirTake Him Away8.5
JimMundayGrey Seal, Farne Islands8.5
JimMundayEast Head Posts9
SueNashHeading for Extinction8
SueNashNo 4 and the Palm Tree Shadow8
JeffOwenX Marks the Spot7.5
JeffOwenMetropol Parasol7.5
JeffOwenDare We?6
LynneOwenHorror Shirts!7
LynneOwenGirls on Film7
MichaelPalmerThe Bognor Cockle9
MichaelPalmerSouth Bank Star7.5
KeithSawyerCultural Fusion7.5
KeithSawyerDivine Mercy9
ChristineWoolgarThe View9.5
ChristineWoolgarThree Standing8

Scores 1st Advanced PDI Competition 2020-21

First NameLast NameTitleScore
TonyBaverstockYellow Waterlilly8
TonyBaverstockFlying High8.5
TonyBaverstockGazing in Awe9
JeanBrooksWinters Afternoon at Langstone9
JeanBrooksFalling over8
JeanBrooksEbbing Tide7.5
LornaBrownAssynt Pines9
LornaBrownUncertain Sunflowers8.5
LornaBrownSheep at the Feeder9
HeatherBuckleI’M Forever Blowing Bubbles8
HeatherBuckleThe Line Out Battle9.5
HeatherBuckleThe Sleeping Wheel8.5
WendyChalkI Think It’s Time We Got Some Curtains8
WendyChalkLight and Shadow – Skatepark8.5
RichardCorkreyThe Watcher by the Wayside8
RichardCorkreyBuriton Pond9
RichardCorkreyThe Way Through the Wood8.5
JanDavisTeatime over7.5
JanDavisQuintessentially English Address8
MichaelDavisonSoft Light . St. James`s Church Portland8
MichaelDavisonPastels of Venice8
MichaelDavisonThe Basket Maker8.5
AndyDulsonOphelie Claude Boxberger8
AndyDulsonThe Final Bend8
AndyDulsonDecisive Timing8
GlynEdmundsInn in the Rain8
GlynEdmundsPots and Kettles9
GlynEdmundsTwo Cacti, Two Blue Doors8.5
HilaryFeatherstoneCatch That Bubble7.5
HilaryFeatherstoneCanoo for Hire7
HilaryFeatherstoneThe Promenade8
ChrisGledhillFamily Duel 29.5
ChrisGledhillLondon at Night7.5
DavidHarrisRough Dawn at Portland Bill8.5
DavidHarrisDamselfly Mating Wheel (Ischnura Elegans)9
DavidHarrisToo Close for Comfort (Anax Imperator)9
JohnLarryElephant at Sunset8
JohnLarryLight in the Woods8
JohnLarryI Don’t Want to Be Here8.5
BrianMuirCatching the Light10
BrianMuirEvening Sun9
JimMundayPuffin with Catch8.5
JimMundayLongstone Lighthouse8.5
JeffOwenWitterings Winter Sun8
JeffOwenEye Pods8.5
LynneOwenIn the Wet8.5
LynneOwenTree Lined7.5
LynneOwenBatten Down the Hatches8
MichaelPalmerBayside Apartments10
MichaelPalmerAerial Ballet7.5
KeithSawyerThe Solo8.5
KeithSawyerFascinating Rhythm9
AndrewVanceSticklepath Dartmoor7.5
AndrewVanceView from Meldon Reservoir7
AndrewVanceDartmoor National Park8
JimWaddingtonReady to Roll7.5
JimWaddingtonI Cannot Hear You8.5
PaulWilliamsProud Mother8.5
PaulWilliamsSleeping Beauty9.5
ChristineWoolgarSunrise at Longhoughton9
ChristineWoolgarSummer Cobbles8.5
ChristineWoolgarClouds Above the Pier9