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Portrait Group Chichester Pride Outing Update 20May

The first annual Chichester Pride will be at Chichester College on May 28 from 12 to 6pm.

You have to pay for your tickets. I have primed Roxy pictured above that there will be photographers from the club coming and he will facilitate to get some good shots. In order not to compete with the professional photographers that are hired for the event be respectful that it is a family event.

Andy and I wont be there

Over the Rainbow Priory Park 30 Sept 21 Film

Hi, Here’s a link to the film Over the Rainbow event held last year in Priory Park.  If you look at the footage you can see some camera club members in action as there was a portrait group meet at the venue. (I’m also in a couple of the shots, but had my film hat on that day).

It had its world premiere in Chichester’s New Park Cinema on the 19th Feb for those that were involved, which was nice to see.  It’s also being added to the Chichester archives. The weather was rubbish so we had to compromise on some of the shots we originally wanted from the pre-production planning as the programme changed.  As the weather came in I had to run out of cover, film, run back in and wipe the rain off the camera and repeat, so certainly a day for thinking on your feet!  They used quite a bit of my footage, e.g. the parades and some of the low light stuff, which was nice.

Please pass the link on if any one is interested as I don’t have everyone’s email address.
Charlie Allison

Portrait Group Studio Shoot and Kick Off Tangmere Wednesday 6th at 7:30

Welcome to the Portrait Group Kick off Meeting where we will set up studio flash lights and all have a chance to take some portraits of each other. Bring your camera.  Also bring any portrait images from the street or party in Chichester or Rainbow 🌈 Party in Priory Park.
We will help you get your camera connected to the lights and any lenses from 50mm to 90mm appropriate. No tripod required.
If not sure how camera can be used in Studio situation bring handbook.
Jan Davis , Andy Dulson

Portrait Outing to Over the Rainbow Thursday 30th 5 to 8 pm

Over The Rainbow will be big pandemic thank-you present to Chichester

Former Mayor of Chichester Richard Plowman will fulfil his pandemic promise with a big thank-you party for the city.

Over the Rainbow will be a free event in Priory Park on Thursday, September 30 from 5-8pm under the Rotary Banner. September 30 was the day of the celebrations for Priory Park’s centenary three years ago and is now becoming something of a “Chichester Day”, Richard says. As for the event itself, there will be parades, entertainment, special choirs and a new anthem March On from Emily Barden’s mass choir and Chichester City Band. Children in the parade will make a rainbow on the Mound, and special Covid-19 medals will be handed out by the current Mayor to selected individuals. Chichester vintage entertainer Dawn Gracie will arrange the live entertainment.

Super Photo Opportunity. Meet up in Priory Park at 5pm.
Jan Davis

These documents provide useful guidance when filming in public places:

IAC Guidance – Filming in Public

ACPO Guidance for Photographers

They can also be found under Menu: Documents=>Published Documents=>Important Documents

Portrait Outing: Chichester Thursday AUGUST 26th pm and Sept 30th

Those interested in taking some street photos meet at The Cross at 3pm

On Thursday 26th August between 3pm – 7pm Chichester is holding a Summer Street Party that will see many of the citys businesses actively taking part in the celebration with fun and innovative ideas and activities for everyone to enjoy.

From free childrens activities including trampolines and fun fair rides, live music, street food, a vintage village and fashion show to a plethora of demonstrations, offers and giveaways run by individual businesses, there is plenty to discover in every corner of the city.

Also look forward to next event:

Over The Rainbow on Chichester Day, Priory Park 30th September 5 to 8 pm. Former Major Richard Plowman, our Club sponsor’s thank you.

“One of the promises I gave as Mayor was to hold a big thank-you party for the community for stepping up during the Pandemic, with a special emphasis on front-line workers and the NHS – hence the title, Over the Rainbow.”

George Taylor will be missed by Portrait Group

George Taylor was an enthusiastic member of the Portrait Group joining in most of the sessions a the Chichester College hair dressers and Remembrance Day outings. He was also a regular at the Chichester Jazz Club evenings.

We will miss him and typical of the Portrait Group members avoided in being photographed under the intense flash lights used on the young ladies and men’s haircuts.

Our thoughts go to Rosemary his wife and family.

Jan Davis

Portrait Group Program

There was a successful Portrait Group kick off meeting where an elusive Eliot was photographed by nearly all those present using the studio lights.  Most of the challenges of interface camera and lights were resolved for the variety of cameras used.  A pdi show of Goodwood and Goodwood type images were shown showing the huge diversity of views of the same subjects.

The events that provide opportunities to take people pictures are as follows.  Anyone in the club can come and look out for each other as it is really an ad hoc photo excursion.

  • Sunday 10th November, Remembrance day parade.  Meet at the Cross at 9;30
  • Saturday 30th November, Tangmere  Winter Fayre, Father Christmas outside The Coop. Let Jan Davis know if you would like to cover the Father Christmas Shoot and I will let you know the details.
  • Sunday 1st December, Tangmere Players, dress rehearsal photographing Actors and Pantomine.  Let Andy Dulson know if you are coming.  We will be using the stage lights and off camera flash for the individual actors.
  • Saturday 21st December, St Pancras Wheelbarrow Walk, Meet at Nags Head, St Pancras 10:30