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Multimedia Group Meeting Friday 4th December 9:30am

We had a very successful Zoom meeting on 27th when ZeZe ran over many of the features within the book module within Adobe Lightroom, with 22 members attending.

This week we will be looking at AVs. Jeff Owen will give an introduction to Pictures2Exe, showing how to put together a basic slideshow and also showing a couple of more advanced examples that use recorded sound and video.

John Bradshaw will then show some clips of a AV that he has been working on for some while, which demonstrates many advanced techniques.

For following meetings Lynne Owen and Jan Davis will show how they use Snapfish and Photobox to create Calendars. We will also have sessions on how to record tutorials/demonstrations using Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) and dip our toes into Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve.

ZeZe has also introduced us to Cinemagraphs ( and we will be looking at how to produce these using DaVinci Resolve.

Also as a group we will be looking at having a Photobook competition, which will be run on similar lines to the one Bognor CC have been running for several years, a one minute AV competition and perhaps even a Cinemagraph competition. These competitions will be open to all club members.

All in all, plenty to keep us active during the long winter months.

Time: Dec 4, 2020 09:30 London

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Congratulations to seven members of the PAGB Group who entered The Smethwick Exhibition of Photography with considerable success. Between them they gained 22 acceptances, a terrific achievement at this prestigious exhibition. 

Amongst the club members who were successful were Mike Davison Chris Gledhill, Glyn Edmunds, Jim Munday, Lorna Brown, Richard Corkrey and Richard Webb.  Congratulations to all! 

The image featured above is Winter Wilderness © Richard Webb, which was accepted at the Smethwick Exhibition. Congratulations to Richard on being successful at his first attempt entering an international exhibition.

Below is a selection of images from the successful submissions

Slatelands © Mike Davison
Buriton Pond © Richard Corkrey
West Wittering © Jim Munday
Gossamer Threads on Mycena © Glyn Edmunds

Castle Kilchurn © Lorna Brown
Watermelon Seller © Chris Gledhill

Xmas bash 10th December

Hi All,

My thanks to Lorna and Ann for last nights very informative presentation about our RPS and PAGB groups. These groups, and particularly those who volunteer to run them, are the core of a successful club and I’m sure I speak for us all in thanking them for their generosity, time and experience.

So to the Xmas bash. We have organised a fun competition with Bognor camera club, whereby both clubs will submit 32 images. These will be shown two at a time and the best image will progress to the next round until we arrive at an eventual winner. We are inviting members to submit two images of whatever they like and should we receive more we will have to reduce them to 32. All levels will be represented, and no member will have more than one entry accepted, so please root through your back catalogues and find some fun shots. Images need to be uploaded in the normal manner in Photocomp by midnight December 5th, selecting ‘Xmas bash 2020’.

It would be good, but not obligatory, if we could all wear something relating to Xmas and I will award a bottle of wine to the best CCC outfit when we next meet at Tangmere.

Taks care and stay safe.


Digital Imaging Group – 24 November 2020 Tutorials

At the Digital Imaging Group we examined in depth the new Colour Grading tool recently released by Adobe for Lightroom and Photoshop [via Adobe Camera RAW – ACR]. We viewed 2 videos by Julieann Kost and the other by Colin Smith [Photoshop Cafe]. Some attendees had also viewed other tutorials and links to these are also given below:

Julieanne Kost – Color Grading in Lightroom Classic

Colin Smith [Photoshop Cafe] – Next Level COLOR grading in Photoshop 2021

Other Tutorials recommended by members:

Lightroom is Getting Advanced Color Grading

A video about colour grading and colour theory by Joanna Kustra.  Although she uses Photoshop and Lightroom this is using split toning rather than the new Colour Grading feature and it is more a tutorial about how to use colours.

Here also is the link to the Affinity Revolution about transferring colour grading from one photo to another.  

This is a link to a video similar to the ones you showed this evening. 

Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting Photobooks with Lightroom 27th November

On Friday 27th November at 4:00pm, Zelinda de Cruz will be showing us easy it is to create books using Lightroom.

Now is a great time to get creative and create books and calendars as seasonal gifts.

Please join the Zoom meeting:

Topic: Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting
Time: Nov 27, 2020 16:00 London

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Club/Inter PDI comp

Hi everyone,

I hope like me you thoroughly enjoyed the PDI comp last night. There were some fantastic imaged displayed and congratulations to all. I felt Maria was extremely complimentary and helpful with her comments and judging and awarded a series of very well deserved tens.

Next week we have the dynamic duo of our very own Lorna Brown and Ann McDonald who will be presenting an insight to the RPS and PAGB groups, so well worth attending what will be a very informative evening.

Once again I wish you all well and please stay safe.

Best regards


Digital Imaging Group – 24 November 2020

This month we will be featuring the new Colour Grading feature in the latest update of Adobe Creative Cloud – Lightroom, ACR & Photoshop.

Chichester Camera Club is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: CCC Digital Imaging Group Monthly Meeting

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South East Documentary Group Meeting November 22nd 11am

The RPS Documentary Group South East Region was started off by Chichester Camera Club’s own Janey Devine a few years ago. While we are actively looking to attract members from the whole South East region, we also hope our programme will be of interest to Chichester members.

We are very pleased that Stewart Wall MA NCTJ PGCE ARPS has agreed to talk to us at our next meeting, 11am 22nd November 2020, which will be a Zoom meeting.

Stewart began his career in photography as a local press photographer in 1978.

In 2015 he undertook a BA (Hons) in photography, then a Masters in Visual Communication and is on the brink of beginning a doctorate. He also works with the RPS as a regional Organiser and with the Distinctions department.

Throughout his study he focused on ‘Hyper-Local Authentic Documentary’ Photography and during his talk will discuss one of his projects, entitled ‘The Stonemason’.

Colin Wood is the stonemason, and he has lived and worked in Caistor, Lincolnshire all his life. As did his father and his father before him. Caistor is where Stewart lives, and his studio is 50 yards from Colin’s workshop.

Stewart will also talk to us about developing panels of documentary work as historical evidence and discuss where this work fits into the RPS and elsewhere.

You can read more about Stewart’s stonemason project at

Please bring along your ideas for your current projects for discussion, or better still work in progress.

If you wish to join the Zoom meeting and you are not on our email list please email: for the Zoom meeting details.

Look forward to seeing you

Small print competition 2020-21. Round 2 results.

The winners of the second round of the Small Print Competition were 1st ‘Be Happy’ (Louise Le-Good), 2nd ‘Bull’s Eye’ (Nikki Holden), 3rd ‘Sea Spray’ (Nikki Holden). Highly Commended were ‘Catch of the Day’, ‘Playing with my Boat’ and ‘Boy on Dhow!’ (Carlien Murray), First in the Queue’ and ‘Venerable Oak’ (Vivien Ruddock), ‘Grab the Bike and Leg it’ (Nikki Holden) and ‘Autumn Shades’ (Louise Le-Good)

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to the judges.