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Paul Adams LRPS

It gives me very great pleasure to tell you that Paul Adams has been awarded his LRPS. Paul’s successful panel of ten images was complimented by the assessors as really interesting and well designed with sensitive and creative post-processing to match the mood of the images.

Paul balanced his particular favourite approach of gentle misty images with a range of other photographic styles to demonstrate his understanding of the RPS criteria. We will be able to see Paul’s very lovely images at the RPS Group meeting in May.

Many congratulations Paul!

RPS Doc Group SE Photowalk Brighton Sunday 20th March 2pm

The RPS Doc Group SE is well attended and run by Chichester Camera Club members.

There will be an informal meet up and photowalk at Brighton on Sunday 20th March at 2pm and this is also open to all members of Chichester Camera Club that wish to attend.

There is plenty to see, do and photograph in Brighton, the sea front, pier, laines, shops, markets and pavilion.

We will meet up in front on the Brighton i360 on sea front for a brief chat and introductions. It is not practical to move around as a large group, so we will split up into small groups and head off separately.

Please email me at if you plan to attend.

Details can be found here.

Charlie Roe

It is with great sadness I learnt that Charlie Roe died earlier today, Sunday, at around 9 am. He had deteriorated quickly in these last weeks and one can only accept it was for the best.

He was an excellent photographer in his time and his memory will live on in the archive we have created for him, together with those for Charlie Sayers and Charlie Simcox. In addition to the catalogued images, which we hope will be in The West Sussex Record Office any day now, there will be a photograph and a short biography.

Above all, he was a lovely man who would do anything for anybody and was a stalwart of the Chichester Camera Club. He will be sadly missed.

Details of the arrangements will be published as soon as we know them.

David Abbott

Zoom Updates

It is important that members keep their Zoom application up to date because Zoom are regularly applying updates and sometimes if you are running an older version of the software it may not behave properly.

Zoom also are continually improving/changing the security so it is important to use the latest (and hopefully most secure version).

Updating Zoom is very straightforward, but varies according to the platform you are using. For more details please see the link below:

Zoom Upgrade/update to latest version

Our Flickr Group

Did you know we have our own Flickr  Group?

We have had it since way back, but it is probably one of the most under utilised things we have. Personally, I never got on with Flickr once it got taken over by Yahoo, but now you don’t need a Yahoo account to join any more, so it is time to see if we can breath some life back into it.

It has been suggested that we should be doing as much as we can to keep people active with the club while we are all isolating, well we can follow the lead of our neighboring Bognor CC who have a thriving Flickr group.

The idea will be to set up regular mini competitions. A set subject will be selected and a time period given to upload images. At the end of the period some learned members will select the best image(s). This is just for fun and open to all classes.

If you want to take part then I suggest you join Flickr and apply to join the group, which can be found here:

Flickr Group

Get posting!


Our Facebook Page

You may not have heard that the club has a Facebook page, which is a closed public group on Facebook. We try to keep this group only for Chichester Camera Club members.

The group is here:

The Facebook page is great way for members to communicate with other members and also the club itself. Once you have joined you can follow what is going on and make your own posts or respond to the posts of others. While we are all locked up at home this is a great way to share your photos, ask for comments on images and generally have a bit of fun.

If you have important news, then we will monitor the group and be able to re-post via the usual Newsletter system.

To get this group moving I’m going to start a Photo Domino round. The rules are very simple I will post the first image. If you have an image that matches the image in some way then you can post another. In this way the chain of dominoes increases.

You have to say why you think that you photo matches and people should comment to say whether they think it is a good match or a poor match.

Try to be creative, don’t just post a similar image. Like real dominoes you only have to match one aspect of the image. The clever the match the better.

Chichester Photographers Exhibit in Chartres

An exhibition of photographs of Chichester being held in Chartres from November 2019  to February 2020

Last year I was asked by EPA Chartres International to organise a photography exhibition illustrating Chichester to the people of Chartres. EPA Chartres International is the umbrella organisation that looks after all of Chartres’ international friendships and city twinnings. The exhibition would follow on those that have already taken place for Chartres’ other twinned cities – Sakurai (Japan), Speyer and Ravenna.

What was really interesting about this request was that it was not for a typical photo exhibition.  Rather it would be a genuinely public exhibition taking place in the open air along one of Chartres’ main avenues – the Boulevard Chasles. This boulevard runs from the Place des Epards to the Place St Michel past the Theatre de Chartres, and at present is showing an exhibition about Chartres and UNESCO. The viewers wouldn’t have to visit any building – they could see the photographs as they went about their normal daily life. Furthermore, the brief was that they would like to avoid the well-known portrayals of Chichester beauty spots.

I decided that it would be a better exhibition if it was not limited to one person’s viewpoint. I concluded that the 20 photographs required would be a far better collection if they reflected different viewpoints and styles. What also couldn’t be ignored was the clear need for a high technical standard. These photographs were going to be blown up to over a meter square!  Richard Crossley and Richard Ryder, both Chichester residents, joined me to set about the task.

 Over the year, each of us produced 20 or more pictures that we felt had something to say about Chichester, its people and its environment. A number of sessions of positive criticisms of each other’s work resulted in each of us submitting half a dozen photographs to EPA Chartres. These were accepted and the exhibition opened on Saturday 9th November.  The exhibition will remain open until February 2020.

Rob Campling


The meeting will take place at the small hall in the Tangmere Village Centre. We will meet at 6.45 pm for a prompt 7.00 pm start. Please come at 6.45 to help set the room up. The cost is £3 for club members and £4 for non-members.

Members are encouraged to bring along prints and/or digital images for in-depth constructive critique. We look forward to seeing you and your images.

The image featured above is Canary Wharf © Michael Palmer a new member of the PAGB Group 

Club successes at The Southampton International Exhibition of Photography.

This year several members of the PAGB Group entered the Southampton International Exhibition of Photography, with considerable success. The image featured above is The Scoundrel & The Scholar © John Howes which won a PSA Silver Medal.

Between them, 7 members of the group won 8 awards and had 38 images accepted in this exhibition. Congratulations to all for an excellent result.

Featured below are some more of the successful images. 

The Hermit © John Howes which won an SCC Certificate at the exhibition. John won three awards in total with six acceptances.
Beautiful Plumage © John Howes which won a SCC Medal
Dalmatian Pelican © Ann Mcdonald which was awarded a GPU Ribbon.
Old Control Room © Mike Davison, accepted for the exhibition
Mycena © Glyn Edmunds, accepted for the exhibition.
Tourmaline Sunangel ©, another image by a club member which was accepted for the Exhibition.
Health and Safety © Peter Rocchiccioli, accepted for the exhibition.