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I’m pleased to say Nick Hepworth was successful with his LRPS submission, and although we are unlikely to be able to see the panel this month as it is needs to come back from the RPS headquarters in Bristol, we look can give Nick our warmest congratulations.

We had a really enjoyable RPS Group meeting on Tuesday 21st September – the first time we have met in person for 18 months. It was a particular pleasure to see a number of recent successful panels at Licentiate and Associate levels, and thanks to Sarah Nichol, Lynne and Jeff Owen for bringing those along.

At last we were also able to see work in progress in print form after our months looking online. Thanks especially to Janey Devine who is currently an RPS Assessor on the L panel as well as both Travel and Documentary and so is very well placed to advise on the recent changes to the assessment criteria. With John Bradshaw’s eagle eye on technical matters and his and Graham Sargent’s long experience as assessment panel members too, the group is very well served to support those looking to pursue the RPS Distinction routes.

Your can find notes from the meeting here offering a general introduction to the different levels, and here more about the ARPS. The RPS has considerable information online, which you can find here

We meet again on Tuesday 18th October, in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.

The featured images is from of Nick Hepworth’s successful L Panel

Nick Hepworth LRPS

I’m very pleased to announce that Nick Hepworth was successful with his RPS submission and today was awarded the LRPS. Nick only joined the Club last season and holds, I think, also the record for successfully putting together a successful panel – many congratulations Nick!

Nick’s panel is a lovely collection of 10 images showing varied photographic techniques and camera skills. It is the first for the Club under the revised criteria that aims to make it much clearer for applications what is required.

It is unlikely that the RPS will get Nick’s portfolio back to him by the RPS Group meeting on Tuesday 19th October, but we can look forward to seeing it when we meet again in November.

Well done Nick – richly deserved.

The featured image shows Nick Hepworth’s presentation layout for his successful Licentiate submission.

RPS Digit success

The Digital Imaging Group of the Royal Photographic Society holds a PDI Competition each year and this was judged last Saturday. It was carried out online so there was a good audience for the judging, with Chris Palmer FRPS, Steven Le Prevost FRPS and our own Janey Devine FRPS in the judges’ chairs.

There were 1,875 entries in three classes, so judging was quite a marathon with 380 images selected for inclusion in the forthcoming catalogue. I watched most of the sessions and as far as I can tell from that and the online results this year I was the only club member to have work selected. As well as Rain Clearing Luskentyre , I’m very pleased to say I won Chris Palmer’s award, one of the three judges selections in the Open Colour Class for Hearth and Home.

If I have missed any successes do let me know and I will update this. This Annual Competition is free to DI Members and is a great opportunity to have your work shared internationally. The DI Group also organise monthly competitions and an annual print competition. The group is just one of the many special interest groups the RPS runs – have a look at the what’s on section here to find out more.

RPS Group – Covid Alert

I need to let you know that we have a case of Covid in our house – my grandson. As the rest of us are either double jabbed under 18, we are not required to isolate. As you can imagine, we have a cordon sanitaire around him and we are all taking regular lateral flow tests, which are all negative, as was the test I have just taken.

In the light of all this I am going ahead with tonight’s meeting, but I appreciate some of you may well be more cautious or perhaps needing to shelter someone who is vulnerable in your own households and will prefer not to attend.

We are meeting in the big hall tonight – plenty of space and lots of ventilation. As other precautions already in place, please bring the correct money (£3) and your own pen to sign in.

I will completely understand if you decide not to attend under these circumstances. Tonight’s session is planned as an introduction (with some recent successful panels to look at) and there will be notes available for everyone.

Lorna Brown

The featured image is from Frank Adams successful Fellowship panel

North Mundham Exhibition 2022 – advanced members

We were unable to hold North Mundham Exhibition this year due to the pandemic and it is now time to give some thought about the 2022 exhibition. For newer members, this is for Advanced Class members only and takes place over the weekend of 15th and 16th January. The exhibition is not judged and gives an opportunity to show very creative work unbound by the limits of the traditional mount, with each participant given a display board to fill as they wish – including mounted work if that is preferred.

While we are of course aware that the situation might change again, we are now starting the planning process and as part of that would like to know how many of you would take part and if you would have you enough new work available.

On a second, and very important point, after nearly twenty years organising this exhibition Iain McGowan has decided it is time to stand down. Therefore I am hoping that one of you will volunteer to work with Iain this year and take up the responsibility for the future.

I’d be grateful if you could respond to this mail via before the 19th Sept so I can analyse the responses to determine a way forward.

Mike Harris

The featured image is by Michael Palmer

RPS Special Interest Group

I’m very pleased to say that the RPS Group has decided to meet together when the new season starts next month. There was a very strong desire to be able to get together again after our enforced separation.

Our first meeting will be on Tuesday 21st September with an introduction to the different levels of distinctions offered by the Royal Photographic Society when we will looking some recent successful panels especially for those new to the process. It will be a particular pleasure to also see some of the work that has been in in progress over our Zoom months.

The meeting takes place at Tangmere Village Centre in the small hall – please arrive well before our 7.30pm start when help in setting up will be very welcome. The meetings take place in the small hall at a cost of £3.

While our Special Interest group meetings are usually open to non-members, for now to ensure we keep our numbers limited, I regret that only Club members will be able to attend.

The featured image is from Jeff Owens recent successful A Panel

RPS Special Interest group Meetings – Your Views

You’ll see from the latest news that it has been decided to continue Club Thursday meetings via Zoom up to Christmas, a decision made in response to Members’ preferences. Zoom has certainly been a great way for our programme to carry on during these weird times and some of our interests have been at least as well served this way as in physical meetings.

I think though you’ll agree that hasn’t been the case for our Special Interest Group for those wishing to undertake Royal Photographic Society distinctions where print image quality and how groups of images (panels) sit well together is of paramount importance – tricky on Zoom

As the group meets in the small hall, is limited in numbers attending so space is not restricted and the hall can be easily ventilated, I am happy to run the meetings physically as I believe this is the more productive course for this group if members agree.

Before I confirm that however I do need to know how members feel – both those who have been regular attenders these past months but also those who might be thinking of joining us to find out more about the RPS awards.

Please let me know using

Either way – real or virtually – we will meet for the first time this season on Tuesday 21st September.

The featured images is from Lorna Brown’s recent successful Fellowship Panel

RPS Group Tuesday 18th May

Please note a change to the deadline for this meeting for this month only – images for discussion at our virtual meeting must be with me by 5pm on Saturday 15th May.

Our Zoom session on Tuesday 18th continues to provide support for members looking to follow up the RPS distinctions. 

All are welcome, whether that’s just to observe or – when you are ready – to submit work for consideration. If you wish to send work in, please see the guidance below.

Guidance For L – Licentiate – level you can send images for an initial discussion or, when you are ready, include a hanging plan of how you think these will work together. 

If you are interested in the A – Associateship – please submit your statement of intent, or just a broad outline of your project along with images illustrating the theme.

Please use WeTransfer sent to  sizing your images to 1900 x 1200 by  5pm on Saturday 15th May

Chichester Cameraclub is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 830 2402 9645 Passcode: 965288

The featured image is from Sarah Nichol’s successful L Panel

RPS or PAGB Distinctions?

The RPS is running a joint event with the PAGB on 8th May to compare and contrast the distinctions each offers. There will be two panels at each RPS level, and the PAGB will be showing the standard for their ‘equivalent levels’. If you would like to join this online session you need to sign up on the RPS web site, it is a free event.

This link will take you directly to the RPS website for more information and to sign up.