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Annual Exhibition – update and key dates

The complex work in preparing for the Annual Exhibition is progressing well, and we will shortly be sending the catalogue of for print in readiness for our Pre-Exhibition Members’ meeting on Thursday 28th July, just a few weeks away now.

This will be the first exhibition for three years, due to the pandemic, and it looks to be as strong and varied as always. We have some 300 print images by over 50 different photographers and over 250 projected images which will run on a screen by the refreshments – you can enjoy a cup of tea and some cake and see the images!

No photographer will have fewer than three prints exhibited (because of space limitations we had to leave out a very few prints), and every submitted PDI will be shown. The range is – as you would expect – wide, with lots to appeal to all tastes.

Our Judge, Chris Palmer FRPS, has made his selections and there are some 30 cups to be presented and numerous certificates of merit. These will be presented at the Preview Evening on Friday 5th August at the Assembly Room, when there is also a buffet and a chance to see the Exhibition for the first time. All Members and their guests are invited to that evening, as well as judges and speakers from the season and our fellow camera club representatives from across the region.

It’s a small dedicated team working behind the scenes on an immense task of sorting, arranging, selecting and preparation and now it’s over to you to help make sure the Exhibition goes off well. Please look out for news items that will follow on how you can play your part in making our return to the Assembly Room successful, from how to set up your prints, to stewarding, helping with the buffet and distributing publicity.

Lorna Brown

Featured image: The stands go up for the 2018 Annual Exhibition

Ladies Lunch

Dear Ladies of the Club

We said we would have an ‘end of term’ lunch together and now, with the Annual Exhibition processing nearly tied up, is a perfect moment to arrange to get together.

We will meet at the Walnut Tree in Runcton on Friday 15th July, at 12.30 for 1pm. You can find out more about the Walnut Tree – our ‘Club pub’ – here including the food options.

Please let me know via if you would like to join us.

Look out also for more information about the Annual Exhibition where we will have work by over 50 photographers, some 300 printed images and over 250 projected images. It will be a grand return to the Assembly Room in Chichester after our enforced absence!

Lorna Brown

The featured image is rather out of date – time for for a new team shot I think

Sales Opportunities at the Annual Exhibition

If you make greetings cards from you photographs, or indeed have prints for sale, you can make these available at the Annual Exhibition.

You’ll need to provide a display stand, table-top is fine, and make sure everything is clearing priced. You will need to bring any sale items to the Assembly Room, preferably on Friday 5th August during the set up times (details of which will follow in due course).

The Club will keep a record of the number of cards sold, but is not able to keep detailed records of which specific cards sell. There is a 15% commission charged, and you will be paid soon after the event, once all the payments are accounted for, less of course the commission.

As we expect to have commercial sales on the Friday evening of the Preview and the opening Saturday, we may not be able to offer Members’ cards for sale then, and given limited space, cannot guarantee all cards will be displayed at all times.

If you are interested please let me know via

The featured image is Winter on Rannoch Moor by Richard Webb

Annual Exhibition Prints information – for veteran advanced workers too!

I’m pleased to say we have had a good level of entries for the Annual Exhibition, and from our first look through these as part of the processing, we have an exciting range of quality images – for which -thank you.

BUT! Every year we have some members who don’t follow the rules in various ways, particular with regard to mounting, and that includes entries from long-standing, very experienced Advanced members – you know who you are! So please everyone read the following extract from the exhibition guidance: –

You may enter up to 6 prints. Prints must be mounted using 500mm x 400mm mount board and the same sized backing board. If you wish to use double mounts, you must omit the backing board, although a thin covering to protect the back of the print is acceptable.

Every year a number of prints fall away from the exhibition panels, causing damage to the mounts and spoiling the quality of the Exhibition. This problem is usually associated with the use of poor quality backing boards where the surface of the board is unsealed and therefore porous. As these boards do not have a sealed surface finish, they do not bond well with the Velcro adhesive discs. To avoid this problem, please back your prints using a card which has a smooth, sealed (non-porous) surface finish, or use a sheet of acetate film. Using a thick backing over just the image area can also cause the mount board to flex back to the exhibition board and is another reason for images falling away.

It’s too late to do anything about this now and there will be reminders next year – please then do help us by following the guidance.

The featured image is In the Mood, by John Strickland

Annual Exhibition – clarification

For the absence of doubt, please note that you can enter prints or PDIs that you have already used for the Spring Exhibition or North Mundham. You cannot use any image you have previously used in an Annual Exhibition.

The full guidance (via the link) states: –

An image can only be used once in an Annual Exhibition. The same image may not be entered as both a print and a PDI. You can enter images that you have previously entered in the Club’s internal competitions or work you have not shown before. However, any image that has been entered in a previous Club Annual Exhibition may not be used again for this purpose.

The summary published more recently was ambiguous in that it said no image previously used in an exhibition could be used, but failed to make clear that refers only to the Annual Exhibition.

To also answer another question, as you can see in the paragraph above, you can use images that have previously been used in competitions, or indeed that you plan to use in future.

The featured image Waiting to Take off is by Sarah Nichol

RPS Group Tuesday 17th May

We will be ending this season’s RPS Group meetings in celebratory mode. Paul Adams will be showing his recent successful L Panel and giving us feedback on the assessment he sat in on. And there will be cake – which might be birthday related.

So if you have yet to come along to one of these meetings, this could be the perfect time to find out more about the support we provide for those interested in following the RPS distinctions routes.

You’ll not only see Paul’s successful panel, but also work in progress and hear more about the advice provided, both by the Club and by the RPS. You’re welcome to bring along prints, but there’s no need – you can just come and join us to find out more.

We meet in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start. There’s a charge of £3 for Club members (and we expect to open the group again to visitors next season).

The featured image is from Paul Adams’s recent successful LRPS panel

Annual Exhibition – deadline extended

YOUR EXHIBITION NEEDS YOU! Plans for the Annual Exhibition are coming along well – with one exception which is a low number of print entries.

It’s been a long three years since our last exhibition at the Assembly Room and many of us are seriously out of practice with printing. It’s understandable that for some, especially our newer members who have not yet had a chance to take part in the exhibition, this might seem daunting. But without a good range of images to show the exhibition will fall flat, which would be a great shame.

There’s lot’s of support available if you are hesitant about printing, including commercial printing options, and advice on mounting and to encourage you, the deadline for submissions has been extended to Thursday 19th May. There are drop off points for you to deliver your prints to if you can’t get to the club meetings so if you haven’t yet submitted any work, do please give it a go. There is no exhibition without you!

The featured image is by Jonathan Fiske

Paul Adams LRPS

It gives me very great pleasure to tell you that Paul Adams has been awarded his LRPS. Paul’s successful panel of ten images was complimented by the assessors as really interesting and well designed with sensitive and creative post-processing to match the mood of the images.

Paul balanced his particular favourite approach of gentle misty images with a range of other photographic styles to demonstrate his understanding of the RPS criteria. We will be able to see Paul’s very lovely images at the RPS Group meeting in May.

Many congratulations Paul!

RPS group – Tuesday 19th April

The RSP group will meet again in April when the meeting will be led by Janey Devine and John Bradshaw. This group is for all members who are interested in learning more about the Royal Society of Photography’s distinctions, which are also an excellent way to increase your skills.

You can bring along work in progress, your ongoing panels (the collections of images that make up a submission) and get excellent comment from others in the group with lots of skill sharing and technique advice.

Images don’t have to be mounted, but do stick them to some neutral coloured card simply as this helps keep them on the print panles we use to show the prints on.

You are also welcome to just come along to find out more if you don’t feel able to share any work yet.

The cost is £3 for Club Members and we meet in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre at 7.15 for a 7.30 start.

The featured image shows Nick Hepworth’s recent successful hanging plan for the LRPS

Annual Exhibition – summary

That was a first-class masterclass from Chris Palmer for the panels competition last night with plenty of lessons to take away – especially for the forthcoming Annual Exhibition, for which Chris is also our judge. This is a reminder that the deadline is approaching for entries, just five weeks now to the 12th May.

As it’s three years now since we’ve been able to hold the exhibition and some of our newer members will not have had a chance to enter before, here’s a summary of some of the key points (you can get the full guidance here (guidance for entrant ).

  • You can enter up to SIX prints which must be mounted on standard 40 x 50 mounts
  • You don’t need to window mount your prints – you can surface mount them, that is stick them onto the mount. (If you saw Mike Davison’s super panel of three interiors last night you will have seen some perfect surface mounting)
  • You also have to upload digital copies of your prints via Photocomp as you do for print competitions which we use for data management and publication purposes. See here for information on uploading here
  • All entries are judged individually, not as a group, but think about how the images will look exhibited together. Use the same colour mounts, think about the format of the images – all the comments about good panelling we heard from Chris
  • All of your entries will be considered for the various awards (the cups and trophies) – you cannot enter additional images for consideration in those categories, nor can you specify which category you think any image falls into
  • The exception to that is for images taken within a 10 Mile radius of Chichester’s Cross. Those images must be recognisably of their location and using the location in the title is helpful. Again, this needs to be within the 6-image limit, not in addition to it. (PDIs can also be considered here but see below for more on that)
  • You can use images that have been entered in competitions but you cannot enter again any image that has been in previous exhibitions including last year’s online version. That includes not entering as a PDI an image that was a print, or vice versa
  •  You can also enter up to SIX PDIs – these are different from the digital versions of your prints, so in total you can enter 12 images for the exhibition. Again these need to be uploaded via Photocomp and all the same rules apply

In addition to the usual awards (which are listed in the guidance) there is a new category this year. The Kenneth Richardson Cup has been presented to the Club by Barbara Coombes in memory of Kenneth, her brother, a Club member some years ago who died tragically young. It will be awarded for the best black and white image in the exhibition.

Chichester Camera Club’s Annual Exhibition is one of the foremost across the south and attracts well over 1200 visitors over the week (6th to 13th August) and it depends on the variety and quality of our members’ work to succeed. These have been difficult times and this is a splendid opportunity to celebrate our love for photography so do please enter to once more make it the wonderful event it has always been.