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I am looking to see if there is any interest in producing Photo Books or Audio Visual (AV) presentations. If so I can organise some sessions to get you started.

Photo Books are a great way of presenting your work, either as gifts (including Calendars) or just to record a project have been working on or trip you have made. There is a huge range of options from top quality photo paper with quality binding through to cheaper paperback A4 and A5. Most of the books are published through vendor specific software available on the vendor website.

AV is a highly developed part of photography. Another great way to present your work in a concise and portable form, including publishing to the Internet and YouTube. It is also excellent for story telling and documentary work.

At the most basic level a collection of images together with a suitable soundtrack and a few titles make a great way to present your images as a Photo Harmony AV.

If interested please contact me: Jeff Owen

Vote of Thanks and Christmas Special

Hi all,

This is a request for both the above.

We are short of volunteers to give the vote of thanks to our judges and speakers on the following dates. Dec 6th, Jan 10th & 24th, Feb 7th & 21st, Mar 7th, 21st & 28th, Apr 11th, 18th & 25th, May 9th & 23rd. This is important for the club so please be kind enough to let either Mike Hancock, Mike Harris or  Glyn Edmunds know by email if you are willing to give a VOT. Obviously we need someone for this coming meeting on the 6th. 

Now for the fun and games. On Dec 13th we have our Christmas special, Ho Ho Ho, which is a fun evening where we can enjoy ourselves by dressing in our favourite Christmas attire, enjoy some Christmas fare and drink while competing as teams in a Christmas quiz so I do hope as many of you as possible can attend. We need prizes donated for the raffle which can be brought to our next meeting on the 6th or on the night of the Christmas special on the 13th. For those who plan to attend could you also bring some finger food and drinks on the night for us all to enjoy.

Multimedia Group

MultiMedia Group

The first meeting is this Wednesday,  26th September 2018 at 7:30 Tangmere Centre in the small hall (for more details please check the website: ).

The idea of the group is to encourage members to present their images in many different formats, such as Books, AVs and perhaps AV with video clips.

The common theme is about creating a coherent collection of images and then presenting them. The images may just sit well together or tell a story. Many of our members are interested in documentary photography and Books and AVs are an idea medium to present such work.

When embarking on such a project there are new tools to learn such as Book authoring software, AV production software such as Pictures2Exe or Video editing software for video clips. The group runs tutorial sessions to get you going and provides a meeting place to discuss projects, ideas and tackle any difficulties you may be having.

Time is available at each meeting for members to bring their work and receive constructive criticism.

The group can also provide guidance on constructing a successful Book or AV. With AVs, the use of sound, the timing and the ordering of the slides can all lift the final product. Books benefit from thinking about the layout, the font, the page colours and many other factors.

We hope to have speakers during the year to discuss their work and provide inspiration or education. The first meeting is usually reserved to setting an agenda for the rest of the year, taking into account the wishes of the group members.

The group is open to all, the cost to Chichester Camera club members is £3 and to others £4.

Look forward to seeing you,

Jeff Owen

Multmedia Group Meeting Wednesday 23rd May 7:30pm

The final meeting of the Multimedia Group this year will be looking at Video, meeting in the small hall at Tangmere at 7:30pm on Wednesday 23rd May.

Many of us have the capability to take high quality video on our phones and cameras, but we often do nothing with it. Video is also a great way to enhance AVs with a mixture of clips and stills.

The meeting will introduce some free Video Editing software available for all platforms (Mac, Windows and Linux) and discuss some basic aspects of video shooting and editing.

There will also be a chance to show your work and discuss a project for the summer. All are welcome.

Multimedia Group Meeting April 25th

This month’s meeting will be looking at Sound.

Ken Worrel and Graham Sergeant will do a basic introduction to Sound. Covering aspects such as microphone types and basic recording.

Graham will also start what will hopefully become a regular spot of doing a critique/analysis of one A/V per meeting starting with a short one (of just less than 3 minutes).

Graham says, “It was recently produced by an absolute beginner (with advice and guidance from a couple of experienced A/V-ers who I know. It is an excellent first attempt and I’m sure will help/inspire some of our beginners. As time goes by our own members could bring their work along for some constructive criticism. ”

We also will take time to see members work.

Janey Devine – Multimedia Group – Wednesday March 28th 2018

For this month’s meeting we are pleased to welcome the highly talented Janey Devine FRPS. Janey is well known for her unique artistic style and recently for her documentary work (Janey leads the RPS SE Documentary Group) and as a member of the Focus group ( Focus Group Web Site) and Arena (ArenaWeb Site), her own web site is here.  She uses many types of media to publish her work, including books, films and AVs.

As promised, this meeting will have an Apple Mac bias. In the first half Janey will show how to use Final Cut Pro and then after the interval she will show some examples of her work, each illustrating some of the elements touched on in the first half.

Janey is a prolific generator of books and will bring examples along with her.

Please bring along examples of your work, or work in progress. As time permits we will look at work just before and after the interval.


Multimedia Group

The next meeting of the Multimedia Group is on Wednesday 28th February at 7:30pm in the small hall in Tangmere.

In this meeting we will start off with an overview session on putting a simple photoharmony AV together. This will cover the basics of:

  • transitions
  • title
  • synchronising to music
  • simple animations (Ken Burns effect)

Hopefully people will bring their work (or work in progress) and we shall look at this either side of the interval.

In the second half we will discuss how sound can add to AVs. Graham will show how to do some simple sound recording using a digital sound recorder and microphone. Then we will try to use the recorded sounds to enhance the simple photoharmony AV.

Handouts from AV Group Meeting

Thanks to all that attended, particularly the members from Steyning and other clubs. We concentrated on getting started with Pictures2Exe with Graham focusing on the importance of structuring and composing the AV so it fits well with the music and follows general cinematic guidelines.

Graham has kindly supplied two handouts from his talk at last nights meeting.  An Introduction to AV and Getting Started in AV.

We hope to build on this next meeting with further details on basic hints and tips on the software  such as animation (zoom and pan) and text and titles. We will also continue to show how to improve the composition of AVs.

We ran short of time last night so we didn’t get to review people’s work, but we will make more time for this next meeting, so please bring AVs and books or work in progress.


1st Meeting Multimedia Group 13th December 2017

I am pleased to announce the first meeting of the Multimedia Group will take place in the small hall at Tangmere Centre at 19:30 on Wednesday December 13th 2017.

Following a short introduction and discussion about the aims for the group for the year, the very distinguished Graham  Sergeant FRPS and award winning AV author (see here) will present a gentle introduction to AV.

Following the break, Pete Bamforth ARPS and member of the Focus Group will give a talk about the production of photo books. As many will know, Pete has produced a wide range of photo books with different publishers and he will explain the steps involved and hopefully the pitfalls to avoid.

It promises to be a great evening so do come along. Like all group meetings this is open to members of other clubs.