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Multimedia group Meeting Thursday 1st April 9:30 am

I thought we would slip in a Multimedia Group meeting ahead of Easter as the 1 Minute AVs and PhotoBooks are due in on 11th April. Entries are already arriving but if you have any queries or ideas you would like to share with the group do come along. You can use the group to sound out your ideas and get feedback.

Topic: Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 1, 2021 09:30 London

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Multimedia Group Meeting March 19th 9:30 am

Hopefully everyone is working on their Photobooks and One Minute AVs. Just to remind you the deadline for these is Sunday April 11th, or just before planned easing of lockdown.

This meeting will mainly concentrate on Photobooks, so if you need help or inspiration or have some work you would like to show please join the meeting.

I will also briefly demonstrate how you can adjust the length of music to fit your I Minute AVs using Reaper, which has the ability to change tempo/duration without making the music sound weird.

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Multimedia Group Meeting Friday Feb 19th 2021 9:30am

Our next meeting will focus on Photobooks. If you are planning a book for the Photobook competition then you may want advice or would like to discuss your ideas.

The group will also be producing the Club 2020-21 year book and we need to start considering the content and structure of the book.

Topic: Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting
Time: Feb 19, 2021 09:30 London

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Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting 9:30am FRIDAY 5th Feb 2021

At our next group meeting we will return to the subject of one minute AVs and the one minute AV competition.

We have covered a lot of ways you can create your one minute AV, in this meeting we can discuss peoples ideas and look at examples for inspiration.

We should have time to discuss any issues with PhotoBooks that people may have as well.

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Multimedia Group Meeting 22nd Jan 2021- Photobooks VIDEO

We had a fantastic turnout for this meeting and we were rewarded by a very informative talk from Pete Bamforth, John Bradshaw and Janey Devine.

If you were unable to attend the Zoom meeting you can find a recording on YouTube at this link:

We had some very useful feedback in the chat section at the meeting, I have included the highlights here:

From jean brooks :

From glyn edmunds : as a “beginner”, well moved from Aperture to CEWE, would recommend both. The latter was a 70th Birthday Present … No doubt U guessed, it’s Jean not me …

From Richard Ryder : IF you only want to produce a PDF book then CANVA is very simple to set up.

From Michael Harris : I’ve used CEWE, Printerprix and Photobook and there are differences in print quality. Old scanned photo’s need to be scanned at the highest resolution. Books can be lay flat so overcoming the problem Pete raised about loss of image at bound end.

From Jan Davis : I used Photobox, photo quality very good, and was very good until last year when Flashplayer was discontinued software is now worse and today only good when you don’t add any text as text editing is awful (no formatting etc). Blurb is more complicated and best using Bookwright rather than Lightroom, more expensive.

10:54:59 From Jan Davis : The flexibility of Bookwright is far better than Lightroom

Photobook Workshop 22nd January 9:30am

We have a real treat to help you get started on the Photobook competition, John Bradshaw, Pete Bamforth and Janey Devine will be sharing their knowledge and experience with Photobooks.

Pete will be talking talking about concepts, tools and layouts, John will be using Bookwright and Janey will cover book formats including scrap books. All will be using examples from their own books as examples and will cover many important factors when creating a book including:

  • Concept
  • Presentation
  • Images
  • Text
  • Consistency of Layout
  • Font selection
  • Sequencing of images
  • Creativity/originality

Pete, John and Janey will also be judging the competition and so this talk will give you an insight in what they will be looking for.

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Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting Fri 8th Jan 9:30am

Hi, hope you all had a great Xmas and are looking forward to a New Year.

I thought we would kick off with a closer look at Shotcut you can get this from here ( This works on all platforms W10, Mac and Linux and is a good basic video editor, which can also do slide shows.

I thought I would run over how to do AV/slide shows again using Shotcut and Richard Ryder has agreed to demonstrate some other features of Shotcut.

I have gone for the Friday morning slot, I know that this does not suit everyone, but other times also seem to cause issues to people

Topic: Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting
Time: Jan 8, 2021 09:30 London

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Hope to see you there


Examples of 1 Minute AVs

If you are thinking of entering the One Minute AV competition, then you might seek inspiration in these links provided by Jim Waddington.

Attached are the links to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed images, from a total of 17 sequences,  which were in the East Midlands AV Group (EMAVG) yearly competition:

Below is a link to the RPS AV Group list of one-minute sequences which was a challenge put out during lock-down. There is also a list of sequences longer than one minute.

Multimedia Group Meeting 17th December 2020

This week we discussed creating a calendar using Snapfish and Photobox. Lynne and Jan gave demonstrations. For those unable to attend they are available to view here:

Create calendar with Snapfish – Lynne Owen

Create calendar with Photbox – Jan Davis

Our next meeting will be in the regular club meeting slot of 19:30 17th December 2020, which I hope will be more convenient for many people. We will be looking at aspects of video processing, in particular how to synchronise sound using the camera sound track, how to edit footage with multiple takes and how to combine shots from multiple cameras.

This will be our last meeting this year. In the next year we have a variety of topics lined up:

  • How to Install, Setup and Use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to record presentations/demonstrations for yourself and/or showing at group meetings.
  • Advice on creating a good Photo Book from John Bradshaw and others.
  • Discussion on creating a one-minute AV

The Zoom meeting code this time will be the same as the usual club weekly meeting.

Zoom Meeting details

Time: Dec 17, 2020 19:30 London
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Meeting ID: 892 6050 9359
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1 Minute AV and Book Competitions

We thought a fun way to get people to participate in Audio Visual (AVs) and/or photo books would be to hold a couple of fun competitions. These will be open to all club members and the winners will receive a bottle of wine.

1 Minute AV

The idea of this is to create a one minute AV. This can be one any subject and can use still a mixture of one or more of the following: photos, video, sound and music track.

AVs can be created in many programs these days, including PhotoShop, Lightroom, Pictures2Exe and free software. I have included some links at the bottom of this post.

When judging, we will be looking for visual impact, creativity and artistic skill.


In normal times we would have the books printed but that does not seem sensible at the moment so instead we would like the books to be submitted as PDFs. If you want to have the book printed anyway you might choose to use a commercial book service and most of these have a PDF option. However, you could use Lightroom, MS Word or Open Office to create your book, or anything that can produce a PDF.

Books should have a maximum of 20 pages.

We will be looking for books that are well produced, with images placed sensitively and with impact. Any subject or theme may be chosen and you may include text as appropriate.

Links for Creating AVs

For Photoshop, this video: gives a reasonable explanation and this one: goes into a bit more detail on animation.

I found this video on Lightroom: if you want to try that.