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Multimedia Group Meeting Friday June 4th 9:30am

This is a catch up meeting after our recent AV and Book night. I hope you have all had a chance to look at the book and AV entries, details are here:

I’d like to discuss ideas for the group moving forwards. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this group please email:

Zoom details:

Friday June 4th 9:30am

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Meeting ID: 895 5247 4540
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1 Minute AV Winners and Entries 2020-21

Thanks to our judge Malcom Imhoff. It was very interesting to see AVs judged, something I have never seen before. His comments, advice and observation were very helpful.

The winners were as follows:

1st Place: Love Letters of the Sand – Jeff Owen

2nd Place: Flower – Jim Waddington

3rd Place: Circles – Jim Waddington

We also had:

A Burning Gatt – John Howes

NMA – Jim Waddington

Ride Him Cowboy – Mick Harris

The Bear Pit – Jan Davis

Taking Down Selsey Lifeboat Station – Jeff Owen

All of the entries may be viewed from here

Note that Dropbox does reduce the quality.

Photobook Competition Entries 2020-21

If you would like to view all the book entries then these links will take you to pages that have the books on them.

You need to be logged in to the website to view them. Also, some of the books are quite large so you may hit performance issues on smaller/older laptops.

The page shows each book as a thumbnail with a set of controls around it. You can flip the pages of each book using the angled brackets (< >) to the left and right of the thumbnail, but the best way to view the book is to press the icon shown circled in red:

This will open the book in lay flat mode with 3D animation, full screen. To return back to the page with all the books, press the same icon again

Please note that some of the books are very big (> 200Mb) so it can take a while to load pages, please be patient.

Multimedia group Meeting Thursday 1st April 9:30 am

I thought we would slip in a Multimedia Group meeting ahead of Easter as the 1 Minute AVs and PhotoBooks are due in on 11th April. Entries are already arriving but if you have any queries or ideas you would like to share with the group do come along. You can use the group to sound out your ideas and get feedback.

Topic: Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 1, 2021 09:30 London

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Multimedia Group Meeting March 19th 9:30 am

Hopefully everyone is working on their Photobooks and One Minute AVs. Just to remind you the deadline for these is Sunday April 11th, or just before planned easing of lockdown.

This meeting will mainly concentrate on Photobooks, so if you need help or inspiration or have some work you would like to show please join the meeting.

I will also briefly demonstrate how you can adjust the length of music to fit your I Minute AVs using Reaper, which has the ability to change tempo/duration without making the music sound weird.

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Meeting ID: 878 7636 2865
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Multimedia Group Meeting Friday Feb 19th 2021 9:30am

Our next meeting will focus on Photobooks. If you are planning a book for the Photobook competition then you may want advice or would like to discuss your ideas.

The group will also be producing the Club 2020-21 year book and we need to start considering the content and structure of the book.

Topic: Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting
Time: Feb 19, 2021 09:30 London

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Meeting ID: 816 3193 2863
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Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting 9:30am FRIDAY 5th Feb 2021

At our next group meeting we will return to the subject of one minute AVs and the one minute AV competition.

We have covered a lot of ways you can create your one minute AV, in this meeting we can discuss peoples ideas and look at examples for inspiration.

We should have time to discuss any issues with PhotoBooks that people may have as well.

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Meeting ID: 827 9484 3768
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Multimedia Group Meeting 22nd Jan 2021- Photobooks VIDEO

We had a fantastic turnout for this meeting and we were rewarded by a very informative talk from Pete Bamforth, John Bradshaw and Janey Devine.

If you were unable to attend the Zoom meeting you can find a recording on YouTube at this link:

We had some very useful feedback in the chat section at the meeting, I have included the highlights here:

From jean brooks :

From glyn edmunds : as a “beginner”, well moved from Aperture to CEWE, would recommend both. The latter was a 70th Birthday Present … No doubt U guessed, it’s Jean not me …

From Richard Ryder : IF you only want to produce a PDF book then CANVA is very simple to set up.

From Michael Harris : I’ve used CEWE, Printerprix and Photobook and there are differences in print quality. Old scanned photo’s need to be scanned at the highest resolution. Books can be lay flat so overcoming the problem Pete raised about loss of image at bound end.

From Jan Davis : I used Photobox, photo quality very good, and was very good until last year when Flashplayer was discontinued software is now worse and today only good when you don’t add any text as text editing is awful (no formatting etc). Blurb is more complicated and best using Bookwright rather than Lightroom, more expensive.

10:54:59 From Jan Davis : The flexibility of Bookwright is far better than Lightroom