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Annual Exhibition 2022

The Club’s highly regarded Annual Exhibition returns this August to the Assembly Room in Chichester after our enforced break, running between Saturday 6th and Saturday 13th August. It’s now time to start the planning, but as it’s three years since we held our Annual Exhibition, I’m aware that our newer members will not have taken part or indeed perhaps ever even seen the exhibition.

Because of that, and as it might seem this is very early to begin our planning, I’m starting with some background information and to encourage all Club members to take part in this special opportunity to show your work to a wider audience.

The Exhibition takes place over a week and attracts visitors from far and wide – usually well over 1,000 over the period. It is open to all members in both print and PDI categories, and all members are guaranteed at least one image will be accepted.

Unlike the Spring Exhibition and North Mundham, this exhibition is judged, this year by Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB, on Thursday 9th June, who will select a number of awards and trophies. Along with the trophies won by members during the season (such as the league winners in PDIs and Prints), the awards are made at the Exhibition Preview Evening on Friday 5th August which is open to all members and their family and friends as well as the Club’s invited guests.

As well as the Selection Committee then deciding on the images to be included in the Exhibition, the layout of the display boards has to be arranged and a catalogue for the Exhibition produced and printed – hence what might seem like a long lead in time.

You can enter work that you have shown during the season, or work that is new and there is full guidance on how to submit both Prints and PDIs, available here (guidance for entrants). The upload site and boxes for prints will be open from Thursday 17th March, with a deadline of Thursday 12th May. This year we will also have drop off points for prints, available until the same deadline.

The Exhibition has an excellent reputation, and is also a wonderful social occasion – as you might guess, we need lots of volunteers and help to make the event successful – most importantly of course, a good body of work to exhibit.

Lorna Brown

The featured image shows setting up the exhibition in 2018, by Lorna Brown

PAGB Master of Print

The PAGB are running the master of print again, our members can enter and I am doing it again as a Club entry any member can enter up to 5 prints at £3.00 each A3 size prints only.

Prints may be entered to any combination of Mono, Colour and nature categories.

Any member that wants to enter I need the entries by 30th September together with their forms and money. The full rules are on the PAGB website.

Thank you.

Peter Rocchiccioli

Annual Exhibition – Update

Plans for our virtual Annual Exhibition 2021 are proceeding and Photocomp is now ready for uploading your PDIs.

As a reminder, you can enter up to 6 images, which should be 1920 x 1080 maximum in jpeg and no bigger than 5MB. They can be of any subject and in mono or colour. The deadline for entries is Thursday 28th May.

Please note that you should enter in the class you are in for PDIs – that is, if you are in Advanced for prints and Intermediate for PDIs – you enter in Intermediate. The exhibition will be judged – you can find the list of awards on the previous Annual Exhibition post The special award for photographs taken in a 10 mile radius of the centre of Chichester must be of a recognisable location but otherwise can be of any subject. That is for instance, an image of the Bishop’s Garden can be entered, a single flower in the garden can’t.

Everyone is guaranteed that at least one of their submitted images will be included in the exhibition. While there is no requirement to make your entries into a panel (that is, work out how the images sit best next to each other) and unlike for the print exhibition we cannot accept suggested hanging plans from you this year, it will be very helpful in making the overall exhibition look good if you can think about submitting images that work sympathetically together.

The external judge will be making their decisions during early June, which will be followed by the Selection Committee’s consideration of entries shortly after.

The virtual exhibition will open on Saturday 7th August.

If you require further advice or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Rocchiccioli or Lorna Brown via

The featured image – our patron, the Right Worshipful Mayor of Chichester, turned the camera on us at the Opening Evening of our Annual Exhibition in 2016

Annual Exhibition 2021

The Annual Exhibition 2021 might not look the same this year but it will take place for PDIs only which will be displayed using a virtual gallery, as the Spring Exhibition. We thought it necessary to advise you all of how the system will work and to ensure all members are aware of the requirements.

Each member can enter up to 6 PDIs on any subject size 1920 x1080 jpeg Colour or Mono. Jeff will open the uploading system in the usual way.

Judging of the PDIs. Entries will be divided into 3 Classes, please note that members’ PDI classification will apply, ie if you are Advanced for Prints and Intermediate for PDIs, you should enter Intermediate class:

  • Club
  • Intermediate 
  • Advanced

The list of cups and trophies awarded for PDIs can be found below. If you require further advice or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Rocchiccioli or Lorna Brown via

PDI judging will follow a 2-stage process.

In the first stage of judging, the 3 PDI classes will be judged separately. The judge will select the three class winners (that is for the Sayers Trophy, Birch and Turner Cups) and award Certificates of Merit for up to 10% for each class.

In the second stage of judging, the held back PDIs from all 3 classes will be grouped together and the judge will select an overall winner for the best PDI, plus Certificates of Merit, under each of the following categories and in the following order (the 10 Miles from Chichester award is decided by the Selection Committee):

PDIs     for 2021                            
TitleAwardSelected from
Best Club ClassSayers TrophyClub class only
Best IntermediateBirch CupIntermediate class only
Best AdvancedTurner CupAdvanced class only
Best RecordBevis CupAny class
Best LandscapeChichester Challenge CupAny class
Best PortraitWhitaker TrophyAny class
Best PictorialDarley CupAny class
Best Natural HistoryTester CupAny class
PDI of the YearWaddington CupAny class
Triptych (replaces Print Panel this year)Shubotham CupAny class
10 Miles from the Centre of ChichesterStewart Jones CupAny class

After the judging has taken place the Selection Committee will undertake a selection of the images for installation in the virtual gallery. Everyone is guaranteed at least one image in the exhibition. The final number installed will depend on the total number of images entered in the exhibition and the limits of the virtual gallery.

Lorna Brown & Peter Rocchiccioli

The featured image is of the Annual Exhibition 2018 by Lorna Brown

More Information on SxPF Pandemic Competition

The Sussex Federation this year are having their PDI competition specifically as ‘England during the pandemic.  This information about the competition is for all members thinking of entering.

Note that in addition to your image files we require (see section 9 below) a short description (between 50 and 100 words) that describes the image in relationship to the pandemic. The focus needs to be on the image and your vision of that image in relationship to the pandemic.

It is not possible to upload this text directly using PhotoComp, so please send this to the selection committee separately by email to making sure you refer to the title of each image so we can match up the description to the title .

Also, you need to add the location into your title when uploading the image to PhotoComp, for example: “Queue for the Bank – Chichester Town Centre”.

Here are the rules from the Sussex Fed.

PDI Competition title – England During the Pandemic

1. This is an open competition so all genres will be accepted provided they comply with the Competition Rules.

2. Images must have been taken between January 2020 and up to the uploading date 22nd February 2021.

3. In the title of the file we also need the date the image was taken, and the location.

4. Image dimensions should be 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

5. Images must be in RGB mode, sRGB colour space and saved as high-quality JPEGs.

6. Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet the above Requirements.

7. We hope to produce a printed book from a selection of the images entered. Entering an image gives SxPF the right to publish that image in a catalogue and/or digital presentation, on its website, and for this Competition, a book and/or newsletter in connection with the Championship. In all cases the copyright remains with the photographer and credit will be given.

8. Clubs must enter 12 images from a minimum of 10 photographers. No photographer may have more than two images entered.  We need 2 photographs from each photographer if possible to help us with the selection..

9. If your image/s is selected we will need a short description (between 50 and 100 words) that describes the image in relationship to the pandemic. The focus needs to be on the image and your vision of that image in relationship to the pandemic. This will be required within 48 or sooner from receiving the selection notification.

10. Please note the short description may be given to the judges to assist them with their marking or to caption any images that are published.

Any questions or clarification please contact Peter Rocchiccioli at

Peter Rocchiccioli Chair SC

Sussex Fed Pandemic PDIs Competition

To all Chichester Camera Club members.

We have a special competition that the Club will participate it is :

Sussex Fed Pandemic PDIs

1. This is an open competition so all genres will be accepted provided they comply with the following competition Rules.

2. Images must have been taken between January 2020 and March 2021. The date the image was taken, and the location must be included on the Entry Form.

3. I am looking for 2 entries from each member.

4. Image dimensions be about 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

5. Each image must have giving the author’s name, image title, date taken, location and a short description that describes the image in relationship to the pandemic. The focus needs to be on the image and the author’s vision of that image in relationship to the pandemic.

6. Please note the short description may be given to the judges to assist them with their marking or to caption any images that are published.

7. I must have your entries by Monday 22nd February.

If you require any clarification please contact me or email:

Thank you.

Peter Rocchiccioli Chair Selection Committee

Epsom CC Invitation Challenge

Dear Members,

Hope you have had a good Christmas and I wish you all a great 2021.

We have our first external competition the Epsom CC invitation challenge on 15th February 2021 and the selection committee has to undergo the selection of our images before the end of January.

This year each club will have an entry of 10 projected images. The images will be marked out of 10 and the total of these will determine the winning club.

Clubs are requested not to include work that has been used in a club’s external competition entry at any time, therefore, this is a great opportunity for you to send me up to 3 images for consideration.

Closing date for these images is 9th January (no extension).

Thank you for your support during this very difficult year and let’s keep up the good work in 2021 irrespective of the situation.

Best wishes.


PAGB GB Cup Entries by Club Members

The GB Cup for Nature 2021Nature (Digital)

Entry No.TitleFlagUploadedAuthor
1Aurora over LandmannalaugerYesAnn McDonald
2Crimson WaxcapYesAnn McDonald
3Fly AgaricYesAnn McDonald
4Gannet Feeding ChickYesAnn McDonald
5Blue Tailed DamselflyYesDavid Harris
6Damselfly Mating WheelYesDavid Harris
7Too Close for Comfort Anax ImperatorYesDavid Harris
8Magpie InkcapYesGlyn Edmunds
9Mycena Ascending TreeYesGlyn Edmunds
10Porcelain FungusYesGlyn Edmunds
11Meadow BrownYesGraham Ainge
12The Family HerdYesGraham Ainge
13TurmoilYesJim Munday
14Twisted Iceberg and SonYesLinda Bullimore
15Tettigonia ViridissimaYesPietro Rocchiccioli
16Sehham CommonYesRichard Corkrey
17Stedham CommonYesRichard Corkrey
18Porcelain Fungus in Dappled LightYesSheila Tester
19Family of MycenaYesSheila Tester
20Mycena with Gossamer ThreadYesSheila Tester

The GB Cup 2021Open (Digital)

Entry No.TitleFlagUploadedAuthor
1Alysha NewmanYesAndy Dulson
2Clevedon pierYesAndy Bracey
3Moon DancerYesAnn McDonald
4A Womans WorkYesAnn McDonald
5All Work DoneYesAnn McDonald
6Waiting for a BusYesAnn McDonald
7Catching the LightYesBrian Muir
8Sunrise at VestrathornYesChris Gledhill
9Dawn SunriseYesChristine Woolgar
10Rions 1920s StyleYesGlyn Edmunds
11Brave or FoolishYesJim Munday
12Taking a PoundingYesJim Munday
13Watching the StornYesJim Munday
14The Craftsmans ArtYesLorna Brown
15Sheep at the FeederYesLorna Brown
16The Basket MakerYesMichael Davison
17Fireworks over Portsmouth HarbourYesPaul Adams
18Sleeping BeautyYesPaul Williams
19Come in from the ColdYesPietro Rocchiccioli
20Doves at Salisbury CathedralYesRay Acland
21SteamyYesWendy Chalk

2020 FIAP Monochrome Biennial

Official COMMUNICATION From the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

We are invited as Chichester Camera club members, to submit monochrome images for potential selection for the 2020 FIAP Monochrome Biennial.

This selection competition is open to clubs located in England, Northern Ireland and North Wales Regions.

The online competition entry system opens on the 1st February 2020.

Therefore if you have a mono PDI worth of considering for this representation please forward to me as PDI 1600×1200 Jpeg by 20th Feb for me to enter.

Thank you.