Multimedia Group Meeting 22nd Jan 2021- Photobooks VIDEO

We had a fantastic turnout for this meeting and we were rewarded by a very informative talk from Pete Bamforth, John Bradshaw and Janey Devine.

If you were unable to attend the Zoom meeting you can find a recording on YouTube at this link:

We had some very useful feedback in the chat section at the meeting, I have included the highlights here:

From jean brooks :

From glyn edmunds : as a “beginner”, well moved from Aperture to CEWE, would recommend both. The latter was a 70th Birthday Present … No doubt U guessed, it’s Jean not me …

From Richard Ryder : IF you only want to produce a PDF book then CANVA is very simple to set up.

From Michael Harris : I’ve used CEWE, Printerprix and Photobook and there are differences in print quality. Old scanned photo’s need to be scanned at the highest resolution. Books can be lay flat so overcoming the problem Pete raised about loss of image at bound end.

From Jan Davis : I used Photobox, photo quality very good, and was very good until last year when Flashplayer was discontinued software is now worse and today only good when you don’t add any text as text editing is awful (no formatting etc). Blurb is more complicated and best using Bookwright rather than Lightroom, more expensive.

10:54:59 From Jan Davis : The flexibility of Bookwright is far better than Lightroom

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