Chair update

Hi All,

Congratulations to those awarded 10s in last nights Adv PDI comp. Some great images and well judged by Andrew.

I mentioned last night that I’ve received a brilliant suggestion from one of our members that as we are currently producing a photobook of our Novium exhibition, why don’t we also produce a photobook that details the history of our year of shutdown due to Covid. 
This then begs the question of producing an annual book of each year of the club. It could contain for example, our programme, competition winners and their prints, qualifications earned, salon acceptances etc etc. 

I personally think it is a great idea that should be explored further and the obvious generator of the book in my mind would be the multi media group. I’d be grateful if all members would give some thought to this suggestion and let me know what they would like to see in an annual book of the club.

I also received a mail from a member today asking why print competitions have been removed from the programme. As you are aware we requested responses from members who would be prepared to enter print comps, using the plan highlighted in the newsletter of 30/11/20 The uptake was very low and therefore it was not a viable proposition to continue. I’m uncertain if this cancellation was communicated to members so have added it to this newsletter just in case.

Finally we will be in the company of Rachael Talibart next Thursday with her presentation ‘Oceans and Odysseys’. This has generated a lot of interest and we will have many paying guests with us on the night. Hope to see you for a cracking evening.

Stay safe.


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