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Selection Committee Need your Prints

On Friday 24th we are selecting for 3 competitions and we require some of your prints for consideration.

I have asked for some particular ones but we need some more from all classes.

Please bring 2 or 3 prints that may have scored well or some new ones that you may feel they should score well.

Please support us by bringing your work on Thursday.

Thank you.

Peter Rocchiccioli

Selection Committee Chair

North Mundham PDI Entries

Advanced workers only have until the end of Tuesday 31st to upload their PDI entries.

This year as last, each author’s PDIs will be preceded by a title slide giving the name of the author. If your PDIs are a set then you may wish to add a small amount of text (max 30 words) to describe them. I will add this to the title page. If you want to add text, please email me at: with the text.

Hope you all had a great Xmas and have a wonderful New Year.


Great Northern Festival

The 25th Great Northern Festival (GNF) for Audio Visual sequences took place in Manchester over the weekend of 30th/31st November. Within the Festival there are two competitions, one for the experts and, one that is known as New Horizons.

The main competition is open to all residents of Great Britain, including Northern & Southern Ireland, and overseas residents if they are attending. The New Horizons Competition is a restricted category for those authors who have not previously won awards in a major competition. Authors receive verbal feedback on the day from the Judges and written feedback after the Competition.

Jim Waddington entered the New Horizons competition as he has done in previous years, with his latest sequence ‘My Private Peaceful’. This is a sequence about a soldier in the trenches who goes over the top into enemy lines and gets shot and dies. The story was written by a twelve-year-old girl for a school project and narrated very professionally with great passion.

The surprise came during the prize giving when Jim was awarded ‘highly commended’ and a Great Northern Ribbon for his sequence. He is still on cloud nine.

Reminders, Reminders

The selection committee will be meeting on Friday 20th to select your images for the PAGB Cup, Open and Nature. I have extended the deadline on the upload site to midnight Wednesday 18th, so time to get your favourite entries in, this is open to all club members.

Advanced workers need to upload their PDIs for North Mundham before the 30th of December, also to send their bio’s off to Stephen Marsh ASAP.

Advanced workers also need to be aware that the closing date for the 2nd PDI competition is Thursday January 9th.

Finally, the last RPS Group meeting is on Tuesday 17th in the small hall at 19:30.

Have a great break.


I am looking to see if there is any interest in producing Photo Books or Audio Visual (AV) presentations. If so I can organise some sessions to get you started.

Photo Books are a great way of presenting your work, either as gifts (including Calendars) or just to record a project have been working on or trip you have made. There is a huge range of options from top quality photo paper with quality binding through to cheaper paperback A4 and A5. Most of the books are published through vendor specific software available on the vendor website.

AV is a highly developed part of photography. Another great way to present your work in a concise and portable form, including publishing to the Internet and YouTube. It is also excellent for story telling and documentary work.

At the most basic level a collection of images together with a suitable soundtrack and a few titles make a great way to present your images as a Photo Harmony AV.

If interested please contact me: Jeff Owen

1st Club and Intermediate PDI – Entries Culled

I’m sorry to say that in order to keep the number of entries to a manageable number for the judge I have had to cull the third entry from the Intermediate competition.

We have got close to this situation in the past, basically when the total number of entries gets above 80 it becomes very difficult for the judge to provide good comments and mark accurately.

The cull is done by removing the third entry. This is the third image that you upload to the upload site. It is important to realise that the order of the upload is important. The first image you upload should be what you consider to be your best, the second the next best and the third your weakest.

Images that have not been judged will of course be eligible for future competitions.