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Get Zoom Ready

While we are all locked down the club plans to make best use if its Zoom license to carry out online Club meetings, Groups and other activities.

In order for this to work effectively we need to ensure that all members have access to Zoom and are trained in using it.

Since by its very nature photography requires the use of technology (yes, even film was high tech in its day) and most members already have got to grips with photo editing, uploading and whatever, I’m pretty sure we can get you all up and running with Zoom.

Here is what you need:

PC or laptop (Windows or Mac), with a microphone and (preferably) a camera. Most laptops these days have built in cameras and microphones. If not a cheap webcam will do the job. Have a look at the Zoom documentation here.

Tablet, such as an Android, iPad etc. These invariably have built in cameras and microphones. See here for iOS and here for Android.

Smart Phone, iPhone or Android. The main issue here is the relatively small screen. See here for iOS and here for Android.

You need to install the Zoom software for your device and it makes sense to register with Zoom, which is free.

We plan to contact everyone in the next few days, if you have any issues we can find someone to talk you through the process. So watch out for follow up emails and possibly phone calls.

PAGB Group Monday 6th April 2020

The next PAGB group meeting will be an online meeting using the club’s Zoom account. The meeting will start at 7pm, if you have not used Zoom yet, please allow time to set things up. You can join using a PC, laptop or tablet (even a smart phone).

Ann will be looking at images that have been sent to her via the Dropbox folder she has set up. Please contact her for more details. She will be sharing her screen so we can all see the images and Ann and the usual people will be making comments.

Details of the meeting are here:

Chichester Cameraclub is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

April 6th 2020, 7pm.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 873 384 8503

One tap mobile
+443300885830,,8733848503# United Kingdom
+441314601196,,8733848503# United Kingdom

Dial by your location
        +44 330 088 5830 United Kingdom
        +44 131 460 1196 United Kingdom
        +44 203 481 5237 United Kingdom
        +44 203 481 5240 United Kingdom
        +44 208 080 6591 United Kingdom
        +44 208 080 6592 United Kingdom
Meeting ID: 873 384 8503
Find your local number:

3rd Club/Intermediate PDI Competition Update

We are looking at ways to complete these competitions and get them judged. Some clubs are using Zoom (or similar) to run an online competition meeting so that everyone can see the images and the judge is able to make comments and mark each image in a way that is similar to a normal competition night.

To give us time to sort this out and to allow us to discuss methods acceptable to the judge we will extend the deadline till the end of April. This will also give you more time to get entries together.

I will issue further updates as I have more things resolved.

View 3rd Advanced PDI Competition

I’m pleased to say that with the kind assistance of Rob de Ruiter we have managed to get the 3rd Advanced PDI competition judged.

Rob worked from home and typed in his comments and marks for all the entries. This was a considerable undertaking and I’d like to thank Rob very much for helping us in this way.

I have posted the scores and results through the normal channels and put together an AV with Rob’s comments and scores for each image. I hope you find this useful.

You can see all the entries and comments here.

Our Flickr Group

Did you know we have our own Flickr  Group?

We have had it since way back, but it is probably one of the most under utilised things we have. Personally, I never got on with Flickr once it got taken over by Yahoo, but now you don’t need a Yahoo account to join any more, so it is time to see if we can breath some life back into it.

It has been suggested that we should be doing as much as we can to keep people active with the club while we are all isolating, well we can follow the lead of our neighboring Bognor CC who have a thriving Flickr group.

The idea will be to set up regular mini competitions. A set subject will be selected and a time period given to upload images. At the end of the period some learned members will select the best image(s). This is just for fun and open to all classes.

If you want to take part then I suggest you join Flickr and apply to join the group, which can be found here:

Flickr Group

Get posting!


Our Facebook Page

You may not have heard that the club has a Facebook page, which is a closed public group on Facebook. We try to keep this group only for Chichester Camera Club members.

The group is here:

The Facebook page is great way for members to communicate with other members and also the club itself. Once you have joined you can follow what is going on and make your own posts or respond to the posts of others. While we are all locked up at home this is a great way to share your photos, ask for comments on images and generally have a bit of fun.

If you have important news, then we will monitor the group and be able to re-post via the usual Newsletter system.

To get this group moving I’m going to start a Photo Domino round. The rules are very simple I will post the first image. If you have an image that matches the image in some way then you can post another. In this way the chain of dominoes increases.

You have to say why you think that you photo matches and people should comment to say whether they think it is a good match or a poor match.

Try to be creative, don’t just post a similar image. Like real dominoes you only have to match one aspect of the image. The clever the match the better.

PDI Competition NEWS

Hoping this finds you all well.

We have contacted the judges for the 3rd Advanced PDI and 3rd Club Intermediate PDI competitions and I am happy to say that they have agreed to mark the competitions from home.

This will start with the 3rd Advanced PDI, which had been closed for a while anyway. I will anonymise the entries and provide a scoresheet to the judge so he can score and record brief comments on each entry. I will publish the results along with the comments when this has been completed.

Since there is no rush, I will extend the deadline for the 3rd Club and Int PDI competitions to give people plenty of time to get entries together and then we will apply the same process.

I hope you will join me in thanking Rob de Ruiter and Daan Oliver for making the time to do this.

We are still looking at ways that we might complete the Club and Int Print competitions. It is unlikely that we can use actual prints due to the problems in handling them, but we are actively looking for solutions. Watch this space.

Many other proposals are being discussed so more updates should be expected.

Keep Well

2020 FIAP Monochrome Biennial

Official COMMUNICATION From the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

We are invited as Chichester Camera club members, to submit monochrome images for potential selection for the 2020 FIAP Monochrome Biennial.

This selection competition is open to clubs located in England, Northern Ireland and North Wales Regions.

The online competition entry system opens on the 1st February 2020.

Therefore if you have a mono PDI worth of considering for this representation please forward to me as PDI 1600×1200 Jpeg by 20th Feb for me to enter.

Thank you.



Scores 2nd Intermediate PDI Competition 2019-20

Here are the scores for the 2nd Intermediate PDI Competition 2019-20.

First Name Last Name Title Score
Graham Ainge The Prehistoric Duck 9
Graham Ainge SGWD Yr Eira Falls 9
Graham Ainge Look Out! Make Room for Me 9
Andy Bracey Expressionist Swan 8.5
Andy Bracey Lanzagrote Lizard 8
Andy Bracey Honeysuckler 8
Linda Bullimore Dawn Light 8.5
Linda Bullimore Blessing the Animals 8
Linda Bullimore Chihuly Tangle 8.5
Rob Campling Relax, Life is Fun 9
Rob Campling A Financial Abstract 8.5
Rob Campling Westminster’s Gothic Fantasy 8
Wendy Chalk Soho Night 8.5
Wendy Chalk Winter Daybreak 7.5
Wendy Chalk Boxing Day Swim, St. Ives 10
David Donati London Pride (2) 8
David Donati Orange Tip on Poppy (1) 7.5
David Donati Dream of Spring (3) 7
Elke Epp Heyshott Morning 8.5
Elke Epp Shades of Three 8
Elke Epp Broadmeed Blooms 7.5
Jonathan Fiske Satnav’s Final Wrong Turn 7.5
Jonathan Fiske Midlife Crisis – Monday 8
Jonathan Fiske Lovebox 7.5
Michael Harris Toward Point Lighthouse 8
Michael Harris Fag Break 9.5
Michael Harris Tram 114 8
Gary Howes Heron Portrait 8.5
Gary Howes Dragonfly in Flight 9.5
Gary Howes Wheel to Wheel Racing 10
Mike Hughes Watermill at Dusk 7.5
Mike Hughes Autumn Glade 8.5
Mike Hughes Breakfast for One 9
John Marsh A Truck Load of Trouble 7.5
John Marsh Pond Dip 8
John Marsh I Already Have 7
Cheryl Marshall Nightfall in Utah 8
Cheryl Marshall Santa Monica Silhouette 8
Cheryl Marshall January Sunrise 8
Brian Muir Stepping Out 8.5
Brian Muir Curlers 10
Brian Muir Coffee Break 9
Sarah Nichol Fountains Abbey 10
Sarah Nichol Greats Tits 8
Sarah Nichol Waiting in Doorways 8
Brian Southward Life’s a Beach 8
Brian Southward After Magritte 8
Brian Southward Going Off at a Tangent 8
Mark Stevens Vintage Mini 8
Mark Stevens Aficionado 8
Mark Stevens Waiting for the Tide 8.5
Ray Thurgood The Artist (Panedas, Catalonia) 6.5
Ray Thurgood Basket Weaver (Vietnam) 9.5
Ray Thurgood Locked Out (Italy) 8.5
Richard Webb Time 10
Richard Webb The Old Boat 9.5
Richard Webb The Dales 9.5

Scores 2nd Club PDI Competition 2019-20

Here are the scores for the 2nd Club PDI Competition 2019-20.

First Name Last Name Title Score
Martin Lloyd Seen Better Days 7.5
Martin Lloyd Working the Solent 8.5
Martin Lloyd Reflecting St. Paul’s 8
Kevin Macknay A Place to Remember 9
Kevin Macknay Back Stage 10
Kevin Macknay My Own Little Mountain 9.5
David Pritchard Long Shadows 9
David Pritchard Moonlight Mooring 8
David Pritchard Tunnel Vision 8
John Wadd Club Print Peppers to Grind 7.5
John Wadd Club Print Sunset over Chichester Harbour 8.5
John Wadd Club Print Peacock Butterfly 7
Martin Willard Prow’d 8.5
Martin Willard Roofscape 8.5
Martin Willard From Shore to Sky 8.5