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Last night we saw some excellent images at the 2nd Club and Intermediate print competition, which was ably judged by Glyn Paton.

Congratulations to Madeleine Craggs, Ray Thurgood and Richard Webb on their top scores. Entries from Carlien Murray and Gary Howes were also highly commended.

The 3rd Club/Intermediate print competition will be held at Tangmere on 19th May. This is the final version of the event this year, so please be sure to send your entries. The closing date for submissions is 5th May.

As a reminder, there is no meeting on the 5th, so prints will need to be delivered to one of the usual collection points. Please email if you need details of your nearest point.

Other reminders of upcoming meetings are:

Photowalk with Andy Bracey at the Hawk Conservancy on Sunday May 8

PAGB Group at Tangmere on May 9 Print Group at Tangmere on May 10

The AGM will be held by Zoom on May 12. As you will remember from prior years, it is important that we have a full attendance, to ensure that the meeting is quorate, so please make a special effort to join the meeting.

As always, further details of the meetings are on the website.

Another reminder that the closing date for entries into our annual exhibition is the 12th May so please make sure you have entered. Full entry details are on our website.

David Abbott also requires all cups be returned for engraving and votes are needed for the Coath and Edmunds Cups.


Vice Chair


It may seem you have only had the trophy you won last year or even, perhaps, the year before, for a few weeks but we now need them back, in preparation for the 2021/22 awards.

Unfortunately, there are only two more Thursday evening meetings at Tangmere before we break for the summer. These are the 19th and the 26th of May. If you are in possession of a club trophy, please be sure to return it to me on one of those evenings.

By the end of May, the entries for the 2022 Annual Exhibition will have been judged and the process of getting the cups engraved with the names of the new winners needs to be started in early June.

So, trophies back to me please on the 19th May. This will give one week to round-up the remainder.

David Abbott

MM Group Meeting 25th May 7:30pm Small Hall

The final Multimedia Group meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th May 2022 in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre.

The evening will be an opportunity for people to show any AVs they have been working on to the group and get feedback.

We will also discuss the book competition. If you are working on a book, or are in need of feedback, ideas and advice please come along.

Image is by Sarah Nichol

Print Panel Competition April 7th

The Print Panel competition is fast approaching. This is an exciting opportunity to enter a panel of prints and express your creativity. It is open to members of all levels. You need a set of prints, a hanging plan and a plastic bag to put them in.

Here are the rules for the Print Panel competition (taken from the Competition rules here):

Print Panel Competition

1) A panel will consist of between three and six prints. Each print must be individually mounted. Composite images – that is those made up of different elements combined to create a single image – are acceptable, but multiple images on one mount, however arranged, will not be accepted. For instance, triptychs, any image composed of smaller images in a ‘patchwork’, whether there is space between the component parts or not, will not be accepted in this competition. As a rule of thumb, if the joins show, the resulting image cannot be entered in this competition.

2) Prints may be displayed in 1, 2 or 3 rows in any combination. They should be numbered from left to right, top to bottom (facing stage) and be accompanied by two copies of the hanging plan on separate sheets of paper.

3) The panel should have a ‘theme’ connecting the prints and this theme must be explained in the title. e.g. ‘Images of Chichester’. This “theme statement” should be included with your name on the back of the hanging plan.

4) The size of the mount is as for Club Print Competitions and must be 50cm x 40cm.

5) Each member may submit only one panel.

6) Prints that have already been used in Club Competitions may also be submitted as part of the panel.

7) The panels are to be submitted on the night of the Competition. Each panel must be submitted in a plastic bag together with one copy of the hanging plan. The second hanging plan will be submitted separately and used by the judge for previewing. Panels will be displayed in a random order by selecting a bag and putting the contents on the display stand as guided by the hanging plan.

8) Individual panels will not be given marks, but the Judge will comment on the merits of the panels and will select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

9) The Shubotham Cup will be awarded to the entrant judged to be in 1st place.

Featured Panel Image is Lockdown Beauties – Blue-Tailed Damselflies in May by David Harris

John Bradshaw AVs Highgate and Fragments of a Land

John Bradshaw has allowed me to share the two AVs he produced and showed today at the MM Group Zoom meeting


This AV shows what can be achieved with a set of related images.

Fragments of A Land

This sophisticated AV allows John to demonstrate many aspects of AV craft such as soundtrack, visuals, transitions and storytelling. Inspired by a book, the AV provides audio visual fragments representing passsages from the book.

You can find the videos here.

Multimedia Group Meeting Thursday 24th March 9:30am

The focus on this Zoom meeting will be AV and John Bradshaw will be presenting two of his recent projects:

Fragments of A Land


In these AVs John demonstrates many aspects of AV craft such as soundtrack, visuals, transitions and storytelling. If you are considering doing AV work then this will be a must to see.

We also need to get an idea of how many people will be producing books and AV for our competition and club evening. Please email me if you intend to take part

Chichester Camera Club is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Multimedia Group Zoom Meeting Thursday 24th March 9:30am
Time: Mar 24, 2022 09:30 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 860 5625 0248
Passcode: letmein

2022 Spring Exhibition 9th-10th April

Visit Chichester Camera Club’s 2022 Spring Exhibition of work by New and Aspiring photographers. Enjoy the creativity of image and presentation. Round off your visit with delicious home baked cakes and coffee or tea!

Saturday 9th April 10am to 5pm

Sunday 10th April 10am to 4pm

Easy access and ample free parking

Free entry

Tangmere Village Centre, Malcolm Road, Tangmere, West Sussex PO20 2HS

RPS Doc Group SE Photowalk Brighton Sunday 20th March 2pm

The RPS Doc Group SE is well attended and run by Chichester Camera Club members.

There will be an informal meet up and photowalk at Brighton on Sunday 20th March at 2pm and this is also open to all members of Chichester Camera Club that wish to attend.

There is plenty to see, do and photograph in Brighton, the sea front, pier, laines, shops, markets and pavilion.

We will meet up in front on the Brighton i360 on sea front for a brief chat and introductions. It is not practical to move around as a large group, so we will split up into small groups and head off separately.

Please email me at if you plan to attend.

Details can be found here.

Over the Rainbow Priory Park 30 Sept 21 Film

Hi, Here’s a link to the film Over the Rainbow event held last year in Priory Park.  If you look at the footage you can see some camera club members in action as there was a portrait group meet at the venue. (I’m also in a couple of the shots, but had my film hat on that day).

It had its world premiere in Chichester’s New Park Cinema on the 19th Feb for those that were involved, which was nice to see.  It’s also being added to the Chichester archives. The weather was rubbish so we had to compromise on some of the shots we originally wanted from the pre-production planning as the programme changed.  As the weather came in I had to run out of cover, film, run back in and wipe the rain off the camera and repeat, so certainly a day for thinking on your feet!  They used quite a bit of my footage, e.g. the parades and some of the low light stuff, which was nice.

Please pass the link on if any one is interested as I don’t have everyone’s email address.
Charlie Allison

Charlie Roe

It is with great sadness I learnt that Charlie Roe died earlier today, Sunday, at around 9 am. He had deteriorated quickly in these last weeks and one can only accept it was for the best.

He was an excellent photographer in his time and his memory will live on in the archive we have created for him, together with those for Charlie Sayers and Charlie Simcox. In addition to the catalogued images, which we hope will be in The West Sussex Record Office any day now, there will be a photograph and a short biography.

Above all, he was a lovely man who would do anything for anybody and was a stalwart of the Chichester Camera Club. He will be sadly missed.

Details of the arrangements will be published as soon as we know them.

David Abbott