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SCPF – Notice from Horndean – PLEASE BE AWARE

From: Sue Teagle
Date: 20 October 2018 at 12:44:54 BST” <>
Subject: Attempted Fraud

Hi folks,
Please see the message from Paul Stone, Horndean Camera Club, below.
Sue Teagle
Secretary, SCPF

Hello Sue,
Could you please circulate this email to all camera clubs in the SCPF area.
A fraudster has obtained names & email addresses of our club chairman & club secretary & has sent an email in the name of the chairman using a slightly altered club chairman email address to the club secretary email  address using both of our names as stated on the club website. 
The email from the chairman is asking me, the secretary, to pay an outstanding invoice for unspecified goods. I am 99% sure that the fraudster has got the details of myself & the chairman from our website as they are the only contact details stated on our website. 
Should any other club have a similiar attempt made to demand that an invoice be paid by your club for unspecified goods, please notify me at & I will co-ordinate the details to be past on to the police fraud section. 
Thank you.  

Paul Stone
Horndean Camera Club


Scores 1st Advanced PDI Competition 2018-19

First Name Last Name Title Score
Tony Baverstock Safari Sunset 8
Tony Baverstock Surfer and Friend 8.5
Tony Baverstock River Lot Near Penne D’Agenais 7
Jean Brooks Ladies on Display 8.5
Jean Brooks Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk 7
Jean Brooks Birling Gap 7
Lorna Brown Finishing Touch 7.5
Lorna Brown Craftsman’s Art 10
Lorna Brown A Family Business 8.5
Richard Corkrey Coed-Y-Brenin 7.5
Richard Corkrey Millenium Walk, Nymans 7
Richard Corkrey In the Spotlight 7
Jan Davis Andra 7.5
Jan Davis Le Midi France 8.5
Jan Davis The Butler 7
Michael Davison Tidal Surge 7.5
Michael Davison Window Display 8
Michael Davison Provencalpoppies 10
Andy Dulson Marija Vukovic – Montenegro 8.5
Andy Dulson Yasmani Copello 400M Hurdles 9.5
Andy Dulson Celliphine Chepteek Chespol 10
Hilary Featherstone Kink in the Road 8
Hilary Featherstone Studying the Jokes 8
Hilary Featherstone Wet and Windy 7.5
David Harris Gerbera Seeds 8.5
David Harris Morning School Run, Bruges 8
David Harris Hebridean Dusk 9
Nigel Hayes Bridge over the Avon 7
Nigel Hayes Beach Reflections, Bognor 7
Nigel Hayes Red Shadow 7.5
Jean Henwood Blue Snow 7.5
Jean Henwood Canadian Railroad 8
Jean Henwood Bosham Sunset 7.5
John Howes Punya in Pushkar 8.5
John Howes A Shepherd of Men 9.5
John Howes Beautiful Plumage 10
John Larry In a World of Her Own 7
John Larry Cats Eyes Pattern 8
John Larry Wolf 8
Stephen Marsh Westminster Underground Station 10
Stephen Marsh He’s a Very Naughty Boy 8
Stephen Marsh R.a Summer Exhibition 2018 7.5
Jim Munday Male Migrant Hawker at Rest 10
Jim Munday Incoming 9.5
Jim Munday Cornering Hard at Thruxton 8.5
Jeff Owen Feeling the Heat 9
Jeff Owen Free Hugs 7.5
Jeff Owen Out in the Bay 8
Lynne Owen The Stranger 8.5
Lynne Owen Flight 8
Lynne Owen Regret 8.5
Michael Palmer Red Legs 8
Michael Palmer Rubber-Necking 8.5
Michael Palmer London Infinity 9
Peter Rocchiccioli The-Cuban-Singer 8
Peter Rocchiccioli Night-Time 9
Peter Rocchiccioli Exposed 8.5
Frank Sandbach Gull Attack 2 8
Frank Sandbach Gull Attack 1 8.5
Frank Sandbach Mating Frogs 7
Stephen Saunders Light at the End of the Tunnel 8.5
Stephen Saunders Emerging from the Depths 8
Stephen Saunders Liquid Gold 7
Keith Sawyer Midnight 9
Keith Sawyer Identity 2 8.5
Keith Sawyer Ha! Ho! 8
Phil Shaw Cheetah Portrait in Evening Light No. 2 9.5
Phil Shaw Tiger – Action Portrait 9
Phil Shaw Red-Crowned Cranes Courtship Dance 10
Jim Waddington Pulsatilla Seed Heads 9
Jim Waddington War Time Nurse 8
Jim Waddington One Missing 7
Paul Williams Kestrel 10
Paul Williams Dinner 8.5
Paul Williams Megan 7.5

Multimedia Group

MultiMedia Group

The first meeting is this Wednesday,  26th September 2018 at 7:30 Tangmere Centre in the small hall (for more details please check the website: ).

The idea of the group is to encourage members to present their images in many different formats, such as Books, AVs and perhaps AV with video clips.

The common theme is about creating a coherent collection of images and then presenting them. The images may just sit well together or tell a story. Many of our members are interested in documentary photography and Books and AVs are an idea medium to present such work.

When embarking on such a project there are new tools to learn such as Book authoring software, AV production software such as Pictures2Exe or Video editing software for video clips. The group runs tutorial sessions to get you going and provides a meeting place to discuss projects, ideas and tackle any difficulties you may be having.

Time is available at each meeting for members to bring their work and receive constructive criticism.

The group can also provide guidance on constructing a successful Book or AV. With AVs, the use of sound, the timing and the ordering of the slides can all lift the final product. Books benefit from thinking about the layout, the font, the page colours and many other factors.

We hope to have speakers during the year to discuss their work and provide inspiration or education. The first meeting is usually reserved to setting an agenda for the rest of the year, taking into account the wishes of the group members.

The group is open to all, the cost to Chichester Camera club members is £3 and to others £4.

Look forward to seeing you,

Jeff Owen

Calling all Club class members

The deadline for the first Small Print Competition is next Thursday 27 September and it would be lovely if you could let Cheryl Marshall, or Guy Partington, have your entries next week please.

You can enter up to 3 images (maximum 7”x5”) and remember to put your name and the image title on a sticker on the back please. I look forward to being inundated with images!’

Competition Upload Deadlines

Some gentle reminders:

Entries for the 1st Advanced PDI Competition need to be uploaded by the closing date of 27th September 2018.

Entries for the 1st Club and Intermediate PDI Competitions need to be uploaded by the closing date of 11th October 2018.

If you can’t remember what to do or are new it to it all then the Upload site can always be found here.

Instructions can be found here.


Developers Group Meeting 17th September


The Developers group is provided exclusively for Club class members and provides an opportunity for inexperienced photographers to get to grips with the basics of photography. This is the first meeting of the new season at which we will cover how to take control of your camera through the understanding of shutter speed, aperture and ISO and the inter-relationship between them.    

In the second half of the evening there will be tips on taking pictures of landscapes and wildlife with complementary practical exercises to aid learning.


Hello to all the new Club members. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there on 30 Aug to meet you all. The first round of the SMALL PRINT Competition will be on 4th October. This competition requires no uploading of images, just printing. It is open to all Club Class members and is really easy to enter. All you have to do is to let me, or my partner in crime, Guy Partington, have a maximum of three 7”x 5” (or smaller) unmounted prints by the start of the meeting on 27 September so that they be displayed on a board (anonymously).

The rules are simple:

No set theme;
Prints can be straight from the camera – you can print your own or have them done commercially;
A small amount of digital manipulation is allowed but only minimal cropping and the use of tools such as colour correction and exposure compensation (it didn’t mean anything to me when I first started either!);
You need to put your name and a title for the image on the reverse, but be careful as some pens can transfer ink to other prints so best to stick a small label on the back;

Three winners will be chosen and a brief written feedback from the judges will be given. These images will be held back for the final competition in March when the final three winners will be chosen. Those three prints will be eligible for automatic entry into the Annual Exhibition in August and there is a small cup for the winner.

One word of warning, if you have a wonderful print that you think you would like to enter into the main club competition then do not enter it into the Small Print competition as an image can only be used once in any competition in the season.

This competition (which is not open to previous winners, Intermediate or Advanced members) gives you a chance to measure your work against others in an anonymous setting, without marks or comments. However, if you’d like feedback or advice there are plenty of experts in the club who will be willing, on the day, to have a chat. (We’re all very happy to talk about photography). Just ask me or Guy and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Looking forward to seeing all your images soon.

Cheryl Marshall