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I am looking to see if there is any interest in producing Photo Books or Audio Visual (AV) presentations. If so I can organise some sessions to get you started.

Photo Books are a great way of presenting your work, either as gifts (including Calendars) or just to record a project have been working on or trip you have made. There is a huge range of options from top quality photo paper with quality binding through to cheaper paperback A4 and A5. Most of the books are published through vendor specific software available on the vendor website.

AV is a highly developed part of photography. Another great way to present your work in a concise and portable form, including publishing to the Internet and YouTube. It is also excellent for story telling and documentary work.

At the most basic level a collection of images together with a suitable soundtrack and a few titles make a great way to present your images as a Photo Harmony AV.

If interested please contact me: Jeff Owen

1st Club and Intermediate PDI – Entries Culled

I’m sorry to say that in order to keep the number of entries to a manageable number for the judge I have had to cull the third entry from the Intermediate competition.

We have got close to this situation in the past, basically when the total number of entries gets above 80 it becomes very difficult for the judge to provide good comments and mark accurately.

The cull is done by removing the third entry. This is the third image that you upload to the upload site. It is important to realise that the order of the upload is important. The first image you upload should be what you consider to be your best, the second the next best and the third your weakest.

Images that have not been judged will of course be eligible for future competitions.

PDI of the Year

Just a reminder to get your entries in for the PDI of the Year. This year this competition will be judged by the same judge that will be assessing the Annual Exhibition entries.

The rules are fairly simple, just pick two PDI images and upload them. The competition is open to all levels and entries must have been submitted into previous PDI competitions this year (2018-19). Last year’s winner was from Club class, so don’t think this is just for Advanced workers.

Most people will probably choose two entries that scored the highest, but you may choose from any of the (up to) 9 entries you have submitted this year.

The upload site is in the usual place, get uploading!

Competition rules can always be found here.


Upcoming Competitions

If you look at the programme, or competition key dates, you will see that we have several competitions coming up which are separated by only one week.

In particular, the Advanced Print on 21st March is closely followed by the Advanced PDI on the 28th of March. Then the Club and Intermediate have their 3rd Print on 18th April, closely followed by the Club and Intermediate PDI on the 25th of April.

To save confusion, we don’t normally put upload sites up to collect PDIs for the same class at the same time. At the moment sites are open for the 3rd Advanced Print and 3rd Club and Intermediate Print competitions.

There is only one week between the closing date of the 3rd Advanced Print and the 3rd Advanced PDI, so the upload site for PDIs will only be available for one week, from 8th to 13th of March.

Similarly, the Club and Intermediate PDI upload site will only be open for a week between 5th of April and 11th of April.

Please take extra care to ensure you upload your entries to the correct site, hold onto your PDI entries and upload them promptly and it will be a great help.


The RPS subgroup will be meeting next Tuesday, 19th February, at 7.30 pm in the Small Hall.

Apart from our usual discussion of members ‘Work in progress’ we will also have a presentation of a recent successful Fellowship Panel from Daan Olivier FRPS who will tell us how he approached his Fellowship Project and what was involved. 

Visit his website:

Daan Oilivier

The evening is open to all Club members and we look forward to welcoming everyone.