Mount Boards – Free to good homes

There is precious little going on in the way of mounting prints jst now, but with a little forward thinking, this might be a good offer, especially for newer members who are yet to embark down the mounted print route. It’s always useful to see images mounted to see how they really look and having some on hand a real benefit.

Janey Devine has a number of good condition mount boards that are now surplus to her requirements. they are all 40 x 50 cms, single mounts in Britannia card, off-white. The professionally cut aperture sizes are as follows: –
2:3  ratio – 31.6  by  21.7,   29.6  by  19.7, 21.5  by  14.2, 19.2  by  12.8
1:3 ratio – 42.2 by 14.2
1:4 ratio – 40.2 by 10.2, 30 by 7.5
1:2 ratio – 28.4 by 14.2
1:1 ratio – 1 9 by 19, 14.2 by 14.2

If anyone would like any of these mounts, please contact me via the mail and I will pass your message on to Janey. janey will hold on to the mounts until we can again meet, otherwise they will be going to the tip.

The featured image by Andy Dulson shows a range of mounted images at the Club’s exhibition at the Novium Museum in 2018

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