Thursday 25th November

John Bradshaw and Glyn Edmunds ran a thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening for us last night with a print critique, ably assisted by Margret Preece. There was lots to learn from their astute analysis of submitted images, with useful ideas about getting more out of our photographs.  Without the formality of competition judging (and no final score) there were instances when the audience gave as good as they got – although as John said, sometimes it sounded more like an excuse than an explanation!  Credit to Mike Harris who in his vote of thanks  told us he is a  BSc – a Beginner with Serious Camera – and how much he had appreciated John and Glyn’s comments and how much he had learnt. 

I’ve had a number of messages this morning about Black Friday deals  members would like to share and my inbox is overflowing with them from many suppliers.  It might be worth checking these out.  Wex Photographic, London Camera Exchange and Calumet Photographic are just three for starters.  With Cyber Monday as well, this weekend could be a good time to grab a deal for the careful shopper!

lady-chapel-wells-cathedral Lorna Brown

Lorna Brown’s Lady Chapel, Wells Cathedral was among images submitted for the Critique Evening