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SUCCESS at the Smethwick international Exhibition of Photography FOR PAGB GROUP. TWO GOLD MEDALS AND a PSA RIBBON awarded to GROUP MEMBERS


Sheila Tester’s Print ‘Mycena Nargan‘ which won a Gold Medal


Ann McDonald’s Print ‘Catch Anything?‘ which won a Gold Medal

evacuees John Howes

John Howes’ Print ‘Evacuees‘ which won a PSA Ribbon

PAGB Group members have had another great result at The Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography. Sheila Tester won a Gold Medal for her Nature print ‘Mycena Nargan. Ann McDonald won a Gold Medal for her Monochrome print ‘Catch Anything?’ and John Howes won a PSA Ribbon for his Colour print ‘Evacuees’.

In addition group members had a total of 29 acceptances between them. The following members had images accepted at the exhibition.

Lorna Brown (2)

Mike Davison (4)

Frank Adams (3)

John Howes (5)

Peter Rocchiccioli (3)

Sheila Tester (4)

Sue Nash (1)

Ann McDonald (7)

Congratulations to everyone!

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