Spring Exhibition Weekend

Timetable for the weekend

Saturday –   7.00am        Mike Harris / Brian Muir collect posts and stands  from Anne

                     7.30am        Mike Harris and team set up boards in Hall 

                  8.00 – 9.30   Exhibitors put up their images. Please ensure that you are finished by 9.30.

The Club will provide the Velcro fixings to attach your images to the boards. It is useful to bring a tape measure with you and even a spirit level! The information as to which board has been allocated to you as well as your statements will be on the board by the door to the Small Hall.

For newcomers I’m sure there will be plenty of members around to help you putting up your images if needed.  Just ask!

                  10.00am      Exhibition opens

                  4.30pm       Raffle Draw

5 p.m Exhibition closes

Sunday – 10am          Exhibition opens

                  3.30pm       Raffle Draw

                  4.00pm       Exhibition closes. Please do not remove any images before.

Exhibitors clear up! Helpers needed! 

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