Programme update

Hi All,

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed the talk last night by Thomas Peck. I know I did and I have mailed Thomas and thanked him on our behalf and received this reply.

Hi Mike

I’m glad that the presentation went down well, I really appreciate the feedback. I mentioned that I’ve done a recording of the talk. Here’s the link to the video: Please pass it on to your members – if they wish to follow up on any of the photographers then they will be able to remind themselves via the video. Would you mind keeping the distribution list to club members only, thanks. On a different tack, I’ve literally just published the website for 2021 workshops with Quest Photography. I wonder if anyone might be interested from Chichester? Here’s the link to the website for that. Please pass that on too:

All the best and let me know if you need any other presentations. 
I’d also like to remind you all to keep an eye on our programme as we have managed to secure further speakers for our Thursday night Zoom meetings currently taking us up to 30th July. 
I look forward to seeing you all next week for our PDI of the year competition.
Stay safe
Mike H (Harris that is not Hancock)

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