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Camera Clubs and Societies 2020 BalloT

As I mentioned at last nights meeting, we have the opportunity of entering a national ballot that if successful would allow three of our members to attend a workshop in Scotland. We must have three interested members to enter and the cost would be £740 per member. The workshops are as follows, ‘Badgers in Bluebells’ (20 – 24 May) and ‘Autumnal Images’ (21 – 25 October). These workshops will be hosted by the Natural History photographer Laurie Campbell. Entry must be by March 5th.

Should any member be interested please let me know asap for further details.

Mike Harris Vice Chair

Gas Engine House Photo-shoots

Dear all,
Please see the mail received from John Watkins below which I think may be of interest to some of our members.
My name is John Watkins, as well as being a member of the Hayling Island Camera Club, I have also been a volunteer at the Eastney Gas Engine House for the last 10 years. During this period the volunteers have cleaned painted and maintained these, 115 year old magnificent and rare Crossley Y2  Gas engines, whilst also installing auxiliary electric motors so that they can be seen turning at a reduced speed.Currently we are open to the Public on the last Sunday of the month from 11 am to 5 pm.
As a volunteer I have negotiated with Portsmouth City Council to allow Photo Shoots in the Gas engine House on non-open pubic days and must follow the Photographic Session Rules [as per the attachment ]. These must be filled in and handed to a volunteer  before the session commences. Models are permitted,and should be sourced by yourselves… I spoke to the chairman of the Gosport Steampunk Society during the summer who indicated that members would be willing to be photographed at a session… but this needs to be confirmed.
It is proposed to run 2-3hr sessions a month with a max of 10 photographers commencing Jan 2020.
If Your Club is interested I may be contacted by Email
or telephone  023 9269 0292.
We are in the process of setting up “friends of the eastney gas engine house” where there are a few Images.
Any Contributions to the renovation and maintenance of the Gas Engine House would be very much appreciated.
Cheers John

Vote of Thanks and Christmas Special

Hi all,

This is a request for both the above.

We are short of volunteers to give the vote of thanks to our judges and speakers on the following dates. Dec 6th, Jan 10th & 24th, Feb 7th & 21st, Mar 7th, 21st & 28th, Apr 11th, 18th & 25th, May 9th & 23rd. This is important for the club so please be kind enough to let either Mike Hancock, Mike Harris or  Glyn Edmunds know by email if you are willing to give a VOT. Obviously we need someone for this coming meeting on the 6th. 

Now for the fun and games. On Dec 13th we have our Christmas special, Ho Ho Ho, which is a fun evening where we can enjoy ourselves by dressing in our favourite Christmas attire, enjoy some Christmas fare and drink while competing as teams in a Christmas quiz so I do hope as many of you as possible can attend. We need prizes donated for the raffle which can be brought to our next meeting on the 6th or on the night of the Christmas special on the 13th. For those who plan to attend could you also bring some finger food and drinks on the night for us all to enjoy.

Developers Group Meeting 21/11/18

Great developers group evening on Wednesday with two external speakers, Carl Cresswell from LCE and Vince Cater from Fotospeed. Carl brought a range of cameras and explained their features and costs and Vince talked about printing and paper. Attendees thought that the evening was extremely enjoyable and useful. It gave them a chance to play with the hardware and gain a better understanding of printing, print profiling and paper for specific photographic genre.

Carl and Vince gave me good feedback as they also enjoyed the evening and declared that they would be happy to attend again either to the developers group, other groups  or on a club evening.

My thanks to both for an entertaining and instructive evening.

Developers group

Just a reminder that the next developers group will be held on Wednesday 21st in the small hall at 19.30pm. We have two external speakers for the evening, Carl, the manager of the London Camera Exchange in Chichester and Vince from Fotospeed. It would be nice to have a good turnout as they are giving their time and expertise for free. Hope to see you all there.

Developers group meeting 15/10/18

Hi All.

Below are the presentation slides used at the above meeting.


OOPS. Apologies but that didn’t work so I’ll try again.


Well I tried to load but the content is too big so I’ve sent them by email to those who attended. Anyone else within the group who would like  a copy please see me at the next club meeting. I will also bring a few  copies to our next meeting on the 21st.

Developers Group Meeting 15/10/2018

At the second meeting of the developers group, we first of all reviewed some of the results of the exercises set at the last meeting. This generated some good debate and understanding by the participants. That was followed by a session on basic manipulation of an image in Lightroom. The group were shown how to import images into Lightroom, the function of a range of manipulation tools and then an actual manipulation of an original image to a completed image using its Lightroom history. It proved to be very successful raising a lot of questions and discussion.

As an exercise, the group were tasked to select one of their own images, undertake some Lightroom work on the image and to bring a print of the original image, the completed image and a screen shot of the history to the next meeting in November for discussion.

Details of the slides used in the session will be posted here at a later date for all to see. (This is because I haven’t worked out how to do a link yet).

Please note that the next meeting of the developers group will be held at Tangmere on Wednesday 21st November not Monday the 19th.

At this meeting we will have representatives from the London Camera Exchange and Fotospeed. They will be doing sessions on camera types and printing and paper types so I hope as many group members as possible can attend.