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Hi All,

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed our summer programme during lockdown. We have had the pleasure of listening to some fantastic presentations from new photographers and some of our own members which culminated in a wonderful presentation and images from Tesni Ward last night.

Our link with the Novium for the summer showcase of our photography is progressing well and many thanks to Peter Roccchiccioli and Jeff Owen for their work in putting it all together.  

Our programme secretary, Sue Watts, is putting the final touches to the 20/21 programme and this will be placed on our website shortly. Many thanks to Sue for arranging all the necessary alterations due to us not opening at Tangmere this year.

I will continue with newsletters to update you all so please keep an eye on your mailbox.

Best regards to all.


Quality Printer For Sale


Peter received this mail and should anyone be interested the contact details are below.

This is all details about my printer Nina Borowsky.  Gallery quality A 3 + Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 Mark ii Inkjet Used Professional Printer in original retail packaging.   In very good condition; without ink, selling with quality photographic paper: A2, A3, A4. Excellent quality printing in Gloss, Matte and Fine Art Paper. Includes: Manuals, Software CD – ROMs, Canon Printing Trays, Power cord 

Price includes paper – £430 Please contact by email or mobile.



Glyn Dewis

Hi All,

Please see the links below from Glyn. What a fantastic presentation tonight. I’m sure many of you will access these as I certainly will.


As promised, here’s the links I mentioned that I’d send over for you to pass on to the group / club members.

All the very best to you, Keep safe and well,



1) Website / Blog:

2) 39-45 Portraits Project:

3) I have a FREE Creativity Pack download that includes a couple of PDF / eBooks, Look Up Table, Actions, Perfect Prints Guide available on my website at

4) Using, Saving and Creating Look Up Tables video:

5) Timeless Tutorial: 

6) There are some recent Live Streams and other tutorials I’ve done on YouTube that have a number of techniques covered:

7) The Background I use is the X-Drop made by Westcott and the material is called the ‘Vintage Grey Canvas by Glyn Dewis’ … you can see this on my Gear page here:

8) Veterans Fund Raising Campaign:

9) Recording of a LIVE Broadcast for the London Camera Exchange on their Facebook Page where I go through Focus Peaking and Focus Stacking Techniques to ensure the dhallow depth of field portraits and the ww2 model aircraft pictures are pin sharp and in focus:


“The SCPF have decided to operate the PDI league for this season 2020/2021. Therefore we have to have our selection completed by September and enter our 8 images in September.

Could I ask for all the membership upload images on the Club website for selection consideration to be uploaded by Sunday 2nd August, using the Club uploading system as ‘ for selection for external competition’. 

Thank you for your support which has been great.

Stay safe, best wishes.

Peter Rocchiccioli Selection Committee Chair”

Season Start

Hi All,

This piece of news is not one that I would have wished to circulate at the beginning of my chairmanship but I’m afraid it has to be done.

Having balloted members regarding the potential start of the season at Tangmere on September 3rdshould guidelines allow it, these are the results.

Total responses from members 57

Yes vote 20

No vote 37

As the question was primarily directed to regular attendees, I have filtered the responses to those who have attended 10 or more times last season and those results are as follows.

Yes vote 15

No vote 23

Your committee met Monday 6thJuly to discuss these results and determine a way forward. We have taken into account that there are unknowns, we also do not know the guidelines that Tangmere will have to adhere to and bearing in mind our first objective must be the safety and wellbeing of our members, we have decided that it is not viable at present to meet in a group format for the rest of year 2020.

We will therefore continue with our successful Zoom meetings until December 2020, which is one third of our programme, and promote our PDI competitions to the first half of the season and postpone our print competitions to the second half.

Although we have made these difficult decisions, guided by the members views, we will of course continue to review the situation regularly in the coming months in an effort to plan for 2021.

Work is now ongoing to contact all speakers and judges to inform them of the changes and update the programme where necessary ready for electronic circulation.

I know that this will be a disappointment to some and believe me we wrestled very hard before agreeing these decisions, but I sincerely hope you can accept them as the best way forward given these horrible circumstances we find ourselves in.

With a heavy heart I wish you all the very best, stay safe and I look forward to meeting you all again just as soon as we can.

Mike Harris

The 1851 Exhibition

Hi All,

Huge thanks to David Abbott for a fantastic presentation tonight. I’m sure we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

In the last newsletter I posed this question and requested responses particularly from those who regularly attend at Tangmere. 

‘Should the current guidelines of the day allow us to meet at Tangmere on September 3rd, would you attend YES or NO?’ 

Unfortunately I miss typed the return email address which is,, so some of you may have replied but obviously they didn’t arrive. Can you please double check and respond by Saturday. I’m hoping for as many responses as possible so your committee can begin determine the way forward for next season’s start.

Many thanks


Alabare Photography Competition 2020

Hi All,
The club have received this  mail from Stephen Sims <> which may be of interest to members.
I am a member of the Salisbury Camera Club and I am holding a photographic competition in aid of the homeless veterans. I would be very, very grateful if you could advertise this competition to your members. 
We are looking for entrants for the Alabaré Photography competition for 2020, entitled #ThisIsMyHope!
We are looking for inspiring images of hope, which will then be presented to our internationally renowned judges.
The competition is open to amateurs and professionals alike, with entries closing on 3rd August 2020. A selection of the images will feature in a week long exhibition and 2021 calendar. There are cash prizes for the top 3 contestants with a 1st prize of £500.
We would be incredibly grateful if you would be able to share this information with your followers or would like to submit your own images? More information can be found at –

2020/21 Season start

Hi everybody,

I am calling a CCC management meeting for 6th July as I feel it is imperative that we consider some contingency plans for the forthcoming season and we need your help to do that. On that basis I table the following question that requires a straight forward yes or no answer. 

‘Should the current guidelines of the day at the start of our season allow us to meet at Tangmere from September 3rd onwards, would you attend YES or NO?’

I understand that there are many variables and unknowns at this present moment but the committee will need these figures to consider the viability of holding meetings from the start of the season should we be allowed to do so. If the responses indicate  potentially very low attendances then we will need to consider and plan how we move forward.

Because our numbers for attendance at Tangmere meetings is generally around the 50+ mark, this note is predominantly aimed at those members who do regularly attend. Having said that I would be happy to receive  replies from as many members as possible but specifically from our regular attendees. 

I’d be grateful if you could reply to this mail at this address,, by Friday 3rd July so I can collate the results in time for our meeting on the 6th July.

With thanks to you all and stay safe.

Mike Harris

Chair CCC.


Julian Elliott

Hi All,

I hope you enjoyed Julian’s presentation last night about the Mongolian Eagle Hunters. If you did then you can see more of his work using these links below.

Next Thursday we have our President Dave Abbott in the spotlight presenting ‘The 1851 Great Exhibition in Hyde Park’.
A polite reminder to sort out and upload your images before July 10th for our Summer Showcase collaboration with the Novium Museum. 
Best regards and stay safe
Mike Harris