Liz says thank you

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Wojtek has asked to send his and Liz’s sincere thanks for all the very kind messages, cards and flowers Liz has received from the Club and individually from her friends at the Club. She has been very touched by everyone’s kind response to her illness and their best wishes.
Liz has tried to reply to all the email messages, but she asks that you all forgive her for being brief in her replies as she finds it difficult to concentrate for any length of time.
Wojtek says he thinks Liz is making small steps towards recovery, although she is still finding it difficult to express many words and phrases due to her dysphasia. Consequently and most unusually, the house is eerily quiet, although he is doing his best to fill the void!  She will be getting speech therapy support, so he is looking forward to Liz returning to her chatty self eventually.
If anyone would like to visit Liz they would be very welcome, but please phone Wojtek  in advance.  You can find the number in the Members’ only section of the website, in ‘Useful phone numbers and email addresses’ under documents. Do bear in mind that she will flag a bit after about 30/40 minutes.
 Liz looks forward to attending Club meetings and seeing you all as soon as she is able.

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