A Guide to Plagiarism


As a Club we pride ourselves in sharing skills and techniques and we all draw inspiration from fellow photographers, as well as  recognising the difficulties when on a photography trip we all take very similar if not the same images.  But where the line is between taking inspiration and outright ‘copying’ can be hard to define.  And in these digital days,  the outright ‘theft’ of images is easier than it was previously.  For instance, last year, a member of a highly regarded photo club was found to have entered what was someone else’s work in a national competition.  An article in this week’s PAGB enews (157+ extra) makes very interesting reading – touching on prevention, detection and what to do if your images are stolen.

This link to the PAGB enews, which is provided with the kind permission of Rod Wheelans, will take you to the enews and the article, which you will find towards the end of the publication.  If you don’t already subscribe to PAGB enews you might want to sign up while you are on the site.




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