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Lightroom on Location Catalogue

At the Digital group meeting of 22nd March, Shelia Tester gave a tutorial for Lightroom On Location Catalogue.  Her notes on this subject are shown below.


  • LR by holding down ‘option key/alt key’ and single Click on LR icon bottom of screen.
  1. A new Dialogue Box will open called > ‘Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – Select Catalogue’ > Click on ‘Create New Catalogue’.
  2. A new Dialogue Box will open called > ‘Create Folder with New Catalog’ > Name this folder in the Save As: box ‘OnLocationCat’ > Click on ‘Create’   > LR will now create a brand new catalogue. Go back to the folder called ‘OnLocationCat’ and rename to ‘New Photographs’ > Create a new Folder inside ‘New Photographs’   > Save As > ‘Photos’.
  3. Double click on ’OnLocationCat.lrcat’ to open LR.
  4. Set up your ‘Identity Plate’ by clicking on LR next to Apple icon > drop down menu > ‘Identity Plate Setup’ > Type in Sheila Tester > click on ‘OK’.
  5. Presets, store presets in the ‘Cloud’ from your main frame computer so that no matter where you are you have access to them. To find the presets open LR, click on ‘Lightroom’ next to the apple icon > Preferences > Presets > click on ‘Show Lightroom Presets Folder’ > Hold down ‘Option/Alt’ and click on ‘Go’ on the menu bar, click on ‘Library’. The path is your ‘User Name’ (Sheila Tester) > ‘Library’   > ‘Application Support’   > ‘Adobe’ > ‘Lightroom’ > ‘Develop Presets’.
  6. Copy ‘Presets’ to ‘Creative Cloud’ by clicking on ‘Creative Cloud Icon’ found top right on menu bar > ‘Assets’ > ‘Files’ > ‘Open’.
  7. Quit LR to see what we have e.g.   ‘New Photographs’ >   ‘OnLocationCat.lrcat’ >   ‘Photos’. Make a duplicate of ‘New Photographs’ folder by right mouse clicking to duplicate. Rename, ‘New Photographs Template’. Drag inside another folder called ‘WIP’.
  8. Launch LR by clicking on ‘OnLocationCat.Ircat’.
  9. Down load photos from your card to a specific location on your HD. e.g. Create a folder on your desktop and name it say… Eastleigh. In this folder are subfolders named, day 1, day 2, day 3 etc. Drag day 1 folder into ‘New Photographs’ folder, inside my ‘Photos’ folder.
  10. Go back into LR and Click on Import then ‘Add’ those files in place e.g. top of window there are 4 options to choose from, Copy as DNG, Copy, Move, Add. Left Panel Click on Desktop > ‘New Photographs’ > ‘Photos’ > ‘Day 1’ > Add key words etc. > ‘Import’.
  11. Go forward in time, drag day 2, day 3, day 4 etc. into ‘New Photographs’ > ‘Photos’. There is a reason for putting the Catalogue and the Photos in the ‘New Photographs’ folder as it makes it easy when you are back on your main frame computer to copy the entire folder and because you are copying the entire folder when you import the small on location catalogue into the big catalogue, LR will know exactly where the photos are, the path will be kept, avoiding question marks, or missing photo icons.
  12. Back in LR, to quickly synchronise all of those files, you do not need to go to the ‘Import Dialogue Box’, look under your folder called Day 1, synchronise by right mouse clicking on Day 1 Folder to reveal a drop down menu, click on ‘Show Parent Folder’. This will show nought pictures in Folder as there are no loose pictures here. Click on the + sign in the ‘Folders Panel’ (found on left of screen) to reveal a dropdown menu, click on ‘Show Photos in Subfolders’. Now you will see a number of photos in the ‘Photos’ Folder > Right mouse click on ‘Photos’ Folder > ‘Synchronise Folder’.
  14. Laptop – Copy from the desk top, not from LR, ‘New Photographs’ entire folder to external hard drive, by dragging and dropping into dialogue box of external hard drive.
  15. Attach external hard drive to iMac and copy ‘New Photographs’ entire folder to desktop on iMac > Remove external hard drive.
  16. Open LR on iMac and click on Finder (bottom left of screen) to see where your ‘New Photographs’ Folder is.
  17. Right click on Finder > New Finder Window > Pictures > 2015
  18. Drag the Folder, ‘New Photographs’ from first Finder dialogue box to second Finder dialogue box, dropping the Folder into 2015 Folder. Why are we doing this? So that the photos are where I want them.
  19. Close both Finder Windows.
  20. Back to my Master Catalogue in LR on the iMac, (Click on ALL PHOTOGRAPHS see left panel just under Catalog) then choose File > Import From Another Catalogue. e.g. ‘Pictures’ > ‘2015’ > ‘New Photographs’ > ‘Ircat’ > Open. LR will open a dialogue box showing how many photos found. Half way down the dialogue box on left side, File Handling > Add New Photos to Catalogue without moving > Import. This will ensure that all the changes you made on location will be saved.
  21. Left panel in LR will show a folder called New Photographs inside the 2015 folder.
  22. Rename this ‘New Photographs’ folder to Eastleigh then click on Save.
  23. Click on + sign in Folders Panel (found on left of screen) > Show Photos In Subfolders.
  24. Go to Photos (next folder below Eastleigh). Select all photos then drag into Eastleigh Folder. Now delete day 1 etc.
  25. Right mouse click on Eastleigh Folder > Show in Finder. Scroll all the way down to bottom to find ‘On Location Catalogue’. It is not needed any more, so delete it.






(Insert the CF card into the card reader, Double click on EOS_DIGITAL icon >   DCIM > 100ES5D > Select photos and drag into USA photos > Day 1)


Found on the desk top


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