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Digital Group 22nd March-Hipstamatic

Following the great  images Janey Devine showed at the 2016 North Mundham Exhibition, Janey gave a tutorial on the use of the Hipstamatic app on iPhone and iPad. During the course of the evening she showed the North Mundham prints and a number of others at the meeting showed prints or images straight from their phones.

This is a branch of photography which now has a vast following and in the hands of the creative author, such as Janey it can produce some amazing results. Hipstamatic is a Mac only app but very similar apps are available for android users.

There is a very large amount of information available on the internet and, as ever, tutorials on youtube. One of the main contributors to the cult of this expanding branch of photography is Hipstography and just a few of their posts are listed below.



For those who have had difficulty transferring Hipstamatic images from iPhone to Desktop try…/hipstamatic-300-transferring-hipstamatic-images-to…


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