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Salisbury Cathedral Tower

There was to have been a private guided tour up Salisbury Cathedral Tower on Saturday 26th January. It was cancelled due to lack of interest!

Mo Connaly has indicated she would be prepared to organise another one, probably on a Saturday in May (the building is used for other things on Sundays) if there was sufficient interest The ideal number is 10, the maximum is 12 and the minimum 8.

There are 300 steps to the top of the tower but there are a number of landings on the way. Being a private party we would be shown areas not usually open to the public tours and more time would be allowed for photography.

The cost would be about £15 depending on numbers. Although a firm booking cannot be made until we have some idea of interest, in the same way we do not have a firm date yet. If you are interested, without firm commitment please let me know over the next week or so.

Foorspace above choir by Ken Worrall
Inside the Spire by Ken Worrall

Digital Group Tuesday 22nd January 2019

The Digital Group will meet on Tuesday 22 nd January in the Small Hall at Tangmere Village Centre at 7.30. The subject for the evening will be Printing in Lightroom and the tutorial will be lead by Lorna Brown.

The tutorial will be structured with the newest members in mind and it is hoped that a good number will attend this targeted evening. A steady pace will allow plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Members £3.00, non members £4.00. All welcome.

Stephen Tattersall’s Moody Sunset

Digital Group Tuesday 27th November 2018

Following the meeting in which we looked at the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filters in Lightroom with Dave Abbott and High Key Images with Mike Davison, the videos of these tutorials are now available.

During the Lightroom tutorial the subject of Range Masks was touched upon and since then a number of us have spent some time looking at both the colour and luminance options. This has developed our knowledge further so that a short tutorial on this subject will be offered later in this season.

Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filters in Lightroom

High Key Images

Digital Group Wednesday 31st October2018

The videos of the tutorial given by Phil Shaw on Printing with Photoshop are now available by clicking on the links. In the first video there is a period at the beginning where there is no movement on the screen whilst Phil talks about papers, mounts and sizes.

In the same way, there is a period in the second video where there was a problem with the printer and some repeated attempts to get it to work, which it eventually did. For best quality and to enable repeated use it is suggested the videos are downloaded using the facility in the top right hand corner of the relevant page.

Printing in Photoshop by Phil Shaw part 1

Printing with Photoshop by Phil Shaw part 2