2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr President!”

  1. 86 is a real milestone, and still so active. An inspiration to us all.

    Are you sneaking out to give you TT an airing.

    Some of our few shopping excursions seem to come home the long way!

    Had a lovely 40 mile run to my Physio last week. He had had to restrict treatments to “respiratory related” only, but that message had not reached me.

    Shame we can’t take you out 4 lunch or dinner. Next year perhaps.

    Any plans 4 your 90th?!?

    Either way, “Enjoy”.

    Luv from Jyn and Glean

  2. You are too kind. Take it a day at a time and the days quickly turn to weeks, months, years. I well remember when they announced the 2012 Olympics would be in London my first thought was “Of little interest to me, I will no longer be around” Yet in a flash of years here I stand. Better to be lucky than almost anything else.

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