Developers Group – first session

It’s happening. Well, we have a First Session at Tangmere and a First Photowalk planned and in the schedule.

We also have eight sessions and five photowalks pretty much planned throughout the year – but ….. although we have lots (lots!) of proposals to make, it is by no means a fixed programme. So

The first session at Tangmere small hall (Sep 20th at 7.30) is intended to run through how the Developers Group sessions are structured. And, although we have no fixed plans about content, we do have a lot of proposals about what we might do. We will run through those too. That applies even more so to the photowalks – some of which may not be photowalks at all …..

You get the idea;

Its your opportunity to mould and flavour what we do throughout the year. Want to do more photowalks than last year? This is the time to say so. Want to cover a specific photographic topic in one of the sessions? This is your opportunity to raise the issue. Want to see more social stuff being run? Yep, here’s the time to raise your hand.

You can find a more specific agenda for that date in the schedule. 7.30pm, September 20th, at Tangmere small hall.

Finally, as I currently have no real idea how many people to expect (and that colours the preparation to be done), if you do want to be there on Sep 20th and be an active part of the developers group would you please drop me a very simple line saying so at Thanks 🙂

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