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Development Group – 21st March

Hi All

The next session on the 21st will be the penultimate one at Tangmere and covers the following items. It starts, as always, at 7.30 πŸ™‚

1 Small Print Competition

2 Wide Angles and other lenses. The, er, um, focus here is on how to use various lens types, how the optics change and what that means for you and your image. So not techy at all. Which leads nicely into …

3 Pauls techy bits on lenses, camera ergonomics and straps. It may get a bit more detailed in terms of a run through of current Canon and Nikon lenses. We shall see!

4 Location management.Β  Both planning (tides, times of day, atmospherics) and how to approach a specific (seascapey) location

5 Discussion on the next and last session; Next time I will go through a review of all key learning points this year, but that will take no longer than half a session. The question is – what do you want to do in the other half?

See you there! πŸ™‚

Next Monday Development session- bring laptops!

== Bring Laptops and some RAW images to Mondays session ===

Hi All,

The major part of the evening on Monday focusses on how to make your images pop. You will need to bring a charged laptop to the session, complete with several RAW images you might like to edit.

I’ve been lucky enough to have secured three advanced photographers, each of whom are willing to show you how they edit their images for effect. We will have seascape, portrait and landscape photographers – nay, artists – revealing all …… πŸ™‚

The first photographer will edit one of their own images live in the session for 10-15 minutes. You are encouraged to edit your own image(s) during that time. And then you will be given 10-15 minutes anyway to do so using the tips and styles shown to you.

That whole process is then repeated with the second and third photographer. Do note that this is NOT technical, its not a ‘this slider does this and this slider does that’. Its independent of the software used and is more about how we as artists edit our images for effect.

So do bring laptops and RAW images! It might be an idea to have your best unedited seascapes, portraits and landscapes handy ….. You have been warned!

Any questions, you know where to find me – 07974 173345 or

Andy πŸ™‚

Petworth, West Wittering and all things photowalk

Well, that was a bit of a blast! The photowalk at Petworth Park was full of deer, enthusiastic photographers and a number of small rain showers. Fifteen people took part, everyone had a great time and I look forward to seeing the evidence on the club Flickr page.

The next Photowalk is the Seascape one at West Wittering. All the details are in the Club Programme for Saturday November 6th.

The next Session at Tangmere (Oct 18th) is also in the Club schedule, and includes two preparatory topics for and about West Wittering – Filters for seascapes (in depth serious one) and a crash course in seascape photography wrapped up in an AB how-to-take-pix piece specifically at West Wittering.

Do pop one or three images from Petworth on the Clubs Flickr page. Its relatively easy to do and there are details of how to do so in one of two – relatively long, sorry – mails I’ve sent you recently. Do remember that this is NOT a competition, dont feel awkward about putting your competition unworthy images up! Mine are pretty dire, and three of them will be shown.

A final, standing plea; if you come along to the photowalks, and I hope you do, please please let me know, even if you change your mind, of your intention to be there. If you dont, I cant let you know of last minute cancellations because of weather, and I cant warn you, as in the Petworth case, of a road closure. and 07974 173345.

See you there!


Next Photowalk

Hi All,

A quick reminder that the first Photowalk at Petworth Park is happening in just over a week. Everyone in the Club is invited, full details are in the Programme on Sunday October 3rd.

I only ask one thing – if you plan to attend, do send me a quick note or text to let me know you are attending; should the event be cancelled its the only way I can get a note to you

Andy πŸ™‚

07974 173345

First Developers Group meeting

Well what a great evening!

Everyone got stuck in, everyone contributed, everyone applied themselves and, from what I’m told, everyone enjoyed it. I know I did – despite by nature not being a public speaker πŸ™‚

In essence the group broadly ratified the proposed content for the year ahead – and added lots more to boot. We are now all set to push forward in delivering the programme throughout the year.

There is still a bit of work to be done by me in the short term however. That includes sorting the feedback given during the session and amending the session content and photowalks accordingly, looking at flickr as a potential medium to pool images after photowalks, and – not least – continue to find a suitable name for the group!

I’ll distribute the results by email back to the attendees (and to those who sent apologies) shortly.

Andy πŸ™‚

Developers Group – first session

It’s happening. Well, we have a First Session at Tangmere and a First Photowalk planned and in the schedule.

We also have eight sessions and five photowalks pretty much planned throughout the year – but ….. although we have lots (lots!) of proposals to make, it is by no means a fixed programme. So

The first session at Tangmere small hall (Sep 20th at 7.30) is intended to run through how the Developers Group sessions are structured. And, although we have no fixed plans about content, we do have a lot of proposals about what we might do. We will run through those too. That applies even more so to the photowalks – some of which may not be photowalks at all …..

You get the idea;

Its your opportunity to mould and flavour what we do throughout the year. Want to do more photowalks than last year? This is the time to say so. Want to cover a specific photographic topic in one of the sessions? This is your opportunity to raise the issue. Want to see more social stuff being run? Yep, here’s the time to raise your hand.

You can find a more specific agenda for that date in the schedule. 7.30pm, September 20th, at Tangmere small hall.

Finally, as I currently have no real idea how many people to expect (and that colours the preparation to be done), if you do want to be there on Sep 20th and be an active part of the developers group would you please drop me a very simple line saying so at Thanks πŸ™‚