21/22 meetings

Hi All,

As you know I canvassed the opinion of members on whether to meet at Tangmere in September or continue with Zoom until January. My thanks to all those who responded and the results were as follows. Meet at Tangmere 28 votes, continue with Zoom 44 votes.

Although feedback from the TVC was that they had removed all Covid restrictions, your committee discussed their comments and the vote at our management meeting last night. We felt that although 28 members voted to meet, it was felt that all 28 would probably not be present at all meetings and it would be unfair to ask speakers to travel for potentially a very small the audience. On that basis we have made the decision to continue with Zoom until January.

While Zoom has been successful, we have not had the opportunity to view prints in competitions and I’m sure the loss of social contact, which is a large part of our club, is missed by many. We have therefore also agreed that we will meet from January onwards unless there is a huge change in the statistics.

Below may be of interest to members.

The School of Photography are offering a 40% reduction on courses using the following code. CAMERACLUB40, on checkout. The website address is theschoolofphotography.com.

Finally, I am still searching for someone to manage the Print group next season. After many attempts I still have not had any response which is a great shame as it is an important special interest group within the club. It forms an integral part of the continuous learning theme we adopt, so please please give it some thought.

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