Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the talk by Roger Hance last night. I found him very informative and he showed some lovely images. He is also a big fan of Genesis which was another plus.

This past year has had an adverse affect on our ability to show off our images which is a prime function of a camera club. We have therefore initiated an exhibition working party, chaired by Jonathan Fiske, to address this issue and it met earlier this week. It’s first decision was to hold the Spring and Annual exhibitions using software that allows us to develop an online walk round gallery. The provisional dates, and these may change however you will be kept fully informed, are as follows.

Spring Exhibition, in its normal format, to be launched 1st May and entries will need to be in by the end of April.

Annual exhibition to be launched 7th August and entries will need to be in by the end of June. The PDI’s for this exhibition will be judged in mid July and the club will hold a zoom meeting to launch the exhibition and award respective trophies.

Our thanks to Sarah Nichol who will lead for the spring exhibition and to Peter Rocchiccioli and Lorna Brown who will lead for the annual exhibition.

While there are still a range of details to confirm, I hope that this comes as good news and as many of you as possible will enter. The working party is meeting again on the 22nd so please keep an eye on future newsletters for updates.

Next week we welcome Sally Sallett as our guest speaker and the title of her talk is ‘Never underestimate an old woman with a camera’ so it could contain some surprises. I look forward to seeing you then.

Take care and stay safe.


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