Chair update

Hi All,

Really interesting talk by David Garthwaite last night where he demonstrated the editing work he undertakes for his fine art B&W images. I hope all those who attended enjoyed it as much as I did.

You’ll be pleased to know that the club raised £250 for the Snowdrop Trust over Xmas and we have received a nice letter of thanks from the CEO Diana Levantine so well done.

Finally, for information, the table below shows the club subscription for the coming year for returning members. Linda Bullimore will be sending out an e-mail to all with further information on how to make payment very shortly.

DetailAmountBalance due
Membership subscription Jul 20 – Jun 21£40.00
Less £10 retainer already paid-£10.00£30.00
Less £15 refund on 2019-20 sub-£15.00£15.00

Lastly, we are in the company of our own Glyn Edmunds next week who will be taking us on a journey with his Huawei mobile phone.

Best regards and stay safe


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