2020/21 Season start

Hi everybody,

I am calling a CCC management meeting for 6th July as I feel it is imperative that we consider some contingency plans for the forthcoming season and we need your help to do that. On that basis I table the following question that requires a straight forward yes or no answer. 

‘Should the current guidelines of the day at the start of our season allow us to meet at Tangmere from September 3rd onwards, would you attend YES or NO?’

I understand that there are many variables and unknowns at this present moment but the committee will need these figures to consider the viability of holding meetings from the start of the season should we be allowed to do so. If the responses indicate  potentially very low attendances then we will need to consider and plan how we move forward.

Because our numbers for attendance at Tangmere meetings is generally around the 50+ mark, this note is predominantly aimed at those members who do regularly attend. Having said that I would be happy to receive  replies from as many members as possible but specifically from our regular attendees. 

I’d be grateful if you could reply to this mail at this address, chair@chichestercameraclub.org.uk, by Friday 3rd July so I can collate the results in time for our meeting on the 6th July.

With thanks to you all and stay safe.

Mike Harris

Chair CCC.


9 thoughts on “2020/21 Season start”

  1. Not possible to answer for definite at the moment as there is a real danger of second wave of virus this autumn /winter. Therefore I would have to say no for now.

  2. Hi, Mike! Firstly can I share with you that I think life has been a bit cruel to land these complications in your lap, especially so early in your chairmanship year. However,I know that many individuals and families are having to cope with far more tragic consequences of covid-19, which means we must keep a balanced view of the situation.
    I am afraid I have to agree with Frank. A second wave looks very likely and, if it occurs, we mustn’t add to the pressures of the NHS+ just to satisfy our desire to return to Tangmre. We could schedule a review late in October or earlyNovember.

  3. I am classed as vulnerable and because of the probability of a second spike later in the year I have to say no as well. I am really looking forward to better times for us all but survival is the order of the day.

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