Your Votes are Needed!

Two of the Cups which are awarded each year are not in the gift of the visiting judge but of the club members. These are the Coath Cup for the Photographer of the Year and the Edmunds Cup for the person who has served the club during the year “Above the Call of Duty”.

Each Thursday evening from now until the end of the season, including the pre-Exhibition Meeting on the 2nd of August, voting slips will be found on the raffle table at the back of the hall. These are pink for the Edmunds Cup and white for the Coath Cup.

Please vote. It will only take a minute of your time and will show your appreciation of those who YOU think are worthy winners of these awards. It greatly devalues the awards if only a small minority of members bother to vote. It could be taken that you are not bothered who ends up with the cups. In this case it would save a lot of time and effort if we were to put all 130+ members names into a hat and  the first names out win

I suspect there would be a mighty outcry. SO PLEASE VOTE