Welcome to the New Season

Firstly, I’d like to say ‘hello’ as I’ve now taken over the Chair from Jan Davis, having been Jan’s Vice Chair for the last two years. It was a pleasure working with Jan and our thanks to him for all his hard work, both as Chair and Vice Chair.  Other committee members have stayed on for this coming season, and we are joined by Wojtek Boden,  David Donati and Kim Tattersall.  Wojtek is now our Exhibition Secretary and Mike Hancock takes over the Vice Chair, while David Donati  takes over the new member mentoring scheme from Mike.

We held our first introductory meeting for new members on Tuesday 30th August – a very enthusiastic group and we look forward to getting to know them in the coming weeks. All members might like to know that the Members’ Handbook now has a separate page on the website, under the ‘Documents’ heading – really useful for all those acronyms and a summary of competitions rules!

It’s been a busy summer for many Club members, especially those of us closely involved with all the planning and running of the Annual Exhibition.  Thanks again to everyone for all the hard work.  The Exhibition was once again very well received with many positive comments about the quality of work and the difficulty of choosing just one favourite!

The new season is just a few days away now – starting with the PAGB group on Monday 5th September and a very welcome return visit on Thursday 8th September from Viveca Koh FRPS with her ‘iPhone Photography to Fellowship: My Continuing Journey’ .

CCC Exhibition 2016This year’s Annual Exhibition at Chichester’s Assembly Room

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