Weekly update

Thursday’s talk by Dr Adrian Donoghue was a masterclass in creative story-telling, using composite images based on urban landscapes. It was easy to see why his images have won gold medals in numerous international salons. He joined us by Zoom from his home city of Melbourne so, for him, our meeting started at 4:30am. He explained the evolution of his very distinctive style and showed us how he built his composite images, using typically 100 layers in Photoshop. He made it sound easy but his combination of creative imagination, slightly dark humour, attention to detail, patience and skill in post-processing would be beyond all but the best. The attached image is part of a bar-scene in a series featuring Adrian with his granddaughter Matilda. A very stimulating evening.

Reminders: the RPS Group will meet at Tangmere on 21st May and the Digital Group will complete the SIG programme for the season on 28th May.

Don’t forget to volunteer for duties at the Annual Exhibition. On the website, go to Exhibitions>Annual Exhibition 2024>Stewarding and Refreshment Rota.

Please also send your nominations for the winners of the Coath (Photographer of the Year) and Edmunds (greatest contributor to the Club’s activities this season) cups. So far, there have been just 3 responses and they are all different, so we need your votes! Send them to

Our meeting on Thursday 23rd May will be back at Tangmere, when Steve Smith FRPS will present ‘Eye Witness 2023’.

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