Please remember to bring to the club this Thursday (25th) the trophies you won last year.

It’s also time to think about how to cast your vote for the Coath and Edmunds Cups. Last year, our illustrious President, David Abbott, wrote to explain the background and since I can’t match his eloquence, I’ll resort to plagiarism.

Out of the 30 cups the Club presents each year, just two are in the gift of the membership. They are the Coath Cup which goes to the Photographer of the Year and the Edmunds Cup which goes to the individual who has gone the extra mile, over and above the call of duty.

The choice is yours as each member of the Club is entitled, indeed encouraged, to vote for their choice of the winner of each trophy. When considering who you consider to be the Photographer of the Year, think back over the year; whose work have you admired the most in the competitions, or in the various specialist group meetings? It is not necessarily the judge’s choice but yours. Think also of those who have gained distinctions from the RPS, the PAGB and in the International Salons. It might well be that you choose to vote for the person who, in your opinion, has shown the biggest improvement in their photography over the past year.

For the Edmunds Cup there will be someone in the Club who has impressed you with the amount of work they put in. Running specialist groups on a monthly basis, organising the Club’s various exhibitions, going that extra mile on a Thursday evening to set up and clear up or organising the mid-evening refreshments. Where do they find the time to do it all? This is your chance to show your appreciation.

Please send your votes by email to stating clearly your choice for the winner of each trophy. The deadline is the end of June.

Photographer of the Year (Coath Cup): name of your chosen recipient

Over and above the call of duty (Edmunds Cup): name of your chosen recipient

Please take the time to vote. Vote Early, but if you vote often, the invigilators may well express their displeasure!

David Abbott, President

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