Small Print Competition

Last Thursday evening (18th April) the final results of the Small Print Competition, ‘Print of the Year’,

were announced by Peter Rocchiccioli.

1st Place Steam Coupling by Vince Lavender

2nd Place Just Walking in the Rain by Vince Lavender

3rd Place Golden Shoes by Lesley Garwood

Highly Commended

Line Dance by Andrew Vincent

Step’s by Phoebe Hamilton

Into the Light by Vince Lavender

Congratulations to Vince Lavender for winning ‘Print of the Year‘ (Steam Coupling), shown above.

Well done and thank you to all of you who took part, the quality of images that were produced,

and hoped you enjoyed the competition.

The Final 3 will need to have their images printed to A4 / A3 size, and mounted on 40cm x 50cm Board

so they can be included in the Summer Exhibition.

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