Thursday 9th March

We had a real treat last night with a first-time visit from Colin Southgate, FRPS, with his wife Jenny. Colin has over 30 years photographic experience and has a highly creative approach that is truly inspirational.  He makes very varied work, from ethereal gently coloured abstracts, including Intentional Camera Movement techniques, vibrant macro work (by way of a microwave…), to crisp mono and infrared.  Much of his work is informed by print making techniques and very much in the fine art bracket. He was generous in sharing some his approaches, but if we took anything away it was the willingness to experiment.  Each section of his presentation was concluded with a panel of the preceding work and many of us will have come home with new ideas, especially with the Print Panel Competition just two weeks away!

Colin recognises many of the fine art and photographic influences on his work, including Hugh Millsom, Irene Froy and Leigh Preston, and I’m sure his own influence on photography has been significant. We’ll look forward to seeing Colin again in the not too distant future!


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