Thursday 1st December

Dave Mason – our speaker last night – took us ‘Back to the Street’ in superb style with an absolute  cornucopia of images.  It certainly ranked as one the most entertaining evenings of the season with so many pictures of the weird, the wonderful and the plain spooky, coupled with Dave’s insightful and amusing dialogue.  

He’s a man with an incredible eye, and ‘seeks the extraordinary in the ordinary’ with extraordinary success.  He’s well travelled across the world and the UK, looking out the less glamorous  side of well-known places.  His collection of people looking even more miserable than he felt on a trip to Euro Disney was just perfect – if topped off by a series from ‘Dismaland’ (a short-term installation by Banksy). 

We also enjoyed his non-street work, were Dave brings his sharp eye and inherent sense of design to create striking ‘landscape’ images of gardens, trees and a rather wonderful selection from some waste ground.

It’s a couple of years since Dave last visited us, but with such a vast catalogue and a prolific photography habit, we’re hoping to see him again in 2018 with a further presentation.  You are guaranteed an enjoyable and thought-provoking evening.


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