Thursday 16th February

We were pleased to have Caroline Colegate join us last night as our judge for the second and final round of this year’s Advanced PDI compettions. Caroline, who is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and has an Award from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (APAGB), is an experienced and well respected judge, both on the club and inter-club circuits. She is a very positive judge, enjoying the stories behind the images and giving careful consideration to the taking part of the making of the picture. 

It was a very enjoyable evening with some shrewd analysis behind the judging.  It’s been a while since Caroline has judged at Chichester but we will be welcoming her back next season and as our Annual Exhibition judge in 2018.

Once again it’s thanks to Jeff Owen for the speedy posting of the results. Congratulations to Stephen Tattersall for scoring two 10s, and to Keith Sawyer and John Howes for their full marks.

Do please note that there is a change of programme next week as I am not able to be at the Club for what should have been the Chair’s evening.  I’m pleased to say Rosemary Wilman was able to do a swap and so next will be the Southern Counties Photographic Alliance PDI round brought forward from the 16th March.

John Howes’s Evacuees

Keith Sawyer’s No reported incidents

Stephen Tattersall’s Piazza Del Popolo and Guarding the Pontif, below



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