Thursday 15th September

Ken Scott ARPS was our thought provoking speaker last night, with his talk It’s All in the Mind.  Ken is a popular speaker and a respected judge, and his presentation certainly had us thinking and amazed as monochrome images popped into colour as we looked at them again after concentrating on a different, geometric image. Covering the ‘art of seeing’ he touched on the impact of sensation and perception, the use of colour to achieve mood and how to capture emotion as part of telling our story.

Ken is best known for his landscapes where he advocates a liberating approach in contrast to the careful planning, slow set-up, and long wait for the right light school of landscape photography. Seize the moment you have is Ken’s way, and his talk last evening built on that idea of being in the moment, of observing with fresh eyes and understanding our unique ways of seeing and understanding how what we see influenced by our experiences, mood and environment. Billing his talk as an introduction to photopsychology might give an impression of a heavy and serious talk, but we were amused, entertained and educated in equal measure.

As Mike Hancock noted in his vote of thanks to Ken, what started as a 365 picture a day for a year project has now become Ken’s ‘Project Infinity’ and demonstrates Ken’s strong commitment, passion and enthusiasm for to photography as an integral part of everyday life.

Always a good friend to Chichester Camera Club, Ken will be back in January judging the SCPF Print League round hosted by the Club.

To round of the evening, Ross Laney was presented with the Chichester Challenge Cup for the Best PDI Landscape image in the Annual Exhibition, and the Coath Cup for the best or most improved photographer, voted for by members.


By Ross Laney
 First Light over the Cullin Mountians By Ross Laney, the winning PDI Landscape in the Annual Exhibition



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