The Inaugural Meeting of the Chichester Camera Club


The Inaugural Meeting of the Chichester Camera Club was held on 18th August 1949 at 7.15 in the studio of Messrs Howard and Son, Eastgate Square to decide whether or not a Photographic Club should be formed in Chichester.

In view of him having initiated the enquires it was unanimously decided that Mr JEJ Morgan should preside at the meeting and a provisional committee of three other persons (Messrs Crisford, Almgill and Strong) was appointed to make such enquires as would be necessary in order to find a place for the next General Meeting and after discussion it was agreed that the committee should draw up a set of rules for a presentation at the next meeting.

The following points were raised and decisions taken.

1 That a club should be formed, its title to be The Chichester Camera Club.

2 There should be an appeal for more members, this to be directed through

a) Present members individual reccomdations

b) The local press

c) Show material displayed in local photographic dealers premises  and art centres.

3 That enquiries should be made in order to obtain a premises for the meeting of the club-such meetings for the present to be fortnightly and the next provisionally, to be held at 46 East Street. (now Crispins Cafe)

4 A vote of thanks to be given to Mr Howard for kindly supplying the accommodation for the first meeting of the club

The proceedings were then terminated.

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