The Cups, The Cups

imageIt’s that time of year again. If you were made a Guardian of a Cup or perhaps more than one and whether you live in a charming thatched cottage with roses round the door or more likely a stately home, there is no escaping the fact that it’s that time of year again.  You may not know it but wherever you have kept them, be it the back of the wardrobe, the cupboard-under -the -stairs or the loft, the cups are starting to stir.

For they know that before many weeks have passed they will receive a  call which cannot be ignored, to join  the Great Gathering of the Cups, a tradition as old as photography itself.

So please open those storage places, let the cups have their freedom and help them on the first leg of their journey to the Great Gathering. For only when the cups have all been safely gathered in can the new Guardians be chosen for the coming year.

One last thing. You Won ’em-You Clean ’em!

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