Thank You

So the 2019/2020 Season has finally ended, some two months after the scheduled date. It has been a season never to be forgotten in the annuls of Chichester Camera Club.

When lockdown arrived we could have buried our heads in pillows, socially distanced, and given up. This has happened to a good number of clubs and whether they will rise again in the brave new world is anyones guess.

But we didn’t. we kept going and such was the support that we over- ran by two months.. So a very big thank you must go to all those who attended the Thursday Zoom meetings and the Special Interest Group meeting on a Tuesday. A special thanks goes to those who contributed to the Thursday evening programme with offerings of their own.

However, there are three members of the club to whom we owe a special debt of gratitude. Mike Harris, our Chair, for his drive and determination to ensure the club not only kept afloat but was in a very secure lifeboat. Then there are Jeff Owen and Richard Ryder, the boffins for whom nothing was too much trouble and who spent hours teaching most of use how to make use of Zoom.

I realize there are some who have their own objections to using Zoom but for at least the first half of next season, meetings will again be by Zoom. If you are not one of the 50 odd who have met with us on a regular basis I suggest you give it a try. Help is readily available if the thought of it scares you, so don’t be frightened to ask. I had too.

In the meantime Stay Safe, stay Alert and be ready to join us again in the first week of September. Chichester Camera Club is going full steam ahead.

2 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. “Here here, Dave”.

    It would have been so easy / tempting to call our Season to a halt in mid March. Come back in September and see how the land lies.

    As it is we have had a wonderful extra couple of months with a mixture of home grown and external speakers via Zoom.

    Well done to “Mike the Second” and his technical Team.

    Realistically I suspect we will be Zooming for the whole of next Season. Come back strongly for a proper, traditional season in September 2021.

  2. Hi Dave & Glyn,

    Many thanks for the kind words and support. I have a good team behind me so let’s hope we can continue offering the same level of service for the club.

    Best regards


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