Spring Exhibition Weekend, 9th and 10th April

  1. An exhibition dinner will be held at the Walnut Tree, Vinnetrow Road, Chichester, PO20 1QB on the Saturday evening at 6.45 for 7 p.m.and is open to everyone, not only exhibitors.  I have written a separate post for this.
  2. Michael Harris / John Howes will be looking after the set up on Saturday and will need some strong arms to assist him – volunteers to Mike / John please!
  3. Margret Preece will be masterminding the refreshments (tea, coffee and cakes) and will be delighted to have homemade cakes (or a donation). We also need volunteers to help her over the weekend so please fill in the rota form at the Club or look at the attached and send possible times to me. click here for refreshment rota
  4. We still need Raffle prizes!
  5.  There will be space for any cards you might like to put up for sale, with a 10% commission to the Club on any sales made.
  6. I will be asking people on the day to help with front of house and card sales.


Saturday –   7.00am        Mike Harris / John Howes / Brian Muir need a team to collect posts and stands  from Ann

                  7.30am        Set up boards in Hall

                  8.00 – 9.30  Exhibitors mount their images

The Club will provide the Velcro fixings to attach your images to the boards. It is useful to bring a tape measure with you and even a spirit level!

The information as to which board has been allocated to you will be on the board by the door to the Small Hall.

For newcomers I’m sure there will be plenty of members around to help you mounting your images if needed.  Just ask!

                  10.00am      Exhibition opens

                  4.30pm       Raffle Draw

Sunday –      10am          Exhibition opens

                  3.30pm       Raffle Draw

                  4.00pm       Exhibition closes

Exhibitors clear up! Mike Harris /John/ Brian Muir will return posts and stands to Ann with help.

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