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Selection Committee – Role Guidance

The Club’s Management Committee has been working with the Selection Committee to make clearer to all Members the role of the Selection Committee and what it does.  As part of that, we have agreed ‘Role Guidance’ so that there is a clear, set out understanding of the function of the Selection Committee.

Briefly, the purpose of the Selection Committee is to allocate new members to the appropriate classification; to manage the internal promotion system of members; to select images for the Annual Exhibition and for external competitions to represent the Club and to achieve the best results, while promoting work from as many members as possible across Club, Intermediate and Advance classes as appropriate. 

The Selection Committee has done rather well this year in selecting images for the external competitions and in consequence the Club’s standing is good.  Their task isn’t an easy one, not least as the Club’s standard is high and selecting the representative images from so many potential entries can be hard.  Combined with that, the rules for some external competitions are complex and putting together the right mix of images from members who do or do not have accreditations, the balance of different genres and ensuring as many different photographers are included in the mix can be a challenge!

The guidance is now published and you can read it here  CCC Role Guidance Selection Committee April 2017

John Howes with his winning image The Holy Man from the recent SCPF Print Championships