Season Start

Hi All,

This piece of news is not one that I would have wished to circulate at the beginning of my chairmanship but I’m afraid it has to be done.

Having balloted members regarding the potential start of the season at Tangmere on September 3rdshould guidelines allow it, these are the results.

Total responses from members 57

Yes vote 20

No vote 37

As the question was primarily directed to regular attendees, I have filtered the responses to those who have attended 10 or more times last season and those results are as follows.

Yes vote 15

No vote 23

Your committee met Monday 6thJuly to discuss these results and determine a way forward. We have taken into account that there are unknowns, we also do not know the guidelines that Tangmere will have to adhere to and bearing in mind our first objective must be the safety and wellbeing of our members, we have decided that it is not viable at present to meet in a group format for the rest of year 2020.

We will therefore continue with our successful Zoom meetings until December 2020, which is one third of our programme, and promote our PDI competitions to the first half of the season and postpone our print competitions to the second half.

Although we have made these difficult decisions, guided by the members views, we will of course continue to review the situation regularly in the coming months in an effort to plan for 2021.

Work is now ongoing to contact all speakers and judges to inform them of the changes and update the programme where necessary ready for electronic circulation.

I know that this will be a disappointment to some and believe me we wrestled very hard before agreeing these decisions, but I sincerely hope you can accept them as the best way forward given these horrible circumstances we find ourselves in.

With a heavy heart I wish you all the very best, stay safe and I look forward to meeting you all again just as soon as we can.

Mike Harris

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