Scores 2nd Intermediate PDI Competition 2019-20

Here are the scores for the 2nd Intermediate PDI Competition 2019-20.

First Name Last Name Title Score
Graham Ainge The Prehistoric Duck 9
Graham Ainge SGWD Yr Eira Falls 9
Graham Ainge Look Out! Make Room for Me 9
Andy Bracey Expressionist Swan 8.5
Andy Bracey Lanzagrote Lizard 8
Andy Bracey Honeysuckler 8
Linda Bullimore Dawn Light 8.5
Linda Bullimore Blessing the Animals 8
Linda Bullimore Chihuly Tangle 8.5
Rob Campling Relax, Life is Fun 9
Rob Campling A Financial Abstract 8.5
Rob Campling Westminster’s Gothic Fantasy 8
Wendy Chalk Soho Night 8.5
Wendy Chalk Winter Daybreak 7.5
Wendy Chalk Boxing Day Swim, St. Ives 10
David Donati London Pride (2) 8
David Donati Orange Tip on Poppy (1) 7.5
David Donati Dream of Spring (3) 7
Elke Epp Heyshott Morning 8.5
Elke Epp Shades of Three 8
Elke Epp Broadmeed Blooms 7.5
Jonathan Fiske Satnav’s Final Wrong Turn 7.5
Jonathan Fiske Midlife Crisis – Monday 8
Jonathan Fiske Lovebox 7.5
Michael Harris Toward Point Lighthouse 8
Michael Harris Fag Break 9.5
Michael Harris Tram 114 8
Gary Howes Heron Portrait 8.5
Gary Howes Dragonfly in Flight 9.5
Gary Howes Wheel to Wheel Racing 10
Mike Hughes Watermill at Dusk 7.5
Mike Hughes Autumn Glade 8.5
Mike Hughes Breakfast for One 9
John Marsh A Truck Load of Trouble 7.5
John Marsh Pond Dip 8
John Marsh I Already Have 7
Cheryl Marshall Nightfall in Utah 8
Cheryl Marshall Santa Monica Silhouette 8
Cheryl Marshall January Sunrise 8
Brian Muir Stepping Out 8.5
Brian Muir Curlers 10
Brian Muir Coffee Break 9
Sarah Nichol Fountains Abbey 10
Sarah Nichol Greats Tits 8
Sarah Nichol Waiting in Doorways 8
Brian Southward Life’s a Beach 8
Brian Southward After Magritte 8
Brian Southward Going Off at a Tangent 8
Mark Stevens Vintage Mini 8
Mark Stevens Aficionado 8
Mark Stevens Waiting for the Tide 8.5
Ray Thurgood The Artist (Panedas, Catalonia) 6.5
Ray Thurgood Basket Weaver (Vietnam) 9.5
Ray Thurgood Locked Out (Italy) 8.5
Richard Webb Time 10
Richard Webb The Old Boat 9.5
Richard Webb The Dales 9.5

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