Those of you connected with or visiting our Spring Exhibition at Tangmere Village Centre will remember the remarkable collage of rubbish by Hilary Featherstone. This was made up of some 120 images of the 300+ she took this winter whilst walking her dog, either within the National Park  in the area around the Trundle and Goodwood or along the foreshore and therefore within an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

All who saw it thought it needed a wider audience and Hilary hoped it might get into the library. Jeff took a shot of the screen (see above) and a few days later I sent it to Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council. Louise asked us to meet with her at County Hall on June 2nd and this we agreed to do. Unfortunately, the time of the meeting was put back and having previously arranged for my nephew and his children to come down to spend a day by the sea the revised time was not possible for me. However, Hilary was atill able to go.

The meeting was a great success and as a result of Hilary’s dogged persistance through the dark days of winter her collage is to be used in a publicity campaign against litter. There is to be a large version of her image within County Hall  and another in the library. In September there will be articles and the images in both the local and the county papers. CDC is to be invited to join in and a programme of visits to local schools is envisaged.

Louise gave it as her opinion that coming from a local resident the public were more likely to take notice than to something from a local authority.

In all a brilliant piece of Documentary photography and very many congratulations to Hilary. It is also a  very good  reflection on the club. Think about it. There may well be something near you that would be worth a similar treatment.

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