RPS Group – Covid Alert

I need to let you know that we have a case of Covid in our house – my grandson. As the rest of us are either double jabbed under 18, we are not required to isolate. As you can imagine, we have a cordon sanitaire around him and we are all taking regular lateral flow tests, which are all negative, as was the test I have just taken.

In the light of all this I am going ahead with tonight’s meeting, but I appreciate some of you may well be more cautious or perhaps needing to shelter someone who is vulnerable in your own households and will prefer not to attend.

We are meeting in the big hall tonight – plenty of space and lots of ventilation. As other precautions already in place, please bring the correct money (£3) and your own pen to sign in.

I will completely understand if you decide not to attend under these circumstances. Tonight’s session is planned as an introduction (with some recent successful panels to look at) and there will be notes available for everyone.

Lorna Brown

The featured image is from Frank Adams successful Fellowship panel

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