Petworth, West Wittering and all things photowalk

Well, that was a bit of a blast! The photowalk at Petworth Park was full of deer, enthusiastic photographers and a number of small rain showers. Fifteen people took part, everyone had a great time and I look forward to seeing the evidence on the club Flickr page.

The next Photowalk is the Seascape one at West Wittering. All the details are in the Club Programme for Saturday November 6th.

The next Session at Tangmere (Oct 18th) is also in the Club schedule, and includes two preparatory topics for and about West Wittering – Filters for seascapes (in depth serious one) and a crash course in seascape photography wrapped up in an AB how-to-take-pix piece specifically at West Wittering.

Do pop one or three images from Petworth on the Clubs Flickr page. Its relatively easy to do and there are details of how to do so in one of two – relatively long, sorry – mails I’ve sent you recently. Do remember that this is NOT a competition, dont feel awkward about putting your competition unworthy images up! Mine are pretty dire, and three of them will be shown.

A final, standing plea; if you come along to the photowalks, and I hope you do, please please let me know, even if you change your mind, of your intention to be there. If you dont, I cant let you know of last minute cancellations because of weather, and I cant warn you, as in the Petworth case, of a road closure. and 07974 173345.

See you there!


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